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Volume 1, Issue 1, May 2008


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David Nix

 In Fredericksburg during a study that he was  presenting, Neil Gardner commented about all of the beautiful songs that we have been given and asked each of us to attempt to write a song about our feelings for God and our Savior.  Our sister, Jill Wine wrote a lovely song and I have included it here for all to enjoy. 


As I opened the door this morning, I saw the love of God, as sunlight exposed food for the birds, upon a wintry landscape of ice.

As I opened the door this afternoon, I felt the peace of God, as the hawk took flight at just the right moment to soar across my path.

Godís love and peace are always there, but I did not always see, for sometimes my door was closed, causing a barrier between God and me.

 As I opened the door this evening, I saw the blessings of God; my needs are all met plus have abundance beyond, for I have family, home and a job.

As I opened the door this night, I saw the embrace of God give comfort and strength to a loved one in trial - praise and glory, a promise fulfilled!

Godís blessings and promises are always there, but I did not always see, for sometimes my door was closed, causing a barrier between God and me.

 The door that I opened this morning, this afternoon, evening and night, is not a physical door, but the spiritual door of my heart.

It is I, not God, who let the door close, and Iím learning to surrender; and best of all when I do my part, He brings victory over the rest.

Godís mercy and faithfulness are always there, His fullness I now often see; my joyís more than I can imagine, when thereís no barrier between God and me!

 J. Wine

My wife, Kimberly, was given this beautiful poem by our merciful Savior on April 17, 2008.

The Moon Stood Still

The moon shines in the night sky, the owl seeks and the fox prowls in search,

The world of my natural realm comes alive at night, but Kimberly sleeps.

My daughter sleeps a restless sleep for she feels sorrow and the weight,

Past sins, past hurts, hang upon her as the weight of the moon above.

Cast thy cares and burdens upon me sweet child, take my hand and my yoke,

For I will take away thy regret and thy sorrow, for great is my love dear one.

Last night you prayed and you cried, and sorrow was deep within,

Be at peace my daughter, for last night the moon stood still and heaven was quiet.

Forgiveness was given and grace was applied, and the moon stood still,

The forest creatures stopped and silence lasted but a moment dear child.

The moon stood still when my blood was poured out upon you my love,

The moon stood still and like the moonlight which shines my love came.

My love came and forgiveness was given, all shall be well my child,

No more are you to grieve, for your husband has great love for you dear one.

All is forgiven, all is removed, for last night my child, the moon stood still,

Like rays of light upon calm seas, my love was sent unto you when the moon stood still.



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