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Volume 3, Issue 4, April 2010


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HEAR ME, HEAR ME OH GOD (A song from the Lord Jesus)

Ken Nix

Monday, 4/26/2010

“Mighty God in heaven, merciful Father I cry unto you this day,

Hear me, hear me oh God for I am weak but thou art mighty.

Remove my sins and remove the evil of my heart, hear my plea,

Hear me, oh hear me my God, I am dust and ashes and I repent.


I repent of all sin and I seek to be molded by the light of your presence,

I come before you in worship; I bow humbly before my God.

This is a prayer for mercy, a cry for your love and light to shine down,

Shine down upon us oh heavenly light, hear me, hear me oh God.


I come softly before you, I bow in your mighty presence, humbly I bow,

I lift my feeble hands, I lift my voice and I plead, oh how I plead.

Hear me, hear me oh God for my family is lost and darkness fills,

Have mercy on those I love, have mercy, let your love and light shine down.


My child is sick and I am afraid, please have mercy, please have mercy,

Take my life if you will but heal my baby, hear me, hear me oh God.

Thank you dear Lord, thank you for mercy and love that falls down,

Forgive me of my sins; let me walk in your heavenly light of love.


I bow in the presence of your great power; I bow myself before you,

Hear me, hear me oh God let me be the voice of mercy and love.

Save us oh God for we perish, hear me, hear me oh God, oh please,

Please hear me and let heavens mercy fall down, hear me oh God.


I am but one voice but mine is a voice lifted unto you in worship,

Hear me, hear me, hear me, oh please hear me oh God.

Mercy, mercy, mercy, have mercy upon us Great and Mighty God,

I cry for mercy for the earth, I cry, hear me, hear me oh God.”



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