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Volume 3, Issue 2, January 2010


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Barriers To Prayer

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 2/23/2010

I am the Almighty God in heaven and my ears are open unto the prayers of all who seek me. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to grow in the power of prayer. There is great power in the prayer of a righteous man and my ears are open unto the man broken and lowly before me. I gave you words about some of the chains that bind you and prevent you from knowing the fullness of my presence. These same things are also barriers to your prayers. Anything that prevents you from being in the fullness of our presence is a barrier to prayer. Your prayers have great power for I am with you and my ears are open unto you, but your position in the light and the condition of your heart affects the power and effectiveness of your prayers. The chains that bind you also are barriers to your prayers. I desire you to walk in the fullness of my light but you must walk in purity and obedience. I am not swayed by empty words and empty promises.


Sin is a barrier to prayers of power, for sin is darkness and all darkness separates you from our presence. There is great joy and peace in my presence but the chains of oppression prevent you from being within the fullness of our presence. Your chains of doctrine, sin, doubt, unbelief, fear and pride are barriers to prayer. Sin must be repented of and you must change and walk in the ways of righteousness. All doubt and unbelief is a barrier to prayer. If you ask without faith will I be moved by your empty words? Without faith rooted in trust and surrender, your prayerswill always lack power.


Selfishness and pride are great barriers to prayer. You must seek heavenly blessings to fall down upon all men. Prayers for mercy are always within our will, but you must truly believe and you must truly desire our mercy to be upon you and others.


The lack of gratefulness is a barrier to prayer. If you do not express true gratefulness, do you truly expect the windows of heaven to continually be open so that blessings may come down upon you? Anything that blocks our fullness is a barrier to prayer. Your flesh can be a chain that binds you, but your flesh is not a barrier to prayer as long as your prayers are rooted in light and not in the desires of the flesh. You are the light within the clay temple and your prayers have great power if you pray from brokenness and humility.


So many barriers have been established in your life in the muted light. Cry out unto me to forgive you and to restore you unto my presence. I hear your words and know your thoughts and I see every action. I am not mocked by those who cry out for mercy and do not show mercy. I am not mocked by those who repent and cry out for forgiveness and then go back easily unto sin. I am not mocked by the words of those who seek blessings but never speak words of gratefulness and thanksgiving. Your heart and position in the light of heaven affects your prayers.


Remove all that blocks and prevents you from the true joy of my presence. Remove the barriers to your prayers for I desire to bless you and I desire to bless the earth that is in need of your prayers. Remove the barriers my people, for that which prevents the power of your prayers is within your hands to remove. I place no barriers between us. All that prevents you from the joy of my presence was set in place by your hand.



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