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Volume 3, Issue 3, March 2010


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 3/23/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to better understand the power of repentance and forgiveness. We have given you many words about obedience and also about the need to repent of all sin and the power of walking in purity and righteousness. The Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread are upon you, and it is most important to reach a place of sorrow and repentance before you take of my sacrifice. Many upon the earth do not desire to hear words about obedience and about sin. Man desires to walk according to his own will and the surrendered life of obedience is not understood by the majority of mankind. There are those who doubt these words for they feel that if we spoke unto men we would speak only of great mysteries and of great and lofty things. We have revealed many things unto our servant and through him others now understand more about the power of heaven. You are living in the latter days and the greatest need for all of man is to repent and to turn away from sin and to seek the forgiveness that can only come from my Father and I. Men can forgive one another, and men must forgive one another, but only by my shed blood can the penalty of sin be removed. This day I give you words that you need most for without repentance there is no remission of sin. My sacrifice removes your sin and makes you clean but remission of sin and restoration requires repentance and change.


We speak unto David for he is a chosen vessel unto us. Most who have read these beautiful words doubt this fact for they do not see with the eyes of light. Men have allowed their own beliefs and doctrines to distort the clear truth of all that has been given. We have given many words of power unto our servant and they stand as our testimony unto the people of the earth. Only a few have read the words given but in the days ahead many shall know the words that have been declared. Listen well all you men who walk in the muted light or in the depth of darkness, my message unto you is a message of repentance. Sin is the transgression of our law and all who have broken our holy and righteous law are under the penalty of sin. I and my Father are quick to forgive the sinner who repents and walks in the ways of righteousness. Many men are sorry when sin is revealed but sorrow must lead to repentance and change. Does forgiveness come with words of repentance or does forgiveness come with change? I give you this to reflect upon. We desire sinners to change and sin no more, but forgiveness is not based upon change, forgiveness is based upon our endless love and mercy. You forgive others for their mistakes when they ask for forgiveness. There are times when one who has hurt you will promise to change and sin no more, but your forgiving them is not based upon the change for the changes will only be seen over time. We forgive you when you seek forgiveness through sorrow and repentance, but we do expect you to change. We see the heart so we know if your sorrow is real and your repentance is sincere. My words unto sinners have not changed since the days I walked upon the earth.  I forgave sinners of their sin but I also instructed them to sin no more. All sin is a choice. No one makes you sin. If you sin, it is based upon your choices and your words and actions. Sin begins within the spirit for all emotion is rooted in the spirit within. The fleshly body can do nothing without the spirit within. Your body will not sin on its own. It is the spirit within that controls the actions which lead to sin.


Repentance is your need for without repentance you will not be granted forgiveness. The spirit of the Almighty was given on the Day of Pentecost as described in our word. My servant Peter spoke with power and many were convicted by their sin and asked what they should do. His words remain the way for the sinner. To receive the spirit of power, you must repent of your sin and be baptized for the removal of sin to receive the spirit of the Father. Once baptized, you must strive to remain pure and put away all sin. All who read my words this day who are baptized know that you have sinned after receiving the spirit of power. In order to be clean once more you must repent and seek to be made clean by the power of my shed blood, and you must change and walk righteously. I now ask you a question of great importance. Can there be forgiveness without repentance? In the lives of men you forgive one another based on mercy and love. You have forgiven others who trespassed against you. At times they sought your forgiveness but you have also forgiven others even when they did not seek you to forgive them. If you do not forgive men their trespasses against you, my Father shall not forgive you of your trespasses. You understand that in order to receive forgiveness you must also be forgiving. Do not confuse repentance with forgiveness. You can seek us to forgive others of their transgressions but you can not repent for someone else. Repentance can only be done by the one guilty of the transgression.

You read in our word how I asked my Father to forgive those who crucified me for they did not understand that I truly was his very Son. You have examples of others who spoke similar words. I had the power upon earth to forgive sin for I am the Son of God. You read of how Stephen asked that the sin of those who murdered him not be laid to their charge. He did not remove their sin, for man can not remove the penalty of sin from another. You can forgive, and you are to forgive, but only repentance and my blood can remove the penalty of sin from another. You seek mercy and mercy is given but you can not repent for another. Did my Father forgive those who crucified me that day? The answer is yes because my blood flowed upon the earth and my sacrifice was destined before the earth was made. My Father and I can forgive men of sin even when there is no repentance by the power of my shed blood. You can not repent for another but you can seek forgiveness for others by the power of my name and my shed blood. I am the Lamb of God and I am the Lamb who was slain for the remission of sin.


My words this day are difficult and will require thought and prayer. I spoke earlier in this message and told you that without repentance there is no remission of sin and that remission of sin and restoration requires repentance and change. Do I contradict myself in my words? Seek to see the truth about repentance and forgiveness. My Father and I can forgive men of sin where there is no repentance for we are merciful, but remission and restoration require repentance. My Father forgave those who crucified me but they did not change and there was no remission and there was no restoration. When I asked my Father to forgive those who crucified me, he did. Look to our word and see that the word “forgive” means “to send forth or to lay aside.” He removed the consequences of their sin by the power of his mercy and my blood, but there was no repentance so there was no remission and there was no restoration.

Look to my words spoken when I took of the Passover with my chosen ones. I stated that they were to take of my blood which is shed for many for the remission of sins. Remission means release from bondage and pardon of sin. Laying aside sin is not the same as the removal from bondage. I took my people from bondage and removed them from slavery in the days of Moses. By my sacrifice I became the Passover Lamb and my death is the power to remove men from the bondage of sin and to also pardon them. Under the Old Covenant the blood of the animal sacrifices covered the sins of my people. The word “Atonement” means “to cover” in the writings known unto you as the Old Testament.


I speak of remission and restoration requiring repentance. My atoning sacrifice gives man the power of reconciliation and restoration. My atoning blood is the power of restoration for all men but remission, and restoration requires men to repent.


My Father forgave those who crucified me, but only repentance could bring them freedom from bondage and restoration unto the Lord God. We can, and we do, forgive men for their sins based on our mercy and love, but as was told unto those on Pentecost who were guilty of my death, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the holy spirit.” Without remission and restoration, there will be no true change and men shall remain in bondage to sin. Forgiveness which brings forth remission and restoration requires repentance. Call on me and I shall hear. Confess your sins and call upon the power of my blood to cleanse you and to restore you and to give you freedom from the bondage of sin.”






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