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Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2010


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From My Presence Shall Light Flow

Ken Nix

Monday, 1/25/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people realize the power found in our presence. Words of power have been given about your words, prayers and touch. I shall give you more words about these things. Your words are to always be words spoken from the light of truth and are to always be words of love and words of kindness. There are times when words of correction must be spoken but even then your words are to be kind and loving. There is never to be a time when you speak harsh and cruel words. We correct based on our love, and when you speak words of correction they are to be rooted in love. Some of our people have received words of correction but they have always been rooted in our love and mercy. Your words have great power. One word spoken can lift or can destroy. Tender ones can have their hearts broken by words of harshness. You are the people of the light and you must always speak words of light and love. Why do you speak words that hurt others? Light gives power to light so let your words be words of light. Speak words that lift and never seek to speak words that hurt others. You are the light of the world and your words and actions must be of the light. You must learn the power of our presence. The deeper you are in the light of heaven the more power of the light you shall receive. In our presence hard hearts are made soft and harsh words are forever forgotten. Light gives power to light so seek to be deeper within the light of our presence.


There is power in prayer, and one prayer spoken from a heart of love deeply rooted in goodness can change your life and the lives of others. Miracles still occur, and heavenly blessings fall down upon the earth, for the power of our love and mercy has not changed and has not diminished. We desire to heal and to show mercy unto our creation. Your prayers are the power of light, but you must speak from a position of light. Our presence gives power to your words spoken in prayer. There are moments when a prayer spoken from a heart of love and faith can bring miracles and healing power. Your words matter and your prayers matter. Our ears are open unto your prayers. Your prayers must be within our will, and our will is known within our presence. Mercy is always within our will. Love, kindness, tenderness, gentleness and goodness are fruits of life and are of the light. All twelve fruits are of the light, so seeking these things will be within the light. We can not go against our established law or will, but as you have been blessed to understand, mercy supersedes our law. Mercy can heal even when physical laws have been broken. Speak prayers that seek mercy to come upon you and others for mercy is always within our will. Each prayer spoken in and of the light gives power to prayer. A life of prayer will lead to great power, but your prayers must be rooted in light, and your prayers must always seek that which is of the light. Prayers that seek darkness have no power for we are light and we have no darkness within us. Learn the power of prayers spoken deep within the light of heaven.


There is power in the touch of mercy and love. A gentle touch can soothe an angry heart and can bring peace unto those troubled. There is power in love’s touch. Your touch is to always be kind and gentle and your touch is always to be of light and never of darkness. Touch transmits the feelings of the heart. If you touch someone when angry and touch them to hurt, they feel the anger and evil of your heart. When you touch someone with a heart of love and goodness, your touch lets them feel the power of love and light. There is more power in touch than you realize. The touch of light flows from hearts of love that worship and from hearts of obedience and goodness. By your touch people will feel the power of heavenly light. Most healing comes with touch, for it is the touch of faith and love that shall heal. My servant shall soon know this great power. Many of you have been healed by his touch, and the touch of my servants, but this power shall increase within him and also within my faithful servants of light. To have the touch that heals you must have the touch of love and you must be deep within the light of heaven. It is the power of our presence that brings power to your words, your prayers and your touch. Seek to be broken and seek to be deep within the light of heaven. In our presence you shall know the fullness of my love and mercy and you shall be the leaves of light that shall be for the healing of the nations of the earth. Seek to speak words of love and kindness, pray from the light and let your touch always flow from a heart of love and goodness.”



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