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Volume 3, Issue 2, January 2010


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Principles of Purity, Part Two

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 2/23/2010

In our first lesson on purity I discussed that purity begins with obedience and I mentioned a few things that give power to purity. In addition to obedience, Purity also requires desire and surrender. We must lay everything upon the altar of heaven and we must let the spirit within fill us and obey all that is commanded of us. The Almighty God has adestiny for you, and for all men, and in order to fulfill his desire in us we must be pure. We have been given a lot of words about purity, for purity is a great need, for without purity and holiness the spirit of God can not fill us with the power of heavenly light. Purity is as light and purity gives power to purity. Purity requires obedience and purity helps us for purity cleanses us from sin and once pure the power of heavenly light can fill us. One of the things that prevents purity in our lives is a pattern of sin. The Almighty God in a message within this issue gives us words about the chains that bind us. In point two of that message he states, “There are many upon the earth that are held captive by the chains of sins past and present. Many allow failures and sins past to chain them to a life of sin. The pattern of sin is a chain most difficult to break without repentance and surrender. Do your past sins chain you unto a pattern of sin? Mercy is the key to unlock all the chains which bind you; and mercy by the power of the name and blood of my beloved Son is the key to removing the chains of past sin, and in our light you shall walk in newness of life.”  Many of us have lacked purity in our lives and many of us have had repeat sins and patterns of sin that have held us captive.  By the power of their mercy, and by the power of the name and blood of Jesus we can have the chains that bind us removed forever. Once forgiven we must change and we must strive to remain pure. Purity requires obedience, but purity also gives power to obedience and brokenness. We have been told that we are to walk as anointed ones which means we must walk in purity and righteousness.


The Lord God and the Lord Jesus are pure and in them there is no darkness. We read in James 1:17, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” This is a very powerful scripture. Here we see that the Almighty God is the Father of light. The word light in the Greek is phōs (foce) which defined by Strong’s Concordance means, “to shine or make manifest, especially by rays; luminous.”  Variableness here would be better translated as variation in the sense that there is no change in the degree or intensity of light. There is no variation of his light nor is there “shadow of turning” which means that God does not change. There is no muted light, no change, not even the appearance of turning. He is always the same, and he is pure and he is Holy. This is how we must become. We must become consistent and we must walk in purity and holiness and we must never change from the path of light and purity. The power we need will be found in their presence for in their presence there are no shadows, only the pureness of light. The closer we are to them the more pure we will become. In their presence we shall find the power of purity. One of the places that we fail is in our thoughts. Thoughts are of the spirit within and come from our spirit into our mind. We have been told that our mind is the battleground for this is where the evil ones attack. The dark ones often use the flesh to tempt us but emotions are of the spirit and not the flesh. What we see, taste, touch or smell grows in the mind. Many men are tempted through the eyes. Seeing a woman with the eyes is not evil, but if thoughts of evil come in it is the mind and not the eye. The mind is of the spirit and the mind processes all that is seen, heard, felt, tasted and smelled. Our physical senses are rooted in the spirit, for the spirit is the processor of the senses, both physical and spiritual. The battle fought is for our mind, so to be pure we must win the battle within our mind, for in the mind the senses are processed. For example, touch is a good thing, and the touch of love is of the light and is rooted in goodness, but touch can lead to evil within the mind if the touch is not of the light. What I share with you is very important. The senses are rooted in the spirit and can be controlled by the spirit. They are physical senses, and they manifest through the flesh, but our senses are rooted in the spirit and are processed within the spirit. Do you see why your body must be in subjection unto the spirit? The body by itself will never sin; it is the spirit that chooses purity or evil. Purity is a choice that we can make. Every sin is a choice; therefore, we must learn to control our flesh by the power of the spirit. The Bible instructs us that we must bring our thoughts into captivity. We read this in II Corinthians 10:5, “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.”  This means every thought must be held and processed and all that is evil must be cast away. We are to think on that which is pure and holy for words and actions follow the pathway of our thoughts. We must be rooted in purity and in the light of heaven, for in their light we shall have the power of light and the power of wisdom.


There are instances when controlling our thoughts requires time, we must weigh the situation, and the words of others, and then process our thoughts. Being slow to answer can be a very good thing. At other times purity will require that we act first and think later, and these reactions must be rooted in the light of heaven. If I see a woman that is naked the correct response would be to cover my eyes and flee. Thinking first and processing all that I am seeing could lead to sin. There truly are times when we must flee from sin. Thoughts are quick, but at times our reactions must be quicker as we must not allow evil thoughts to take root and lead us to actions not of the light.

By our thoughts we shall win victory or suffer defeat. Purity requires us to control our thoughts, words and actions, and the presence of the Almighty God and the Lord Jesus will give us strength. To be pure we must control our thoughts and we must make our flesh captive unto the light. We must allow no evil thoughts, words or actions, and this can only be done if we walk in the purity of heavenly light. One thing that helps us is to be around others of the light and around those seeking to be pure. Purity gives power to purity as light gives power to light for purity is light. The deeper we walk in the light the more we shall desire purity.

We have been given many words about pride, and pride also affects purity. Purity can not grow in a heart filled with pride for in pride there is a lack of surrender and obedience. Purity must become the way of all who desire to walk in the ways of heavenly light. We must desire to be pure and we must seek purity for sin is a choice and purity is a choice. We must think before we speak and we must pray before we do, for our words and actions must be pure and must be rooted in love and goodness. Seek their presence always for purity is not possible without their presence. Why will you fail to be pure if you do not remain in their presence? Have you ever been guilty of repeat sins and have you ever followed a pattern of sin? We must seek to remain in the presence of the Almighty God and his Son always, for without their presence purity will escape us for the pattern of evil is already known unto us. Once we sin we know the path of sin so we must come unto them and repent and seek to be ever in their presence.


Purity requires heavenly mercy and forgiveness for we have all sinned and fallen short of their glory. Without forgiveness we can not be clean and if we are not clean we can not be pure. It is by the power of the blood of the Lord Jesus that we can be made clean and pure. Purity also requires sanctification. To be sanctified is to be made holy and we are made holy by the indwelling of the holy spirit. We need their light to cleanse us and sanctify us. They are Holy and their light can make us holy but we must seek the path of righteousness and purity. We must become a just and holy people and we must live by the light and let all that we think, say and do be pure and holy. The next issue shall continue with part three on principles of purity.









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