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Volume 3, Issue 3, March 2010


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The Bread of Freedom

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 3/23/2010

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and Mighty King. I am your deliverer and I am the shepherd who leads. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to know the joy of our ways and the freedom that is found in me. Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread are upon you and it is my desire that all who worship before us have peace and great joy. Our Sabbaths are to be celebrated with great joy, and there is to be much praise and time spent in our presence and also much time in fellowship with others who walk in the heavenly light. This night by the power of the cloud of glory I give words unto my servant and shall also reveal unto him the images of the events described. Let there be joy in every heart and let each be filled with the peace that comes from obedience unto our commandments. I share with you words spoken long ago. Let these words help you to rejoice in the freedom from the chains of sin and bondage.


‘Good master, I desire that you and your disciples come unto my home to eat the Passover this year. It would bring me great joy to be thy servant. I realize that your time is most precious but I also know that you have great joy in worshipping the Almighty during his commanded days. Will you accept my offer of hospitality this day?’


‘Thank you Mathias, we will be happy to come. Some of my chosen ones shall partake of the Passover meal with their family but I shall come and as many of my disciples who desire shall also come. I shall send two of my men unto you prior to the Passover to help with the work that must be done.’


‘Good master, I know that I speak for all who follow you. We all desire to spend Passover with you for we know the time will soon be upon us when this great blessing shall not be available to us.’


‘As you desire my servants, Mathias, we shall all come unto your home when the time of Passover is here.’


Hear my words unto you. The Passover is a most holy time and is a time of reflection for you but is also a time to rejoice in the freedom that has been given unto you. The Days of Unleavened Bread are days of great rejoicing and should not pass by like other days. Let your hearts be filled with joy.


‘Rabbi, welcome unto our home this most wonderful night. My wife has prepared the Passover meal and she is also most desirous to meet you. Come in my friends, my servants shall wash your feet and then we shall gather together to honor the Lord God this night.’


‘Good master, all are gathered together, and I welcome you and your chosen ones unto our home this most special night. I would be greatly honored if you would speak the prayer of blessing upon all that we do this night.’


‘As you desire Mathias, let all bow in worship before the Lord God this night and I shall speak the words of my heart.’


‘Father in heaven, we bow before you in worship on this night. It is the time of Passover and the hearts of your people turn to you as we worship before you. The story of the exodus of your people is told this night and each heart remembers that your chosen ones were slaves in Egypt. I remember the night my Father for all has been restored unto me. Let each one here, and all who worship this night, have hearts that are pleasing unto you. Let us be truly thankful for the abundance of thy blessings. Your chosen ones are no longer slaves but the land of promise is under the control of a sinful people. I know that they shall be delivered in your perfect time. Bless all within this home and bless all your people. I thank you for this night and for the fullness that shall soon come.’


That night after the meal had been eaten we all gathered to speak about the blessings that had been given unto all who worshipped. I was asked to speak about the power of Passover and I share some of my words spoken, and I also shall sing unto my servant and shall give you the words that I sang that night.


‘The children of Israel who lived at the time of deliverance had been slaves all of their lives. Every man, woman and child had been born into bondage. When each family gathered together within their homes they knew that it was a night unlike any other. The blood had been placed and the lamb was prepared. They knew that death would come that night so all were saddened by the great loss of life that would come, but all were also excited for what the morning would bring. Mornings’ light brought unto them a blessing none of them had ever known. The gift given unto them was freedom. The Egyptians were spoiled and the people of Israel followed Moses into a land of freedom. There was no time to bake bread for they left in haste. When the day was over all gathered around the fires and the women prepared cakes of unleavened bread, for they had left with mornings’ light. That night all sang praises and ate bread for the first time as a free people. It was the bread of freedom and it was a bread of joy. I shall sing unto you about this bread.’

The Bread of Freedom

‘The fires burned brightly in the night, joy filled every heart,

The journey had begun and all were filled with a sense of awe.

They had been delivered and had walked from the city of their bondage,

The firelight danced against the night sky and my people rejoiced.


Prayers of thanksgiving were spoken, and the children laughed with joy,

The bread of freedom was prepared and passed among the people.

It was bread, and all were hungry, but it was unlike any other bread,

Unleavened bread was eaten that night; it was the bread of freedom.

What will tomorrow bring? Where shall the Lord lead us when we rise?

Wherever the feet of his people shall walk there will be great joy.

We are free, free from the oppression of bondage, we are truly free,

Let all rejoice in our wilderness journey and let all eat the bread of freedom.


Have mercy upon thy people cried Moses for the people soon murmured,

Help them Lord for they are weak and have quickly forgotten your power.

By the power of your hand they were delivered and we are now free,

Give us the bread of freedom and create in us hearts of love which obey.


The children of Israel were free and during the early days of their journey,

Joy filled every heart and the bread of freedom was eaten each day.

A greater freedom shall come unto all men; the Lamb shall be


Wash away all thy sins and rejoice as you eat the bread of freedom.’

The Days of Unleavened Bread are upon you. At even on the 15th day of the first month your seven day journey shall begin. Will you murmur, will you complain? Will you eat the unleavened bread each day as commanded and will the bread of freedom bring you great joy? In me there is freedom from sin and from the bondage that has held you captive. Let me release you from the chains that bind you. Take of my body and my blood, and wash the feet of one beloved. Prepare yourself and gather before us as we command. Worship us during the seven days of rejoicing and eat the bread of freedom, and let every heart know the peace that comes unto my people who walk in the obedience of love.


Do not be as the children of the Exodus, do not look back with longing, and do not seek the ways of bondage. Find the true joy of freedom found in me. I am the Lamb of God and by my sacrifice you can be truly free. Rejoice my people, rejoice, and let all hearts be filled with praise. Each day eat the bread of freedom and reflect upon the slavery that was removed. Be free and do not seek the chains that have made you prisoner. Eat the bread of freedom and be filled with joy.”




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