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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 5, May 2010


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 5/25/2010

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and Mighty King.  These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help you to see the power of staying within our presence.  We have given you many words about the power of light and the power of our presence, but the fullness of what has been given unto you has not yet been understood.  To understand the power of our presence, you must understand the power of light, so this day I give my servant of the latter day words about the power of light.  You are of the Eternal Light for all living live as a result of his love and power.  He is the Eternal Light and all living finds its origin in him.  I am the one who formed man from the dust of the earth but my origin is of the Great I AM.  I am of his light and his breath and the light and breath of man was taken from him. He is the source of all living and he is the sustainer of all that exists within the universe.  You are light and you are breath, and within your temple of clay there is a spiritual body and there is breath.  There are three levels of life within all men.  You are flesh, spirit and breath, and within each level of life there is light.  You are light within the levels of life and it is the light that gives you the power of heaven for flesh, spirit and breath all have their origin in the Great and Wonderful I AM.  You must not see with the eyes of the flesh, you must see with the eyes of the spirit and see that there is light within all men.  I shall give you seven principles to help you to understand the power of light and it is my desire that my words will help you to see the great power of our presence.


1. All life originates from the Great I AM for he is the Eternal Light.  His light is the source of life and his light is within all that live.  Only man is of the very breath of the Great I AM, but light is within all living.  Animals have breath but they are not of the breath, for the breath of the Great I AM is the very soul of his essence.  I breathed into Adam and he became a living soul.  Only man is of the breath of heaven so there is power when you are filled with light and with breath.  There is emptiness in man that only the light of heaven can fill, for all living is of the light of the Father and the Son.  Come unto us, seek us for in our presence there is the fullness of what you desire.


2. There are fruits of light which have been revealed unto you.  This is a blessing beyond your understanding for light gives power unto light.  By developing the fruits of light you grow in the power of light and the more light that is within you leads you deeper into our presence.  We are within and we are without and we are light and we give power unto light.  The further you go into the light, the more the barriers that separate shall be destroyed.  As was given unto you in the words of Enoch, all darkness left him once he was in the fullness of heavenly light.  Walk in the fruits of life for they are fruits of light which lead to the power of light and shall lead you to the presence of heavenly light.


3. Light is the power of life and light is within you and your light gives power unto your life and your light can be sent unto others.  You do not understand, for you see as the flesh, but there is a circle of light that surrounds you, and it reveals the light within and the light without.  You must walk each day in the light for light gives power unto light.  Every thought, word and action does matter for what you think, do and say either gives power unto the light that you are or it diminishes the light.  Man attempts to live as flesh only but this cannot be done for man is not as the animals.  You are flesh, spirit and breath and your light is within all levels of life.  Light gives power to your flesh, your spirit and your breath.


4.  You are light within the three levels of life so you must do the things to give power unto light.  You have been told to eat food that is of the light for light gives power to light.  Do foods of light only feed the flesh or does light give power  unto all light?  You are to eat food of the earth and not fill your temples of clay with manufactured food that has had all light removed.  Eat fruits and vegetables of the earth.  Clean animals feed of the light so there is also light within them.  Eat more raw food and let foods of light give strength and power unto a life that has its origin in light.  Light gives power to light; see the truth and wisdom of my words.


5. Action of light brings the established motion of light.  All action brings forth motion.  This truth has been revealed yet my people fail to use this law of great power.  Every kind word, every act of tenderness, every good work brings light.  The fruits of light bring light for the motion of light is light.  Actions of darkness shall bring forth motion of darkness.  There are established motions for actions of light and actions of darkness.  Sin shall always bring forth motion, so let all your actions be in and of the light.  Prayer is of the light and will always bring light and send light when words are spoken from hearts that seek the light of heaven.


6. Light responds to light for light knows the way of light.  Truth is truth and shall forever be truth.  It matters not what lies of the darkness are spoken for darkness shall never destroy the light of truth.  Truth is light, so you must follow the ways of truth and you must be people of the light who worship with hearts of love deeply rooted in goodness.  The voice of the spirit within will lead you unto light for the origin of life is light.  Hear the voice within and only do that which is of the light.  Let there be no malice, no hatred and no darkness within you.  When you walk in the light, your light within and our light within responds to the light for light knows the way of light.


7. You are light and you must think, speak and act as light.  Do not allow the pulls of the flesh to draw you from the presence of heavenly light.  You are of the light and breath of the Great I AM.  His light, his breath, his spirit calls unto you.  My light, my breath, my spirit calls unto you for we are within and we are without.  You have struggles for you do not walk in the fullness of the glorious light of heaven.  I desire to fill you and I desire to lead you unto life lived in the presence of light.  Surrender and trust and lay all that binds and all that prevents upon our altar.  Walk as light for you are light.














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