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Volume 3, Issue 4, April 2010


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A Circle Of Faith, Part III, Rosa And A Sacrifice Of Love

Ken Nix

Monday, 4/26/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to grow in the power of sacrifice and the power of mercy.  To be merciful requires you to have compassion and compassion requires that light be present within you.  As I have promised, you shall be given words about each woman who made up a circle of faith.  You have received two previous messages and this day, by the power of the cloud of glory, you shall receive a third.  Each person who made up the circle of faith that we speak of endured many hardships and lived in a time of great sadness and sorrow.  When the world around you is full of darkness, the light of mercy becomes clearly seen. In all the suffering of war there are always acts of mercy and acts of love for we are within the hearts of men and we see all and hear all upon our thrones of mercy and love.  In the dark days of what man calls the Holocaust, our mercy did not fail.  Many curse the Father of love and question the mercy of a Savior who did not prevent the sadness of this Great War.  Your Father in heaven is a God of love, but he is also the God of light, and there are laws of light within all three realms.  We do show mercy, but men have the freedom of choice, and we do not always intervene in the choices that men make. 


The people of Germany chose a man of darkness and many joined him in darkness and taught darkness unto their children.  Many of the descendants of our people Israel chose not to believe the darkness even though it was all around them.  There were many signs that revealed the persecution that came was to come and most turned a blind eye unto the darkness.  Within the nation of Germany many of the people who walked in light allowed darkness to surround them, and they did nothing.  Darkness grows and moves like fog across the earth and moves within the nation that this tiny remnant calls home.  Now is the time to make sacrifices of love, and now is the time to become people of mercy.  Prayer is your great power, and prayers of mercy must be spoken and you must be warriors for the light of heaven and fight against the darkness that spreads.  This day I tell you about Rosa who was of the circle of light.  She was separated from the other nine and was taken to a place of sorrow.  In a work camp she labored and she knew the misery of bondage and saw the cruelty of darkness.  This day I give you words that she spoke unto the women who shared her barracks and also words of her prayer given the same night.  Let her words help you to see the need for sacrifice and to see that prayers for mercy must never cease.


‘Dear ones, please hear me this night.  I know that all of you are tired and afraid but we must join together as one.   There are some of us here who have been here many days and we have seen horrible things.  You just arrived so all you know are the stories that are spoken.  This is a place of darkness and a place of death, and we must unite to try to survive.  The night I was taken, I joined with sisters and friends and we formed a prayer circle that we call a circle of faith.  We made a promise that we would pray for one another often and not a day passes that I do not lift their names before God.  Those of us who have been here have formed new circles of faith, and it is our desire that you join us.  Those of you that came here with friends and family, please gather together in a small group.  Then if there are not enough, let other groups join you until you have ten people in your circle.  Once joined, you must learn the names of each and you must pray for them often, for there is strengthin prayer.  We need one another, and we need one another’s prayers.  Pray for mercy to be upon each other and seek mercy to be shown by our enemy.  Most of the guards here are evil men, but there are some that are here against their will and those who do not agree with the cruelty against the Jewish people.  Since you do not know the ones who show mercy, it is my request that you be kind to all the guards and seek heavenly mercy to be upon us.  Pray for the American soldiers and for their nation.  The war continues, but the Americans and their British allies are beginning to win this war and will ultimately prevail.


Before we pray, I want to share a story with you about mercy and about sacrifice.  There is a guard here that is most kind unto us, and he provides us with blankets and extra food when he is able.  A few weeks ago he stole bread from the kitchen and was carrying it under his coat to bring to us.  As he walked, he slipped and fell and one of the loaves fell from beneath his coat, so he allowed all to fall.  Four loaves of bread were upon the ground.  A cruel man who is a Captain here saw the bread upon the ground and came forward.  We gathered around the guard.  The captain asked where the bread came from and who had taken it.  The guard was silent and was about to confess when a woman named Elena stepped forward.  She said that she took the bread from a window sill where it cooled for she was hungry and her daughter was hungry.  The guard looked into her eyes as if he did not want her to lie for he knew the price she would pay.  The Captain told us that we were given all the food that we deserved and the penalty for stealing food was death.  He then told the kind guard to shoot Elena in the head.  Elena bowed before him and with her eyes told him to do this thing. 


She spoke three words that speak of the sacrifice we must all be willing to make. She said, “For the people,” and the guard shot her in the head and she was dead.  The bread was in the mud, so the Captain told us that we could eat it and walked away.  The kind guard stood silent, but I saw his tears.  I spoke to him and told him that he was not to blame, that his kindness to us has helped many to live and that Elena made a sacrifice of love for her daughter and her friends.  He thanked me for my words and handed me a ham that was hidden within his coat and looked confused when I told him that none of us would eat it.  He smiled when he realized that he was trying to give us a ham and promised to continue to bring us food. Even in this darkness there is mercy and there is sacrifice.  Bow together and pray unto our God.  I shall speak first within my new circle of faith but will not cease to pray for all here and for my friends and family.’


‘Great and Mighty God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I bow here before you, and I lift up before you the nine women who make up this new circle of faith.  Their names are within me, and I shall pray for them each day and shall pray with them at night when we are able.  Give each one strength to endure and may your mercy be ever upon them.  I pray for Rachael who has stayed close unto me since her mother, Elena, made the sacrifice of love for her and for all of us.  Help Rachael in her grief and comfort her.  I pray that you have mercy upon her and that she live until this is over and that you will bless her with a long life of much happiness.  I pray for the young ones that are here and in similar camps.  May the lessons of mercy and love never leave them, and let them always remember how the darkness came unto us, but please remove the memory of the horrors of these days.  Let their tender hearts be tender once more and let laughter and joy replace tears and sorrow.  Bless the Americans, and let them be victorious in this war.  The Russians fight against us, but they too are of darkness, so I pray the British or Americans be the ones to free us.  Let each one here understand the sacrifice of love we must be willing to make so that the younger women and children may live.  We all desire life, but let us realize that mercy can be seen in death.  Have mercy, have mercy, please have mercy upon all here and upon your people who suffer as we suffer.  Help the guards to be kind and give courage unto those who help us.  I pray for all within this circle of faith and pray your peace and blessings upon them.’

It is my desire that the people of the light become people of mercy.  Be a constant voice for the mercy of heaven to come unto all men and seek to be merciful unto all.  Be kind and loving unto all and show mercy unto others.  Be willing to make sacrifices of love to help others.  Service requires sacrifice and mercy requires the action of compassion.  Darkness grows, and you must be voices against the darkness, and you must be people who pray for mercy.  In darkness the light of mercy must be seen.” 










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