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Volume 3, Issue 2, January 2010


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The Foundation of Trust

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 2/23/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help you to understand the power of trust. You must have a faith that is rooted in trust and surrender. The path unto brokenness requires that you have faith, and faith must be rooted in trust and surrender. Our word reveals the lives of men and women who learned the power of trust. To trust us you must believe. You must believe in our perfect love and our perfect will for your life. Our word has many examples of trust. Noah trusted us and believed that our word was sure and that the flood would come. You see the trust of Abraham that his son would become a mighty nation, and you see the trust of Isaac who willingly allowed his father to bind him and lay him upon the altar. You see the trust and faith of Daniel who trusted in our love and power to deliver him from the den of lions. We have spoken of the trust of Gideon and his army who went to battle with a trumpet. To go against a mighty army armed with trumpets requires great faith that is rooted in trust and surrender. You must learn the power of trust. You must believe in our power to deliver and you must believe in our perfect will for your life. This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall receive words spoken by a man who learned the power of trust. He was facing death and he came before us in prayer. I give you the words of his prayer, for they are words of wisdom and power. In his words you see the heart of a man who learned the value of trust; and in his hour of testing he looked to us and he trusted in our perfect love and perfect will.


‘Great and Mighty God and my Lord Jesus, I bow before you this night and I lift my hands in worship and I praise you for your love and goodness. My life has been spent in seeking to walk in harmony with your law and your will. I find myself in a situation that is well known unto many who follow the teachings of your beloved Son. I am in this prison and it appears that my life is in peril. I am here for professing my love for your Son, so I have no bitterness and no regrets. My life has been spent in building a foundation of trust. I have seen your hand move in so many ways in my life. Some may say it is time or chance, but I feel that there are no coincidences in the life of one surrendered unto you. I have known great joy and I have known sorrow, but throughout my life I know that you have ever been with me. As I pray unto you, my spirit thinks upon my foundation of trust. My father taught me from my youth to trust in your goodness and love and to trust in your law. I trust that if I plant my crops that by your natural laws the seeds will grow and fruit will be produced. I trust that my herds shall increase by the laws of reproduction. I trust that the sun will shine and the rain will fall down. I trust that if I labor within the framework of your perfect law that I shall reap in due season. I trust in patterns established and laws set forth which govern your natural and physical realms. There is also a spiritual realm and there are laws established that no man can deny. There is a spiritual law of tithing that I trust in, my Lord. I can not explain how tithing causes my crops and herds to increase, but I know that this does occur. I trust in your laws for you are the Great I AM and you have all wisdom and knowledge. Trust grows when we see the results of faith. Doors open without logic based upon a belief that you will provide. All the events of my life have been as stones built upon a foundation of trust. I trust in you and I have faith that your will for me is perfect. I desire to praise you for a lifetime of answered prayer, for with every blessing poured out, my trust in you has grown. I see how your people have trusted you and how they have been blessed. Trusting in your love does not mean I shall never know sorrow or hardship. Many who trusted you to deliver them have died by the hand of the wicked. I have learned that I must not see with the eyes of the flesh but with the eyes of the spirit.


There are many things that I trust in, my God and my King. I desire to mention some of the things I trust and believe in, for speaking of faith strengthens my faith. I trust that you are good. I trust in your heart of goodness and I believe that there is no evil or darkness within you and that all you do is good. I trust that you are a God who changes not. I trust in your fairness and perfect wisdom and rightness. Your wisdom is without flaw; and what you set forth before the world began will be as you have willed it to be. I trust that you are a God of mercy and that you hear the cries of men and you feel our pain and sorrow. I trust that your mercy is rooted in love and that your mercy is without measure. I trust that you have a perfect will for my life, and that if I surrender unto your will that you will perfect your will in my life. I trust in your headship and I trust in your dominion and I willingly give you dominion of my life. I trust in your power to heal the sick and to comfort those who suffer. I trust in your love for all men and in your plan for the continuance of man. I trust that the dead in the Lord Jesus will rise up in the day of resurrection and that your Son shall come as King of kings and Lord of lords. I trust that you hear the babies when they cry and that you are moved by the words of those who repent before you. I trust in you my God and I trust in you Lord Jesus. I trust in your word and I trust in your promises. I believe that your ears are open unto the prayers of the righteous and that you are merciful unto the sinner. I do not know whether I shall be set free or if I will die by the hand of the wicked, but I know that you hold my life and breath within your hands of love. Thank you, my God, for hearing this prayer and thank you for every action that built within me a strong foundation of trust.’


The words of this prayer were spoken by a man named Mathias who was greatly beloved. He learned the power of trust and in trust his faith was strong. Your faith will falter if it is not rooted in trust and surrender. You keep your journals of trust, and with every coincidence, with every open door, and with every sign of our presence you add another brick to your foundation of trust.”




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