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Volume 3, Issue 4, April 2010


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Ken Nix

Monday, 4/26/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and Mighty King. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. These are words of power and love that will help my people to better understand the ways of heaven. Light gives power to light and you must remain in our presence to know the fullness of the power of light. This day you shall receive words about the power of the presence of light. Our light and our breath are within you, so the power of our presence is always with you, but you must walk in the light to be filled with light. If you allow barriers within your life you will not be filled with the power of heavenly light.


We are within, but having light within is not the same as being filled with light. Our presence is more than just residing; we must fill you in order for you to know the power within. All that blocks and prevents the fullness of light must be removed. You must learn to walk in our presence always. Allow nothing to remove you from our presence. This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall once more go unto the garden of light and there he will receive words from our servant Enoch for he was a man who understood the power of the presence of light. Let his words and principles given help you to reach the place where you will never leave the power of our presence.”


“David, servant of the Lord God and his beloved Son, it is good to see you once more. It has been many days since you have come before me in this heavenly place. I am pleased to see you once more. I have understanding of the power of their presence of light. I am within the garden of light which is near unto the very throne of light. There is no darkness here, only light. In this place the presence of light fills all and has filled me. All darkness within me is gone and my light is pure. I have been purified by the light of their presence. When I walked upon the earth I was surrounded by much darkness and darkness grieved my soul and I was in deepest sorrow. I learned the power of praise and worship and found peace only when in their presence. I was foolish and did not truly understand the power of their presence, but here in this garden of light I have learned much and this day I shall share with you some of what has been revealed unto me. I shall give you seven principles about the power of the presence of light and give you actions that you need to apply into your life.


1. Light gives power to light but the power received is connected to the depth of light within. If you are strong in the light all light gives you power, but if you are in darkness the light given will not fully manifest for your light is weak. The more light you have, the more power light will bring and the more power you can send to others. Light is affected by presence and position. If you remain in their presence, you are in a position of light and power but if you are in muted light, your position has removed you from the power of their presence. Light can be sent across space and time but the power received is affected by the position in the light and by their presence. The closer you remain unto the Mighty Ones of heaven, the more your position will be one of power.


2. The power of their presence is affected by obedience, for obedience brings light and keeps you within their presence. All disobedience separates you from their presence within and without. Their light is within you but their light is also within others and fills the heavens and the earth. You obtain light from within, and you obtain light from without by their presence within others and within the universe. When you disobey, they can not fill you with their light within and your rebellion also changes your position in the light and the circle of light is diminished. In absolute obedience you draw closer to their light without and their light within fills you.


3. The power of prayer brings light and gives light. When I walked the earth I found peace in prayer for while in prayer I was in their presence. I did not see with the eyes of the spirit as well as I should have and did not understand how prayer brought light and released light. Light is received and light is sent by the power of prayer. Enter their gates with praise and go before them in humility. When you bow before them in true worship and speak prayers which flow from the light, they can fill your temple of clay with the presence of light, but prayer also brings you unto their presence.


4. Praise and worship increases the power of light within and without and gives you the power of their presence. I was foolish when I walked the earth for I allowed the eyes of the flesh to remove much of my joy and peace. I only found peace in their presence so I spent much time in prayer and worship and in reading the words given unto me. I looked to actions of light to bring light, which did occur, but I failed to understand their presence within. All men are of the light and breath of God and their presence is within all men. If I had understood the power of the presence of light within, I would have had peace even when not in prayer. All your life is to be in the continual awareness of their Holy presence. Praise them in all things, for praise and worship releases their light within and also helps you to receive the light that is sent.


5. See the power of their presence in all things. As you go through each day, look for evidence of their presence. The Great I AM is light and all that exists was made by his light and power. See his light in all three realms and the presence of light will fill you. The Great I AM is the Eternal Light and his light is within and without. By seeing his light in others and in the world around you, you shall have greater peace and joy. Light is found even in darkness if you have eyes to see. Look with the eyes of the spirit and light and see the power of their light that is all around you.


6. The power of their presence of light will grow in a heart of gratefulness. You must have a grateful heart and you must express the gratefulness within. The light within responds to the light of gratefulness. Be thankful for all blessings and express gratitude for all things. Words of gratefulness release light and send light. There is great power in being grateful, for the Great I AM and his Son respond to light and to words rooted in the light. There are absolute laws of light and one of the laws of gratefulness is that gratefulness releases light and sends light.



7. All words matter and words of light give power to light and words of darkness diminish the power of light. The Great God is light and spirit and he is within all men. He hears every thought and every word and his spirit of light within reacts to your words, thoughts and actions. Words of light release light and give light and bring light. There is great power in words of love, kindness, gentleness and goodness. The fruits of light bring light and give light and release light for all light gives power to light. Speak words rooted in the light.



There is power in the presence of light and their presence is within you. By increasing the light within you grow in the power of their presence. All action affects light whether it gives power to light or diminishes light. Let your actions always be of the light. Remain in their presence, for the more you remain close unto them, the more they can fill you and guide you. Surrender unto their presence and walk in the obedience of love and be filled with the power of their presence.”




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