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Volume 1, Issue 1, May 2008


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David Nix


Hugs from Heaven

The ways of love are not always visible unto the human eye, for I am spirit,

Man does not see the angel’s tears and man does not hear the heavenly choir sing.

Man goes through life limited to the physical realm for he fails to use the spirit,

But when man is hurting, and his heart breaks and tears flow, I respond with love.


Chorus: When you are crying and your heart feels as if you will die from the grief you bear, take comfort sweet child, for my angels are sent, and unto you they bring hugs from heaven.


I see the young girl greatly beloved of me, I see her joy as she weds, tears of joy are shed,

I see love blossom and grow in her young heart, and I see the seed of the child within.

When tragedy strikes and her beloved husband dies, I see, and I cry upon the glass,

I cry, and I yearn to take away thy pain, I cry, and I move and I send my love.




Pain passes as years go by, but the grief returns on certain days and in many ways,

The tear that falls down cheeks at the sound of a bird which sings in the night

The soft sobs that come from deep within when a fragrance is sensed or smelt,

Tears flow, and you get up to face the day for you must go on, no time for tears.




I see all the moments of life and every tear is held within my hands of love,

I respond to the heart of my beloved and I often cry when grief fills them.

I see the woman hold her precious dog and I see her sorrow and feel her pain,

Tear drops fall upon a glassy sea, and I speak softly unto my sweet child.





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