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Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2010


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One Touch

Ken Nix

Monday, 1/25/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and these are words to help my people to understand the power of touch. Once more my servant shall go into the cloud of glory to receive words and images about the life of Roben. As promised, three messages have been given unto my servant. You have read the power of one word and one prayer, and now you shall see the power of touch. The touch of love is far more powerful than my people realize. Healing involves touch and the healing touch must be the touch of love and the touch of faith. Let your hearts be filled with love and be rooted in goodness so that mercy and love shall ever flow from you. David, once more we bless you in allowing you entrance into the cloud of glory. Cherish these words and the images that we give unto you by the power of our spirit. Let Roben’s words help you my servant, for as my Father spoke unto you in the night your life is one of destiny, and you shall change the lives of many by the power of your words, your prayers and your touch. Worship and praise us my people for we are with you and by our hand we lead you.


‘Come my children, it is time once more to speak together and to learn from the experiences of our lives. This night I have a story to share with you and it is one none of you have heard before. Even your mother does not know of the events of which I shall speak for they occurred before I met her. There is great power in the touch of mercy and the touch of love. Each of you feels our touch of love for you are our children and we love you with all of our heart. Some are not as blessed as you and live life without knowing the touch of love. One touch can truly change the life of another and one touch can also change your life forever. When I was a very young man I was with my parents to keep the Feast of Booths in Jerusalem. There I met many who knew the Lord Jesus when he walked the earth. I was excited to hear all of the stories of his great love and mercy. There were many there that had felt his touch of love. I heard of how many had only met him once but even one encounter with Jesus could forever change a life.  I heard testimonies of his great love, and we all worshipped the Lord God and the Lord Jesus and it was a wonderful time.  There was a woman named Mary who was a follower of Jesus. She spoke of how she was possessed by many demons and that he had saved her by his touch of love. She wept as she told of how she was able to touch and wash his feet and how he forgave her of all her sins. She spoke of the power of one touch, for the day he touched her the demons were gone. She was blessed for she knew him and spoke with him on many occasions. Then a woman stood up and spoke of how she only met him once but that she would never forget his eyes of love and the touch of his hand. Her name was Layla and she met him once at a well and he touched her hand and spoke just a few words unto her, but his words and his touch forever changed her. She was full of joy and praised the Lord God and his beloved Son.


I was moved by all the stories of those who knew him. I heard several of his disciples speak, and we all talked and fellowshipped deep into the night each day we were there. I was so moved by the stories of how Jesus healed the sick. My parents shared their story of his great mercy, my Father spoke of how one touch of love from Jesus healed his wounds, and my mother spoke of how he had kissed her check and embraced her and had given her the gift of sound and the gift of a voice. We all sang praises and joy overflowed. There were many there who had been healed of leprosy by Jesus and by his chosen Apostles. My heart ached for the lepers, for they spoke of how no one would touch them and how the touch of Jesus or the touch of one of his chosen had healed them.


One day, when the Feast was drawing to an end, I was walking in a market place and a woman who was a leper was ringing her bell and calling out. All scattered to give her a path. I walked up to her and told her about Jesus and the servants that were gathered.  I told her they could heal her. She told me to move, but I was insistent. She said she had no time to go with me and had no hope of ever being whole again. I told her that if I could touch her she could be made whole. She tried to flee from me but I reached out and touched her. I held her close and prayed unto the Lord to heal her. She wept in my arms and told me that no one had touched her in years. All the people there mocked me and called me a fool. I prayed for a miracle but no miracle was done that day. Her leprosy did not leave her. She thanked me for trying and told me that I had risked my health and life for naught. I did not speak of what I did to my parents, and we returned to our home. Three months later, the first signs of leprosy were upon me. My parents were greatly grieved and I told them of that day in Jerusalem. They loved me but had to have me leave their home to protect my brothers and sisters. They took me to a place of lepers but did not abandon me. They brought me food and cared for me. They spoke of taking me to Jerusalem to be healed by the touch of one of the Apostles of the Lord. I was nineteen years old and sadness filled my life, and my hopes and dreams came down as I faced a life of misery. I was sad but did not give up. I prayed often that the Lord would have mercy upon me.


One day I decided to travel alone to the great city so that I could seek to be healed. On my journey I tried to stay away from other travelers for many would curse me and cast stones upon me. One night I camped at a mighty tree that was very old. There in the night I had a vision and an angel of the Lord came and spoke unto me. He told me that the Lord was with me and that he heard my prayer the day when I touched the leprous woman but that he had a greater miracle to work in my life. He told me to go to a place of lepers and that there I would find the woman I had touched. He told me that once there I was to touch each leper and declare the name of Jesus. I awoke, and I wept and I worshipped the Lord God and his wonderful Son. I went to the place of lepers as commanded and there were ten women there. The first woman I saw was the lady I touched on the street that day. She remembered me and she wept when she saw that I was a leper and great was her sorrow. I told her that Jesus did not heal her that day in the street for he had a greater plan for her life and for my life. I told the ten women to gather and we knelt and I spoke a prayer and asked the Lord to come unto us. Then I rose and I touched each one and spoke the name of Jesus and as I did each one was instantly healed of their leprosy. They all wept and praised the Lord for his great love and mercy. I fell upon my knees and I worshipped and sang praises unto the Lord.


I then asked the woman why there were only ten of them together and why they were not at the valley of lepers. She was weeping and told me they were separate for they were a family. That day the Lord healed her and her three sisters and her six daughters. I fell upon my face and I worshipped. I then understood the mercy and love of the Lord. Instead of healing the one that day in the street, he healed a mother and her daughters and three of her sisters. Many families were made whole that day for each had husbands and children. One touch of mercy rescued many that day. The ways of the Lord are glorious my children. They all left and I stayed for my leprosy had not left my body, but all sorrow and sadness had left me and I was filled with love and joy.


Later that day the women all returned with their families and all thanked me for my touch that had given them such blessings. They gave me food and said they would return to care for me and make sure I was fed. As they were going to depart, each of the women came forward, and even though I had the disease that had made them suffer so very much, each one embraced me and kissed my check. Once the last woman had kissed me, I felt the power of heaven flow through me and all sickness left my body and I was made whole. We all wept and praised the Lord. I went to their home and we had a feast that lasted for several days. Such joy filled my heart. I learned the power of one touch that flows from a heart of love. I returned home and my family wept and praised the Lord and we had another feast of rejoicing that lasted several days. Two years later I met your mother and we have had a life of joy together. My children, never be afraid to show love unto another and never be afraid to touch the lost and hurting, for we serve a God of great love. I have taught you lessons about the power of one word, one prayer and one touch.’


My people, let these words move you to seek the fullness of our light, for in the light of our presence you shall know the fullness of our mercy and love. Learn the power of love’s touch.”




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