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Volume 3, Issue 3, March 2010


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A Journey of Light and Love

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 3/23/2010

By David Nix

Last year the Lord Jesus gave my father, Henry, and I a message that we were to go on a journey together similar to the one my brother Kenneth and I went on previously. We were to leave Woodruff on a Sunday and return on Friday. I had received words that we were to travel to Panama City Beach, Florida and that we were to spend two nights there and that we would be given further instructions.


Day One, Sunday

The journey finally began on Sunday, February 7, 2010. That morning we prayed together as instructed. We were given guidance on what to expect on our journey.


I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and Mighty King. Henry and David, my servants, I shall guide you this week. This journey is not about going to nursing homes or visiting the homeless. It is to strengthen the tie that binds you. I shall open doors for you and you shall see my hand move, but you are to spend much time in prayer. David, I shall give you messages from the cloud of glory and also the next parable of power. Henry is to pray with you to hear them and I shall also give Henry a message from the cloud that shall give him comfort and peace. Do not plan each day, read and pray and I shall guide you. This day you are to go as instructed and you are to spend Thursday with Wayne as given, but the other days you shall be given words of instruction. My servants need rest so this journey shall not be one of hurried activity but shall be a time of peace and prayer. Rejoice each day as you see our hand move, and look with the eyes of the spirit. Seek opportunities to help others and be the light of kindness. I am with you and I guide your lives. Be at peace and know that you are mine.”


We began our journey full of anticipation and joy. I was excited to get to spend some time with my father, for each of our lives have been very busy over the last few years and we have not had as much time together as we have desired.  We were told to seek opportunities to help others and be a light of kindness so we were on the lookout for people in need. We were in Alabama on a two lane road when we saw a homeless man pushing a three wheel bicycle that had a large basket on the back. We stopped and talked with him. He was also on his way to Panama City Beach. We could not give him a ride because of his bicycle, but we gave him a fast food gift certificate and went on our way. Later on another two lane road we saw a car on the side of the road and about 200 yards in front of it a young woman was walking. There was a pick up truck in front of us. The truck stopped to assist, so I slowed down to look and the woman was walking toward the truck, so we kept going. I felt within that I should have also stopped but did not turn around; I said a prayer that she be protected and safe and continued on. This was going to be our first lesson. That night was the Super Bowl so we went to buy some pizza and drinks. Outside the pizza restaurant a homeless man told us he was hungry so we gave him a food gift certificate. He thanked us and we went to watch the game.


Day Two, Monday

I had been told that we were to read and complete our prayers together and that Jesus would give us daily guidance. During the night I had a dream about the young woman we had not stopped to assist so I felt that Jesus would give us words.


“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. I am with you my servants and I have words of guidance for you. Yesterday your time was spent in travel and it was good that you helped the two men who are homeless. You must see with the eyes of the spirit. It is important to bring light unto all men and to lift up all that you can. Yesterday you did well but you did fail in lifting up some. The woman that had her car break down needed your help. The man who stopped is of darkness and he wanted to harm her. He left and did not hurt her for you did pray for her and we shielded her and another vehicle did stop. You felt within you David that you too should have stopped and that was also given unto you in your dreams last night. Go with how you feel my servant for we are within and by our spirit we lead and guide you.


This journey is to be one of light and love. Do not go to nursing homes this day. You are to simply go out and seek to help others. Pray for those you pass and help any in need. Go as you feel we are leading you my servants. Hear my voice and go as I lead. See with eyes of light and spirit for all is not as it always appears. Bring light unto this town and let my presence be felt through you. Do not underestimate small acts of kindness; you do not have to do great and mighty works to bring light unto others. You can rest this afternoon and walk on the beach and enjoy the peace of my presence. Go to dinner this night and see with the spirit. After dinner you are to pray with Henry and I shall bless him with a message from the cloud of glory. I am with you Henry and you are chosen of me. Hear my voice within and speak unto your son when you feel led to go upon a certain path. I shall guide you for I am with you.”


Praises unto the Almighty God and his beloved Son for hearing our prayers and delivering that young girl. Dad and I discussed it and he also had felt that we should have stopped and he too lifted her up in prayer. This is a valuable lesson and one that neither of us will ever forget. If we see a woman broken down on the side of the road, we will stop even if another car also stops. I may not be a mechanic, but I know that I will not harm anyone. Dad and I would have been devastated if we had received words telling us that this young woman had been harmed. We went out as instructed and prayed for people we passed. It was a beautiful sunny day and many people were out walking. We stopped and spoke with a group of homeless people and were able to give them meal gift certificates as well. There were four men and one woman. They thanked us and we all praised God. We also stopped at a ministry center where we learned some things and prayed God’s blessings upon them. We also met with some very nice people at a Christian retreat center and looked at some of their facilities. We went as we were led, but at this time we do not know if the retreat center might be a future site of a feast or a conference. Later in the day we passed two men sitting on the steps of a bowling alley. Dad said he thought they were homeless but I did not feel the same so we continued on. Lesson two had just been given. That night Dad received a beautiful message from the cloud of glory as had been promised.


