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Volume 3, Issue 2, January 2010


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A Circle of Faith, Part 1

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 2/23/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and Mighty King. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and these words are to help you to grow in the power of faith. You must reach the place where you believe and the place where you surrender in absolute faith. There is power in a faith that will not waver. This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant shall receive words from a woman who walked in great faith. She faced great adversity but did so with trust, and walked in faith that was rooted in trust and surrender. Our word is full of stories of people who believed in our power and promises, and prevailed against powers of evil and walked the earth as men and women of faith. They were people as you, and had the pulls and weaknesses of the flesh, but they chose to believe and they chose to obey our word. You read of the faith of Abraham who hoped against hope and had a son born unto him in his old age. You read of the faith of Moses who did not murmur when my people were trapped with no escape. He lifted his hands and with his staff he parted the waters of the sea. Be as Gideon who became a mighty man of valor. Would you have faith to go to battle with an army of three hundred men against a mighty army? Would you have faith to go against the great army armed with a trumpet? Faith is built upon trust and surrender. You must be as the men known unto you as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, and have faith that our power has no measure. Do you have faith as my servant Daniel who refused to bow unto an idol and was cast into a den of hungry lions? Our word contains many stories of great faith and deliverance. There are also many who had faith unto death and were not delivered from the hand of death. Must faith be based upon deliverance in your life of flesh? For every story recorded in our word there are thousands of other stories not known of you. The earth has been walked by the feet of many men and women of a faith that would not waver. This day by the power ofthe cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall see the images of a story of faith and he shall hear the words spoken. There are still people upon the earth that lived through the horror of what is known as the Holocaust. It was a time of great sorrow and millions of innocent people were killed by the darkness of evil. It was also a time of much prayer and a time when many came unto their moment of belief. This day you shall hear the words of a woman named Sarah and you shall see her heart of faith. Her story and the stories of her friends shall be revealed unto you. Praise us and thank us for these words of power and let these words lead you to a faith that will not waver.


‘Dear friends, we must be strong in this time of trial. We have all been told the stories of suffering that others have endured and we all have experienced the hatred of the Nazis against the Jewish people. All that was is no more, so we can not live in the past. We must face tomorrow with faith and courage. We serve the God of Abraham and we must believe and be strong.’


‘Sarah, how can you be so calm? We are all here as captives. We are separated from our children and husbands and have no idea where they will be sending us. We have heard of the camps of horror. All that we own has been taken from us and we are like sheep to be taken for slaughter. How can you speak of a God who would allow such evil to come down upon us?’


‘Helen, you speak with fear. I too am afraid but we must be strong. This war will some day end and we must survive. We do not know what will become of our children but there is power in prayer, so we must pray. There are ten of us here together, friends and sisters that have been together in good times and in bad times. We must stand together and we must bond together through prayer. We have all been given many blessings from heaven so we can not lose faith when times of great sorrow fall upon us. We may be sent to a camp together or we may be divided, but we must covenant before God that we will pray for one another each day. We must have a goal, and our goal needs to be life. We must stay alive so that we can help others. We must be women of faith and pray for others and encourage others in this time of darkness. We are in a circle as we sit here so let us become a circle of faith and a circle of prayer. Let us promise one another to pray for each other every day until this war is over. Let us bow together and each say a prayer for strength and courage. I will pray last and will speak the words of my heart as well. Death may come to each of us but we must desire life so that we can help others. Wherever you go you must be strong and pray with others and help them not to lose faith. This circle of faith must expand unto others for prayer is the power of faith. Let each here promise before God to meet here at this place one year after the war has come to an end, for this war shall be over some day. If you cannot make it you must try to strengthen another and have them come here for you. One year after the peace comes we are to come here to embrace, and weep and rejoice that peace has come once more. Ann, we shall begin with you, let each pray, and then I will pray last, and in your prayer make your promise to be a light of faith in a world in darkness.’


Each woman spoke from her heart and many tears were shed. Each one did promise to be strong and to return on the first anniversary of the peace and to send another in their place if death were to come upon them. It was a circle of faith and we heard the prayers spoken and we moved in each of their lives. I share with you the prayer of Sarah spoken that night.

‘Almighty God in heaven, we bow before you this night with our hands and hearts joined. We are friends and sisters and we are afraid. We have been separated from husbands and children and we know that they too are afraid and alone. Please comfort them and help them to be strong. We have all heard of the cruelty of the soldiers and each of us has seen how they so easily kill our people. We pray for mercy, and we pray for hope and strength. Not all of the soldiers are cruel, so I pray that you will help us to be seen with favor by those who still have a root of goodness within, and that you will give them courage to be lights in much darkness. Help your people to survive, for Hitler seeks the destruction of all whom he feels are inferior to him. I pray that you bring the fruit of his harvest upon him and that you visit upon him the evil of his heart. Please be with my children for I know that they are alone this night and I feel their sorrow and I can hear them weep my God. Hear the cries of these your people and have mercy upon us. I pray for my sisters and friends in this circle of faith. I vow before you my God that I will pray for each one each day until we come here once more. I do not seek life over all others but I pray that some of us here survive the darkness that surrounds us and that if we can not be here that you will let another come in our place.


Let this circle of faith grow in size and power. Many have died and many shall die in this war against evil but I know that you are the God of the helpless. We read in your word of how you delivered the sons of Israel from the nation of Egypt and how you spread the waters so that they could be free. You delivered them against mighty enemies and were the hand of comfort upon them. Your people sinned and your wrath was upon them, but in your tender mercy you could not let them be removed from the earth. Forgive us of our sins and let your mercy be once more upon us. Use us, oh God, to help all that we can in this time of sorrow. We shall embrace once more and then we shall go unto all here and give comfort as we are able. We shall not all be together in flesh but let this circle of faith be not broken my God. Let our spirits unite and let us give light and strength across the barrier of distance. Help us and deliver us Great God in heaven.’


Hear my words unto you this day. There is power in a faith that is strengthened by prayer. That night ten women made a covenant before me and my Father, and the Great I AM was greatly moved, for he is moved by words and actions of faith. I shall tell you of each of these women in the months to come. In the next nine months I shall give my servant words about each woman of this circle of faith and shall share with you words spoken. After all ten stories have been told I shall give my servant words that shall tell you the fate of these ten women. Through their words and lives you shall learn about the power of words spoken and you shall learn the power of a circle of faith.”



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