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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 5, May 2010


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 5/25/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd.  These are  words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to understand the great power of forgiveness and mercy.  I have given you words of great wisdom and power which explained to you that you can and must forgive others but that change is not required for you to forgive or to be forgiven.  Forgiveness is not the same as remission and restoration.  There can be no remission of sin and restoration into our presence without repentance, and true repentance must bring forth lasting change.  You must be people who have hearts that forgive and hearts that seek mercy and hearts that show mercy.  There is great power in forgiveness, for if you do not forgive the trespasses of others, my Father and I shall not forgive you of your trespasses.  Forgiveness gives power unto forgiveness and mercy gives power unto mercy.  This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall receive words about forgiveness and mercy.  He shall see the images of what is given unto him and he shall be moved by the power of what is revealed.


This day I give you words about a man named James who was of a good family and had a heart that believed in my ways, but he would allow darkness to lead him unto paths not of the light.  Most of his indiscretions were small and easily passed over.  He would repent and seek to change but he never reached a deep repentance and lasting change eluded him.  There is motion which follows action, so one day his poor judgment and bad decisions led to the death of three men.  He lived in the days of the American frontier and was a cowboy.  He learned how to ride well and he learned how to be skillful with a handgun.  In a dispute with three men over a woman who worked in a brothel, he killed three men without mercy and was tried and convicted of murder.  He was sentenced to hang and his was a just punishment for he took human life in an act of foolishness and darkness.  He realized his wrong and understood that death was his just reward.  The men he killed were brothers and the only sons of a woman who was a widow and left all alone.  She was filled with hatred for James and was glad that he would be hung.  Let their story of forgiveness and mercy help you my people.


‘Elizabeth, I just left town and I have some very bad news to give unto you.  There was a gunfight in town and a man named James started a fight with your sons.  They laughed at him for he was only one man, but they were no match for him, and in the fight all three of your sons were killed.  I am so sorry to be the one to bring such sad news unto you.’


‘Dear God in heaven, how can this be, how can my precious sons be dead?  They were good men and were all that I have.  It is my prayer that the man who killed them be put to death.  Please Lord let him pay for his evil upon me.’


The three men killed that day were all armed and each drew the guns that they wore, but James started the fight and drew upon them first, and in the eyes of the principles of justice he was guilty and death by hanging was the just punishment for his actions.  In jail awaiting his death he prayed often and he repented of his sins and sought forgiveness by the power of my name and my shed blood.  I give you the words he spoke unto us in prayer just a few days before his death.  Let his words show you how even a short journey into darkness can bring lasting changes upon you and see the heart of a man who sought the forgiveness of heaven.


‘Lord God in heaven, I bow before you and your beloved Son this day. I am to die in three days and my sins weigh heavy upon my soul.  I do not seek to live for my death is just punishment for my evil against you and against my fellow man.  I killed three men over a woman of darkness.  None of us should have been there that night, but my actions have caused my death and their death.  I am so sorry dear Lord and I seek you to forgive me.  I confess my sins before you and I repent of all my evil and seek you to wash away my sin by the power of your shed blood.  I am guilty of murder and I need the power of your blood to cleanse me.  So many tears have been shed by my eyes and I pray you see my heart of repentance.  I seek mercy, I seek restoration unto life when you come again my Savior.  Wash me clean and remember me in the day of the great trumpet’s sound.  I also pray for mercy for the woman named Elizabeth Johnson for she hates me for taking the lives of her sons.  At the trial I turned toward her and expressed my sorrow and asked her to try to find it in her heart someday to forgive me.  I see the look of hatred within her eyes and I still feel the sting upon my face where she slapped me and spit upon me.  Hatred is a darkness that shall destroy.  Please help her to find peace in my death and have mercy upon her.


