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Volume 3, Issue 4, April 2010


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COME TAKE MY HAND (A song from the Almighty God)

Ken Nix

Monday, 4/26/2010

“Man was formed from the dust of the earth, molded by hands of love,

A shell was created and the breath of life was given unto the man.

The man opened his eyes and he was alive and it was my Son he saw,

Come, take my hand were the words spoken unto him that day.


The first words spoken are still words that are spoken unto you this day,

Come, take my hand, let me lead you unto the kingdom of everlasting life.

Take my hand for I shall shield you, I shall be thy defender and guide,
Mercy calls unto you, heavenly mercy seeks to rescue and to save.


When you were lost in the darkness of sin my Son said, come, take my hand,

He led you like a shepherd and took you unto a river of life that day.

He washed away thy sins and your robe was clean, my spirit then came,

Come take my hand you are clean, walk in the ways of love and light.


Tears fall in heaven as we see our beloved ones all over the earth,

We watch as men make foolish choices and sadness and sorrow grow.

Tears in the night, sadness that fills so many hearts, so many lost and alone,

Come, take my hand, for I am your Father, I am the God of love.


We are love and we are mercy, we desire heavenly light to fill you,

We desire to forgive, we desire to give you mercy but you must seek us.

Let the voices of the believers cry out for heavenly mercy to fall down,

Mercy, have mercy upon all men, please let heavenly mercy fall down.


Speak unto the sinner and lead them unto the peaceful waters of life,

Live your life in obedience, live a life rooted in love and mercy.

When in death or at trumpets call my Son shall reach out his hand,

Come, take my hand, dance upon Crystal Sea, come oh come unto me.”






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