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Volume 3, Issue 2, January 2010


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Chains That Bind You

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 2/23/2010

I am the Almighty God in heaven and I am with the people of the latter days. I am the Eternal Light and I am thy defender and thy deliverer. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help you to be free of the oppression that still holds so many of my people all over the earth. There are chains that bind you, and my words this day are to help you to seek release and freedom from the chains which prevent you from walking in the fullness of my peace and the fullness of my joy. You are the people of light and you are to be a beacon of light unto a world lost and hurting and a world in chains unto the darkness. If you are to set the captives free, you must first be free of the chains that bind you.


1) There are many upon the earth that are held captive by the chains of doctrine and wisdom. There are many denominations of believers who all declare that they know the true path unto glory. The doctrine of men is a chain that binds them unto a faith that is based upon their wisdom and their knowledge. I am beyond the understanding of man. Our word clearly declares our law and our will but men twist our word to fit the pattern of doctrine of their choosing. Doctrine can be a barrier to revelation. Men are to have belief, but your belief must be rooted in truth and must be rooted in our word and not in your opinion. Are you bound by the chains of doctrine?


2) There are many upon the earth that are held captive by the chains of sins past and present. Many allow failures and sins past to chain them to a life of sin. The pattern of sin is a chain most difficult to break without repentance and surrender. Do your past sins chain you unto a pattern of sin? Mercy is the key to unlock all the chains which bind you; and mercy by the power of the name and blood of my beloved Son is the key to removing the chains of past sin, and in our light you shall walk in newness of life. The voice that whispers unto you about past sins and failures is the voice of darkness. True repentance and change can free you from the chains of a life of sin. Let the blood of my Son set you free.


3) Doubt is a chain that binds so many of my people. Doubt is a choice, and by your chains of doctrine, pride and sin, you fail to believe in my perfect will and perfect love for you. Why do you doubt my mercy and love? Do you not see how I desire to rescue you from oppression and set you free from all that binds you? Doubt is rooted in rebellion. When you doubt my will and my law and my perfect love, you are declaring that you do not believe, and unbelief is rebellion. Why do you limit my plans for you? Why must I be the God made in your image instead of you being the perfect design made in my image and likeness? The chains of doctrine have led to much doubt, and selfishness and pride add chains to your oppression.


4) Pride is a chain that binds and prevents people all over the earth. There is no good thing rooted in pride. You see pride is the root of arrogance and envy. Pride is the root of the chains of doctrine and the chain that prevents repentance and acceptance of our will. Pride is the chain that binds so many people and it can only be removed through brokenness. Come to me and call on my name and the name of my beloved Son and seek us to release you from the great oppression of pride.


5) Fear is a chain that binds many people upon the earth. Fear is rooted in a lack of faith and in a lack of trust and surrender. Men fear what is known and men fear that which is unknown. Fear reveals your lack of trust and your lack of surrender. What do you fear my people? Do you fear what other men may say or do? Do you fear the ridicule of fools? Are your fears rooted in pride and doubt? If you trust in my mercy and my perfect love and will, why do you fear? Do you fear death and sorrow? Do you not believe my promise of the resurrection? Do you fear that you will fail if you step out upon the waters of faith? Fear is a chain that binds you and makes weak the hearts of men.


6) Unbelief is a chain that binds so many people upon the earth. Unbelief is more than doubt. Unbelief is the pride of fools. There is clear evidence that I AM and there is clear evidence that I am the Great Eternal Light, yet many declare that I do not exist. You believe that I AM. Your chains of unbelief are not of my existence or power. Your chains are rooted in not believing that I do not change and that all that I do is based upon perfect wisdom and understanding. Your unbelief in me is often due to not believing in yourself. You do not believe the depth of my love for you, for you allow the chains of regret and failure to bind you. What promise can I not fulfill and what power can prevent my hand and my will? You see that unbelief is strengthened by pride and the lack of trust and surrender. Believe in me and my Son, and believe in all that has been revealed unto you.


7) You are held captive by the chains of the flesh. You are light and breath and you are spirit within a temple of clay. You are within the flesh but you do not have to be held captive by the flesh. You are of the heavenly light and my breath is within you. There is power within you that you fail to use for you see and hear with the flesh. Why do you limit the power of heaven by your own limitations? There is nothing in the physical, natural and spiritual realm that did not have its origin in me. I am the God over all things and I am within temples of clay. Remove the chains of the flesh by reaching the place of brokenness and walk in a faith rooted in trust and surrender.



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