Day Three, Tuesday

As instructed, we prayed each morning for guidance for our day and Jesus gave us these words.

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. Hear my words of guidance this day. Yesterday was a good day and you both learned to be silent and to better hear our voice within. You each did have one failure. David, it was placed in your mind that you should drive toward Destin but after stopping at the retreat center you turned back toward Panama City. I did desire you to go to Panama City but only after you went more toward Destin. There you would have seen some in need. Henry, you were correct in the fact that the two men you saw were in need. You should have instructed your son to go back.

You both did well in praying for others and light was given unto the many you prayed for. This day you are to go to Clearwater and that is where you are to stay. See with the eyes of the spirit and lift up those you see and help all that you are able. Go as led my servants. See with my eyes and see all in need. Be lights for this is a journey of light and love. I am with you and I am guiding you my servants.”


I believe Jesus was being kind in saying I only had one failure. I failed to listen to the voice within in the direction I drove and I also failed to listen to my father. Jesus stated that dad should have spoken up and told me to turn around, but I should have listened to him without his telling me to go back. We stayed at a one bedroom condo on the beach as it was cheaper than a motel. When we went down for the continental breakfast on Monday, I noticed they had books on the shelves for people to read. There were a lot of elderly people staying there for the winter. Dad told me it came into his mind for me to sign a book and for him to give it to them. Before we left on Tuesday he gave the book to the young lady behind the desk. She said that she would read it and then place it on the shelf for others to read. We said a prayer asking their blessings upon the place for they had been hospitable to us and we departed for Clearwater.


It is considerable distance so it took us all day to get to Clearwater. On a two lane road in the middle of nowhere we saw a homeless man pushing a shopping cart. Dad was on the phone with Kenneth so I got out. He was traveling with a dog that had his fur dyed green and the man had multiple pierced body parts and was clearly a homosexual. I spoke with him a while and gave him a fast food gift certificate and lifted him up in prayer and we continued on our way. On a back road we saw a large American bald eagle on the side of the road and it flew as we were approaching. We praised God for seeing such a beautiful bird. I had not seen a bald eagle in at least ten years. They are our national bird and a symbol of our nation, so I always enjoy seeing them. We traveled on US 19 for many miles and as we approached Clearwater we saw many adult book stores, tattoo parlors and nude dance clubs. We both commented about this and each of us said a few silent prayers. It was dark and we had difficulty finding the motel where Kenneth had booked us a room. We finally arrived, and went to dinner and retired for the night.



Day Four, Wednesday

We prayed in the morning and received guidance from Jesus. We planned on being at Wayne and Jean Alexander’s home for the mid-week study, but were not sure how we would spend our morning. These are the words given.


“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. This is a journey of love and light. I could teach you these lessons at your homes but I desire you to learn together, and there is power in united light. You have spent time in prayer and much time in travel. You are learning to better see with the eyes of the spirit. These are my words of guidance for you this day. You are warriors of light my servants. Your prayers do more than bring light, your prayers also diminish darkness, for light is the power over darkness. You saw many places of darkness in your journey yesterday. You said a few words but did not use the power of light that is within. This day you are to drive back on Highway 19 and you are to list the names of all places of darkness that you see. Be safe in your driving, but once you have seven listed you are to stop and pray. Seek light and seek the darkness to be rooted up and removed. You are warriors of light and you must bring light unto darkness. David is to drive and Henry can write. Take turns in your prayers and be a sword of light and strike a blow against darkness. It is not my desire that you defeat darkness by harming others. You defeat darkness with light and the greatest weapon you have are prayers of light that call on the power of my name and my blood. Go north until you have passed the places of darkness and then go east and work your way to Lakeland. List all places of darkness that you can quickly write and stop to pray after you have listed seven. What you learn on this trip is to become a part of your life. You bring light and you do war against the darkness. Your father can assist you and help you to see for the spirit of light is strong within each of you. See the darkness and realize that darkness is sensed before it is seen. I am with you my servants.”


