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Volume 3, Issue 2, January 2010


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The Moment of Belief

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 2/23/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and these are words to help my people to reach a place of trust and belief. I am with you and I have revealed myself unto you in many ways, and each of you has had moments of belief and moments where you knew that we are with you. The moments of belief are important and you must reach the place where you have a faith that will not waver. This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall receive words from a man who understood the power of a moment of belief. Let the words of Noah help you my people. You must learn from these words of light and power. My servant shall see the images of Noah as he speaks unto his sons upon the ark when the waters covered the earth and all men were destroyed except for those upon the ark. These are words of love and power. Let these words make you examine your heart to see if you have made lasting changes within your life and to see if you have faith that is rooted in trust and surrender. Will the moment of belief change you my people? Hear the words given unto you by the power of our love and mercy.


‘Father, there is now silence from the waters that cover the earth. All have perished and none remain except for those of us upon this ark. What the Almighty declared has come to pass. I am full of grief that so many have perished but I also am filled with gratefulness that you believed and obeyed the voice of the Lord.’


‘Yes, my father, I too am most thankful to be here with my wife and brothers. The Lord was merciful unto us and has given us life and has given us hope, for we shall live for he is faithful in all that he promises. This event has altered the history of man and has forever changed my heart. I shall never doubt the word of the Lord and I shall forever be in awe of his great power.’


‘Hear my words my sons. We are all deeply saddened by the destruction of the earth and we are all grateful for his mercy anddeliverance.  All our friends and family are gone. All the wicked have perished and also the innocent children. I sought the Lord to allow me to take the babies upon the ark but they died in innocence and in innocence they shall live once more. I do not understand all of his ways but I know that all that he does is based upon his perfect love and his perfect will. My sons, you were faithful in helping me build this ark but each of you knows that you had many moments of doubt. As your friends and loved ones spoke evil of me and scoffed and called me a fool, you know you were swayed by their words. You too have come to me to seek me to reconsider the path of these many years and to cease the work that I was given to do. The words of the scoffers led you to doubt the word of the Lord and to question the soundness of my mind. You entered the ark at my word for you were obedient unto my desire and it was the will of the Lord for through you he shall replenish the earth. Each of you has now praised the Lord for his mercy, for you reached your moment of belief. You did not believe based on his word, but you believed when the water began to cover the face of the earth. You were thankful for your choice when you heard the screams of the dying as they clawed and pounded upon the sides of this great vessel. Your moment of belief came with the fulfillment of the word of the Lord. You are not alone in this my sons, for every person above the age of the child also had their moment of belief. As the waters closed upon them they believed in the word of the Lord and they knew that his power is great. For them, their moment of belief came too late. You now believe my sons and you must let your moment of belief forever change you. Do not allow the memory of this event to ever leave you. Let this change you to be men of faith and men who know that the Lord God is a merciful God who spares those who seek him. Bow with me my children as I offer up a prayer unto the Lord God.


Great and Mighty God in heaven, we bow before you within this great vessel and we lift our hands unto you to worship and to praise. We have shed many tears for the people of the earth. Their screams and the crying of the children was a most difficult thing to endure my Lord. I shall never forget the cries of your people as the waters of death overcame them. They sought life when life was ended. I grieve that none would hear the words I preached. I wish their moment of belief would have come unto them when there was still the hope of another day. Most men as they face death have the hope within them that you have a plan for life beyond this world. Their voices are now silent so I pray that I be their voice. Have mercy on them my Lord and let them live again when the day of resurrection comes. Raise the children once more in their innocence and let them learn the ways of truth and life. Keep their spirits within your hands and remember the ones who have perished in this great flood. They all believed in your promise as the water took away the breath of life within them. I pray for your mercy to be upon them as they now sleep the long sleep of the dead. I pray for my wife and my sons and their wives my God, let their moment of belief never leave them. Let them live out their days in faith and surrender. Help us my Lord to teach the children that shall come about your love and law. Help my children and my children’s children to walk in belief and faithfulness. Reveal yourself unto each one and let their moment of belief come while there is still hope for another day of life. You revealed yourself unto me and I had many moments of belief. I went unto the garden and was taught by your angel and by your servant Enoch. I saw your hand in so many ways and in so many days. Each moment helped my faith to grow so that I believed in your word. Let my children never forget that your promises are sure and that you are a God of mercy and power. I weep for all who have perished but I praise you for life and I praise you for the hope of tomorrow.’


Hear my words my people. Each of you holds in your hands a message of truth. Do these words lead you to belief and unto a faith that will not waver? You write of events in your journal of trust where you see our hand move in your life. Some of you have been healed and have had moments of belief. Have those moments changed you forever or have they only been fleeting moments that only brought about temporary change? There are people who heard my voice and received messages of power that now scoff and ridicule my servant and my words. Will your moment of belief come unto you while there is still hope for tomorrow or will you only believe when the trumpet sounds and you do not rise up to meet me? You must let the moment of truth and belief remain within you and you must change. Do not continue to seek signs that I am with you, for your moment of belief has come. Believe in our words and promises and have a faith that is rooted in trust and surrender. Many men have a moment of belief and are as the seed cast upon the rocky ground. Let your belief grow unto a faith that shall not waver.”










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