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Volume 3, Issue 4, April 2010


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Ken Nix

Monday, 4/26/2010

"I am the Lord Jesus, your King and most merciful Savior. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. It is by the power of the cloud of glory that you receive these words my servant, and it is by the power of our mercy that you are given entrance this day. I shall give you words about mercy to help you and to help my people. You need my mercy to forgive and to restore and you need my mercy to be upon others. I love all men and I show mercy, but your prayers have power for our ears are open unto you. You must seek our mercy in the lives of others. You are the people of light and you must always walk in the presence of light. This day I give you instruction on how to increase the light of mercy within you.

1. Mercy is found only in the light. Satan and his workers of darkness do not seek mercy nor do they show mercy. Men of darkness can show acts of kindness but there is no mercy in darkness. Light increases the power of mercy and light increases your desire to be merciful. I am your merciful Savior and you must show mercy unto others for mercy is light, and the light of mercy brings light, and in the light hearts of stone and the shadow of darkness can be turned toward the light. The more you stay in the presence of my light, the more you will see our hand of mercy and your desire to be merciful will be increased. Light gives power to light and light gives power to mercy.


2. Mercy is to be sought by those who have been given mercy. How much mercy have you been shown in your life? Have you given mercy unto others in equal measure? You are to show mercy and you are to seek heavenly mercy to come upon all men. Mercy is of the light and the more you show mercy the more you shall be shown mercy, and the more you seek mercy to fall upon others the more you shall understand the power of mercy. There is great power in mercy but mercy must be shown and mercy must be sought.


3. Mercy’s power grows in the light of gratefulness. You must be grateful for mercy given unto you and also unto others. This isa place where my people fail. You do not always express gratefulness for our mercy shown unto you and you also do not always express gratefulness for mercy shown unto others. You should praise us and thank us for all acts of mercy whether or not they are given unto you, for all acts of mercy are to bring forth praise and a heart of gratefulness. Be grateful when mercy falls down upon thy enemy and upon thy family. Do not hold back thy praise and do not fail to be grateful for all mercy given whether by men or by the love of heaven.


4. Mercy is the desire of heaven and should be the greatest desire of those who walk in the light. Our mercy rescued Noah, and our mercy came with my birth, life and death. Mercy is the purpose for the resurrection and my Kingdom of Light. Man has failed and without mercy there would be no hope. You must seek mercy and you must desire mercy my people. You must show mercy unto all, and you must seek mercy to come upon all, and you must praise us and be grateful for every action of mercy that comes by the power of our love and goodness. Desire mercy to come upon a world lost and hurting.


5. Mercy must flow from compassion, and compassion will flow from the root of goodness. I am good and my Father is good. All that we do is good. When you walk in the ways of goodness, the power of light grows within you and mercy shall grow for compassion and mercy are of the light. It is the darkness of pride that seeks evil upon others; you must seek mercy. There are laws that must be obeyed, and disobedience brings the motion established, but mercy can supersede the law. Even if we do not withhold our punishment, you must still seek mercy. Mercy is compassion in action so you must bring forth the actions of light and love.

6. Mercy grows with prayers that place others before self. The more you sincerely pray for the needs and blessings of others, the more the light of mercy shall grow within. Pray for blessings to come upon others and pray for mercy to be given. We do punish, for motion does follow action and there is consequence for sin, but you are never to desire evil to befall other men. I will be your defender and I shall be your champion. Seek justice upon the evil ones but let it be the perfect justice of heaven for our hand is always merciful for we see the end and do not see with eyes of flesh.


7. Mercy gives power to mercy. The more you seek mercy upon others, and the more you show mercy unto others, the more the light of mercy shall grow within you. My Father is a just God and evil is punished and shall be punished, but you are to be people who seek our mercy to come unto all men. The world shall know great sorrow in the days ahead, but it is our mercy that shall bring the rule of man to an end. Suffering is the only way that some shall learn the power of obedience. Let us judge the world, and let your words be words that cry out for mercy, and let your actions be ones of kindness, love and mercy. Actions of mercy are actions of light and light gives power to light. My people, you are to seek heavenly mercy to come down upon all men for we hear and we answer you.”











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