There is a lot of power in these words and in doing what we were instructed to do. I had always tried to pray when I saw an adult bookstore, nude dance club, or palm reading place, but I had not been seeking the places to go out of business. Jesus said to “seek light and seek the darkness to be rooted up and removed.” It was amazing how many places of darkness are on Hwy. 19 between Clearwater and Bayonet Point, Florida. We looked for obvious darkness and also the darkness not clearly seen. I drove and dad wrote the list and once we had seven places of darkness listed I would pull into a shopping center and we would take turns praying. We noticed a pattern of there being a tattoo parlor near the adult bookstores and nude dance clubs. They always seemed to go together and were established in the smaller and older shopping plazas. I had not in the past prayed for light to come where I saw a tattoo parlor, but these places definitely bring darkness. Our prayers were full of power as we both felt the presence and power of God as we spoke. We prayed that the places of darkness be rooted up and removed, we prayed that the owners and employees would come into the light and repent and change, we prayed that the owners of these properties would no longer rent space to places of darkness, we prayed that the mayors and city council members would vote to remove these places and not allow them again.


We are all warriors of light and we must fight the darkness by the power of prayers of light. Once a town allows tattoo parlors and adult bookstores the nude dance places will be next. We must take a more active role in the battle against darkness. We saw some places of darkness that were not as obvious as adult bookstores and nude or topless dance clubs and prayed light upon them as well. Calling out the names as we drove did provide us with a really good laugh. Dad saw a sign that said, “Sweet Tomatoes” which could have been a topless dancing bar but ended up being a restaurant specializing in soup and salad. We had an amazing day and arrived that afternoon to the Alexander’s home where we had a wonderful time of fellowship.


Day Five, Thursday

We had already been told to go with Wayne to a nursing home so we did not pray for guidance. Wayne, dad and I went to a nursing home in Lakeland that Wayne goes to every week. It was wonderful and we met some very nice people who work there and also some of the residents. They were waiting for us in a lounge area. Wayne played his guitar and we all sang praises. Wayne would speak between songs and then he had dad and I each take a turn in sharing a few words with the beautiful people there. After our time was over Jesus spoke into my mind and told us to return  with Wayne to his home where I was to pray with Wayne, Jean and dad. Jesus gave us words of instruction.

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. These are words of love and words of guidance for my servants. Yesterday my servants learned the power of being a sword of light. You are to bring light and you are to fight against the darkness. You are to learn the lessons of this journey and you are to apply them in your life. I am pleased with your service of love this day. Wayne, my servant, I am pleased with your heart of love and I am well pleased with your service unto my children in nursing homes and upon those who are homeless. You have brought light and love which is my will, but you too must be a warrior of light. You must defeat the darkness by the power of light. You have brought light and now you must be a sword of light. It is my desire that my servants Wayne and Henry go out this afternoon and do as Henry and David did yesterday. Follow the same pattern and pray that the darkness be rooted up and removed, and pray for repentance and mercy for those lost. Wayne is to drive and Henry is to write. The homeless need light which you give often, but this day you are to be warriors of light. My servant David is to remain at this home of light and pray for guidance for our Sabbath and pray for other words that I shall give him. I also have words for my daughter Jean. Jean, you are beloved and I am with you. Our peace and joy are with you. Let the light of love be ever seen.”


Wayne and dad went out as instructed and prayed that places of darkness be rooted up and removed.  There were not a lot of places of obvious darkness in Lakeland so we all praised God for that. We had a wonderful day with Wayne and Jean and that night we went out and had a good dinner and had a night of joy with them.


Day Six, Friday

The final day had arrived. We got lots of hugs from Wayne and Jean and prepared to drive back home. Snow was in the forecast so we got an early start and made it back to Woodruff just as the snow began to fall heavily. We were told to pray upon the conclusion of our journey so dad and I knelt and prayed and we were given these final words.


“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. Hear my words of love this day. Your journey together has come to an end but the lessons learned will remain. You brought love and light unto others and I am well pleased. You have love for one another and you have memories that shall be yours alone. It is my desire that my servant Henry discuss your journey with those who gather tonight. He is to use his cloud message and present as a sermon next Sabbath, and as you were led David, he will be the only one to present it. The seven points can be shared with all but the other words are only to be read. I know you are tired David so it is my will that you stay this night and I am with you my servants.”


These words are so very true and dad and I do have love for one another and we have memories of our week together that are ours alone. We sang a lot of praises as we drove each day and had a lot of time to talk. The lessons learned shall stay with us for the remainder of our lives. We met some really nice people and were able to lift up many in prayer. The day we prayed for the places of darkness to be rooted up and removed was very powerful. This is something that I now do whenever I pass a place of darkness. We have been told so many times that our prayers have great power. It would be interesting to go back and drive along Highway 19 in a year to see how many of those places of darkness are no more. We both praise the Lord God and the Lord Jesus for a wonderful journey of light and love.




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