Oh, my God, why did I go to that place that night?  I was invited to a church social and could have been with Christian people, but in my foolishness I allowed lust to lead me to go unto a place of darkness.  That afternoon I crossed the path of the preacher and he asked me if I was coming to the social to help raise funds for the school.  I lied and said I would be there.  He told me he was praying for me and that he saw the light of goodness within me.  Why did I not follow him that day?  I have re-lived that day so often and in my dreams. I see myself ride the trail unto the bordello and in my sleep I cry out unto myself to turn and ride toward the light of the people of that church, but my words do not cross the great span of time and my life is now gone forever.  All action results in consequence and the consequence of my action are the deaths of four men.  Four men who shall never know the joy of a wife and children, a woman who shall never hold a grandchild close unto her breast.  Forgive me my God for I have robbed you of blessings you desired to give.  Forgive me and wash me clean Lord Jesus.’


James was led unto the gallows and was told that he could speak his final words if he so desired.  People had come from miles around and the children laughed and played at the base of the gallows that day.  Elizabeth Johnson wore black and she sat in a chair close unto the gallows so she could see the death of the man she hated with all that was within her.  There is power in words that seek forgiveness and mercy, and we had mercy upon James that day and we had mercy upon a daughter who was broken.


‘I do have some final words that I desire to speak.  I am to die this day and my death is just for I took the lives of men who never did me any harm.  I was drunk and stupid but I offer no excuses.  What I did was wrong and I reap the harvest that was sown.  I hope the example of my death will help the young men of this county to think twice before they walk a crooked path for darkness gives power unto the darkness.  I have words for you Mrs. Johnson.  I am so very sorry for what I have done unto you.  I know that nothing I can do or say can remove your pain or decrease your sorrow, but I have met with a lawyer and papers were drawn.  My folks are dead and I was given a sizeable inheritance, and so all is left for you.  The money will make it possible for you to have food and shelter and will cover the cost to have flowers placed upon the graves of your sons.  I have repented before the Lord and have made my peace.  I do ask that you will forgive me for my sin against you.  I am sorry and I know my death is just.  Forgiveness will be hard for you, but if you do not lose the hatred within you, it will destroy you.  I have prayed for you often, and it is my great prayer that you will forgive me for my transgressions against you.’

‘It is time.  Place the hood over his head and the rope upon his neck for it is time.’


‘Wait, please wait.  May I say some words before you cover his face and carry out his death?  James, you took my life when you took my sons.  I miss them every moment of every day and nothing will ever change that.  I do thank you for the money for it will help, and I want to share a dream I had with you.  Three days ago, I had a dream, and in my dream I saw you in prayer within the jail and I saw tears of repentance upon your cheeks.  I cursed you and turned my face from you.  I asked God to never forgive you and for him to let you burn in the fires of hell.  I was then taken to the graveyard in my dream and I stood before the graves of my sons.  I wept and my tears fell down.  From the ground where my tears fell beautiful flowers suddenly sprang up.  Like the color of the rainbow their graves were covered with the beautiful flowers.  I then looked and saw a grave that had only a small wooden marker and no grass grew upon it and no flowers had been placed there.  I felt sadness for the person buried there for no one cared enough to tend to their grave or bring them flowers.  I walked to the grave and looked to see the name and the grave belongs to you James.  My first thought was to spit upon it as I spit upon you at the day of your trial, but in my mind I heard words telling me that flowers will grow where tears of mercy and love shall fall.  I began to weep for you too are a young man, and as my tears fell upon your grave, flowers began to grow.  Soon your grave was full of the colors of the rainbow.  I then heard a voice that told me that if I do not forgive others, the Lord would not forgive me.  I awoke with tears on my pillow.  I forgive you James, and I shall plant the flowers of mercy upon your grave.’


My people, you must forgive others when they trespass against you.  Justice is mercy and justice is the way of heaven, but even in justice, there can and should always be mercy.  Mercy is often seen in death but mercy is also unto the living.  Cry tears of forgiveness and seek repentance.  Cry for the lost and for the sinner and let the flowers of mercy grow like the rainbow deep within your hearts.”







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