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Volume 1, Issue 1, May 2008


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David Nix

 As you now know, the Lord has commanded this newsletter to be published monthly with news and events of the End Time Assembly, words of love and guidance from our Father and Savior, as well as items of interest in the world and America to those who realize and understand we are indeed living in the latter days of man’s rule on earth. Within the scope of this command, the Lord has tasked me with focusing largely on world events.

 There is so much going on in the world today in the light of bible prophecy and in the light of recent messages from our Savior and Father that the entire newsletter could easily be comprised of only such topics.  However, I will focus on one or two issues or events each month that are relevant at the time. One of our fundamental guidelines in understanding we are at the end of this age and our responsibilities as a result is found in what is generally referred to as the Olivet Prophecy in Matthew 24.  In this prophecy shortly before his death, Jesus tells us of the signs of the times for the end of this age.  Our Savior speaks of wars and rumors of wars, famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places (Matt. 24:6-7).  Much of the prophecy mirrors the seven seals of Revelation, also given by our Savior to his servant John.  We are commanded by our Savior in Matt. 24:42 to, “Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming.”  This is the scripture that has accompanied the ETA hourglass logo since the church began in the mid nineties. I have shared 

with many people over the years that we are in fact living in the end times and cite Matthew 24 and other scriptures.  Often times I am met with the response that these things have been going on for years and there are always wars and rumors of wars.  These statements are true.  However, the more people to whom I speak of these issues the more seem to acknowledge there is something really not “right” with the world.  One can hardly watch any given news cast and not see catastrophic world events unfold before their eyes.  As I type, there is a new round of wild fires in southern California forcing people from their homes.  The floods over the last year or so in the mid-west have been both devastating and more frequent than usual.  The number of tornados in America has increased especially in non-traditional areas such as the south with recent activity seen in downtown Atlanta, GA.  Additionally, we have seen an increase in world wide earthquake activity including America’s central states within the last two weeks of this writing.

With the improvement of the economies and rising middle classes in China and India comes increased demand for food and energy.  We see the results of the simple economics of supply and demand.  Now, many of these people can simply afford two meals a day instead of one.  This doubles the demand for food in many areas.  And with the increase in middle class wealth in these nations comes more demand for fuel and energy.  Causing further pressure is an invasion of a major oil producing nation and the failure to return oil output to pre-invasion levels.  This too causes gasoline and heating oil prices to rise.  Higher demand, plus diminished supply, equals higher prices.  Couple the food and energy crisis together (not to mention the mortgage crisis) and the result is an extremely strained American middle class and a stressed American economy with some saying we are in a recession.  If we combine the above issues and situations with a series of significant Katrina-like “natural” disasters, our nation’s economy could possibly collapse.

Our Savior speaks of these issues in Matt. 24:8, “All these are the beginning of sorrows.”  But are we prepared to believe it?  Are we now prepared to seek these truths on bended knee in prayer and repentance before the thrones of the Almighty and our Savior?  Or will we wait until the wrath of the Almighty has dried up our water sources, scorched our lands, laid our fields stripped of their produce, emptied our streets, and overflowed our cemeteries before we bend a knee in true and honest repentance?  Are we as a nation and as individuals ready to seek the Lord, or are we still only interested in seeking our own ways, pleasures, and gratifications?

The Lord says, “The nation that heeds shall find deliverance.”  Jonah proclaimed the words of the Lord to Nineveh about its pending destruction and we see the response of the nation in Jonah 3:5:  “So the people of Nineveh believed God, and proclaimed a fast, and put on sackcloth, from the greatest of them even to the least of them.”  As a nation, Nineveh repented and was spared the wrath of God at that time.  Are America and other nations prepared to repent of its idolatries, abortions, violations of God’s land Sabbaths and other Sabbaths, drug culture, pornography, godlessness and corruption in government?  The list can go on and on.

Hear the words of the Father from the 68th Parable, Walk Always in the Light:  “I AM that I AM. I am the sustainer and giver of all life. I am the eternal light that shall never be extinguished. My light fills the spiritual realm, and my light shall soon fill the physical and natural realms as well. Man has fallen into the ways of darkness. You commit murder, and steal, and bring death upon the innocent, and shame unto my name. Those who claim to love me and my Son destroy the unborn children, and then praise my name. I am not mocked, and my hand will not be stayed. Look to the city of Sodom and the city of Gomorrah.

You read the words and wonder how people could be so evil and so perverse. Hear my words ye inhabitants of the earth, your sin is greater, and the smell of your sacrifices of praise are a foul and evil stench before me. You see how men desired men, but you have become more evil, for many of you cloak your sins in robes of white. It will be far worse upon the hypocrite in the days of my judgment. The past shows you the path of the future. I destroyed man in the flood, save Noah and his family. They were more evil than the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, but they were not as evil as man has become today. Why would I destroy all living if not for terrible sins? My Son made Adam and formed Eve, and he and I both were known of men before the flood. They developed at a very fast pace, and had advances beyond some that you see in your day. All was destroyed due to sin. What was their sin, why did my anger come down upon them? Their sin was pride and idolatry. They no longer worshipped, and thought that they were above me. In their intellect they became foolish. I will not destroy the earth again, but my wrath will fall upon the evil of this world. Repent and seek the ways of my light. Call upon my Son, and he will hear and he will forgive.”

We know that darkness is becoming bolder and will soon spread as wildfire through the nations.  The evil that struck Germany will again return and sweep through many nations of this earth.  The Islamic issue and other problems will cause the people of many nations to seek strong dictator-style leaders over democracy for security purposes.  Many believe America is too strong to fall.  Those who believe this believe America is stronger than the Almighty.  He has said that our might will be as dust in a mighty wind. There is much activity in the world in relation to the above issues.  We will be focusing on them in greater detail in the months and years ahead in this  newsletter.

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In closing, a few words from our Savior:  “You are without excuse, for the power of light has always been. It will take turmoil and disaster to move most of you to your knees. Seek me thou people and pray for mercy upon your loved ones who remain in darkness. There is power in light and my light shall overflow. Let the light be a beacon unto all you meet. Walk always in the light.”

Neil Gardner



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