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Volume 3, Issue 2, January 2010


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Someone To Believe In

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 2/23/2010

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and Mighty King. I am the good shepherd and I am with all who seek to hear my voice. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help you to see the power of belief and surrender. It is my desire that my people reach a place where you are broken before me, a place of quiet faith where you will know that I am with you, and you will know that my love and will for you is always perfect. Many who profess to believe in me will declare that they know that my loveand will for their life is perfect yet they do not allow my hand to lead them. To declare that you trust and believe and then proceed to walk in the way of your choosing is not belief, trust and surrender. It is difficult for most men to surrender, for you have had disappointments in your life and you have memories of times when you feel that I failed you or you feel that my will was not what was best for you. It is within all men to desire to believe. All people need someone or something to believe in. Even those who declare there is no God and no Messiah have something in which they believe. Many men desire to believe in only those things that they can hold, taste, smell, see and hear. Without physical proof they refuse to believe. It is most difficult to surrender if you do not believe, for your surrender will always be rooted in your needs and desires. To say that you believe and then surrender your life unto me requires faith and trust. You can not separate trust and surrender. To trust you must surrender and to surrender you must trust. Faith must be rooted in trust and surrender. Many men will lay their life upon my altar or will surrender something into my hands. It may be to find work or to sell a home or to find a mate to marry. People will declare that they trust in my perfect love and will, and ask me and my Father to lead and guide them and to be mighty in their lives. Often this surrender ends as soon as an event occurs that does not fit within the framework of their will and their desire. To surrender and provide specific guidelines and parameters is not surrender. A leaf upon the river does not act as the tour guide and does not offer up guidance on how the river will take them, and at what speed, and where they will go. You know your destination, but must you seek to guide the journey?


Surrender requires trust, and surrender requires belief. Do you truly believe in our perfect will and love, or do you only desire our will to fit your will, and our love to be seen as you desire? To say you believe and trust and to declare surrender and then seek to guide is not surrender, nor is it trust. Why do events that occur outside of your desire and plans cause you to doubt my love and will? Men seek mercy but then proclaim how our mercy should be seen. Men seek us to provide for their needs and then seek us to fulfill their desires. Surrender must come before brokenness. I could send trial and tribulation upon you to break you but I desire a freewill offering, not a forced sacrifice. My death brought salvation unto all men and my sacrifice was a freewill offering. No man made me lay down my life nor did my Father in heaven. I came unto the earth to live as a man, for it was his will and desire and it was my will and desire to please him, for I am surrendered unto his perfect love and will. Men need to believe and men need others that they can trust and believe in. You can believe in me, but to reach the place of belief and a faith that shall not waver you must trust and surrender. There are many things that you can choose to believe, for belief is a choice just as doubt is a choice. I give unto you some things that you need to believe, for believing in me shall lead you to trust and surrender.


1) You must believe that the Great I AM is and shall always be. Your mind can not truly understand but you must believe.


2) You must believe that the law of heaven is perfect in all three realms and that obedience is the action to bring forth the heavenly motion.


3) You must believe that the Almighty God is the creator and sustainer of life and that his will for all of his creation is perfect.


4) You must believe that my Father and I are light and that we are perfect in goodness and that there is no darkness in us.

5) You must believe that we hear the prayers of men and that we are moved by the cries of the righteous and the tears of the sinful.


6) You must believe that we knew your name before the earth was formed and that my Father is the God of the living and knows the end from the beginning.


7) You must believe and accept that our will and our love is always perfect in the life of the surrendered man and that our mercy and love is without measure.


I could tell you many things that you must believe in order to reach a place where you will trust and surrender. I desire you to have a faith rooted in trust and surrender and I desire your moment of belief to come and never depart. I desire so many things for you my people, but I do not force you to believe nor do I force you to obey. You must choose to believe as you must choose to trust and surrender. I am the good shepherd and I am your Messiah and King. I am the Son of the Eternal Light and I desire you to believe in me and I desire you to believe in the perfect love and will of heaven.


Surrender will not come unto the man who places something upon the heavenly altar but then seeks its return or seeks to offer us possible solutions and outcomes. If you believe in our perfect will and love for you then you will trust and you will surrender. Therefore, you must conclude that you do not trust and surrender for you do not believe. I see your actions and I hear your words my people. You speak boldly, and you speak to convince others, and you speak to convince yourself that you believe and that you trust and surrender. Trust and surrender does not come through words, it comes with action and belief. Do not judge our perfect will by one action. If you surrender something unto us, do not doubt if an event occurs that is not as you feel it should be. There are times when events occur to set into motion the resolution that you desire, but you fail to see. Sheep follow the voice of the shepherd and they hear his call and they follow as the shepherd leads. Sheep trust in the goodness of the shepherd.


Surrender your life upon the heavenly altar and release the hands that seek to guide, and know the freedom and peace that comes with surrender. Believe in me for I am your most tender shepherd and I desire to lead you unto the waters of everlasting peace and everlasting life.




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