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Volume 3, Issue 4, April 2010


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COME AND BOW BEFORE ME (A song from the Almighty God)

Ken Nix

Monday, 4/26/2010

“Come and bow before me, come my people, come for I call unto you,

Enter my gates with praise and let your hands be lifted in worship.

Come and bow before me, come, for I desire you to come unto me,

Bow down and worship and make your petitions known, speak unto me.


Let words of love flow from hearts rooted in goodness, let love fill you,

Speak words of praise and declare the goodness and glory of your God.

Come and bow before me, be the voice of love, the voice of light,

Come and bow before me and seek heavenly mercy to come unto you.


Seek mercy for your family and seek mercy for the stranger among you,

Pray for kings and kingdoms, pray for the lost and alone all over the earth.

Come and bow before me, be the people of mercy and seek mercy always,

Call upon the name above all names, pray the power of his shed blood.


Mercy is to be your desire; mercy is to be your will and your constant plea,

Have mercy upon us should be the cry in the night and your prayer at day.

Come and bow before me, seek mercy and seek the light of heaven,

Pray for all men, be warriors of light, be warriors of great mercy.


Come and bow before me, for I desire your hearts of love to speak,

Speak thou people of the light, speak and cry out for heavenly mercy.

Be a constant light of love and be willing to be a sacrifice of love,

Sacrifice your time and your days, seek mercy, come and bow before me.


The darkness grows and moves like fog across your hills and valleys,

Will you stand for truth; will you stand for the ways of righteousness?

The man who stands in the days of sorrow is he who bows before me,

Come and bow before me, come, for I wait and I shall hear and answer.”



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