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Volume 3, Issue 3, March 2010


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Seven Days Of Gladness

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 3/23/2010

"I am the Almighty God in heaven and I am the Ancient of Days and I am with all men who seek to be known of me. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to be filled with joy as you gather before us in worship during our commanded holy days. My light is within all men, and I see and I hear and nothing is done without my knowing. I love all men and I desire obedience unto my commandments. There is joy in my heart and joy in heaven when sinners repent and when my people obey my voice. The Sabbaths of my love are to be kept holy by those who understand in this time and shall be kept holy by all men in the days of my Son’s everlasting Kingdom of Light. There is fullness of joy when you walk in the light of heaven. Let the days of your life be filled with the obedience of love and walk you in all my ways. The Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread are upon you, and you are to obey my written word and you are to worship before us with thanksgiving and with the joy of being in our presence. Let my words given help you to understand the power of obedience in keeping holy that which I have declared to be holy.


1) My Sabbaths are holy and are to be observed as has been commanded. The Passover is a memorial unto my beloved Son and shall be kept holy unto everlasting. Examine your heart and spend much time in repentance and come broken before us. We have given you the pattern that we desire to be followed. Eat of his broken body and drink of his shed blood and know the peace and joy of forgiveness which brings forth remission and restoration.


2) Seven days you must eat unleavened bread and seven days you must seek to be broken and holy. On the first day you shall gather before us to worship and in the seventh day you shall rejoice before us in thanksgiving, for the first and last day are holy and sanctified. Eat the bread of freedom and let joy fill your hearts. Feel the sanctification that is found in the sacrifice of my beloved Son. Spend much time in prayer and reflection and let praises flow forth from hearts of worship.


3) Gather before us as we have instructed. Let your hearts be filled with joy, my people. Do you not see how the blood of my Lamb has brought you freedom and restoration? Do not let these days pass by without much time spent in praise unto his blessed name. He is my Son and he is worthy of all thy praise. Speak of his sacrifice and praise him for the freedom that is found in him. He is the pathway unto life everlasting and you are to worship before us. Reflect upon thy blessings each day as you complete your seven day journey deeper into the light of heaven.


4) Be a beacon of light unto others during your days of joy. My Son revealed a vision unto our servant and he shall write the words given once my words are given. Read the words given and follow the example given. Reach out during your days of joy and bring blessings upon all that you meet each day. Do not be sullen and do not let the cares of the flesh prevent you from the fullness of my joy. You are to eat the bread of freedom, and you are to pray for those you love and you are to seek light to fall down and upon them, and you are to seek mercy for all.


5) Gather as you are able at the eve of the First Day of Unleavened Bread. Reflect upon the blessings given and speak of our mighty hand. Let every heart be filled with praise. Sing songs of praise and worship before us. Eat the bread of freedom that symbolizes the brokenness and sacrifice of my beloved Son. He is the unleavened bread; he is the Lamb without blemish sacrificedfor the redemption of man. Speak of our glory and speak words of thankfulness and let the heart of gratefulness fill you each day.


6) The Days of Unleavened Bread are to be days of much prayer and rejoicing. As you have been instructed, let one meal each day be of the unleavened bread of freedom. Let the bread cause you to reflect upon brokenness and purity. Become as my Son and walk in the purity of holiness. Come before us each day and seek the freedom that is found in him. The children of Israel were freed from Egypt but the shackles of slavery did not leave them for they looked to the past and did not see the glory of the land promised. Look to the light and the promise of the days before you and feel the joy of freedom.


7) The First Day and the Seventh Day are holy before us. You are to observe them with sanctity and reverence. Come before our throne with thanksgiving and enter our gates with praise. Only two of the seven days are holy but all seven days are to be days of reflection and days of joy. Rejoice my people for you are washed in the blood of my Lamb and the chains of sin have been removed. Let your seven day journey lead you far from the shackles of sin and go forth in newness of life and walk the path of righteousness. Someday all men shall know the freedom found in my Son. Rejoice that you have been set free and be filled with praise my people.”


“I am the Lord Jesus and these words were given unto my servant when he received the message about the bread of freedom. He heard these words and saw the images described. Let these words help you to seek light and mercy to come upon all men. I gathered with my people on the First Day of Unleavened Bread the year before my death. We shared stories of the love of the Great I AM. One man spoke of the mercy that saved him and I give you his words this day.


‘Jesus, I bow and I worship. Last year at this time I was a leper and dwelt at the Valley of Lepers. Our Passover meal was eaten in sorrow and deep sadness. We all desired to be with those we love but that could not be. We could not gather with others at the temple to worship but we prayed and we sought the great mercy of the Lord God. Just days before the Feast of Pentecost last year you passed by near unto me and I called out for mercy and you healed me and I was made whole. I praise the Lord God for sending his beloved Son unto the earth and for his mercy. Thank you, my Lord. I have a request of you, my King; I have a request of you if I may be allowed to speak.’


‘Speak the request of your heart and according to your faith it shall be done.’


‘Master, I have baked unleavened bread and have brought it with me this night. I ask that you bless it by your touch and your words so that I can take it to my friends who gather to worship at the place of lepers. I pray that the bread of freedom you have spoken of will bring them peace and freedom from their sorrow.’


Look, my servant, and you shall see the blessing that was spoken and the blessing that was given. The man of kindness took the bread that I blessed that night and he took it unto the lepers who gathered together to worship. He told them that it was the bread of freedom and that it had been blessed by the very Son of the Lord God. Tears of joy were shed and each man, woman and child took of the bread that day and all ate the bread with gladness and with hearts of joy. All rejoiced before us for the seven days as commanded and there was peace in their hearts. They believed in my love and mercy, and on the Last Day of Unleavened Bread I went with the man who loved the lost ones and I laid hands upon them and all were made well. Such joy filled our hearts as we sang praises and as we ate the bread of freedom. Go unto the lost ones and let your light and love be a beacon of joy and hope. Freedom from sickness and sin is found in my name and in the power of my blood. Rejoice my people and eat the bread of the Days of Unleavened Bread with gladness.”



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