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Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2010


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One Prayer

Ken Nix

Monday, 1/25/2010

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. As spoken, my servant goes into the cloud of glory to receive a second message from a man named Roben. He was not a priest but was a shepherd and farmer. He was a simple man in the eyes of the world, but he was a man beloved and a man who had the wisdom from above. He loved his wife and eight children, and he lived a life of goodness and walked in the ways of heavenly light. He and his wife were baptized by my servant Silas and they worshipped me and my Father all the days of their lives. He loved to tell stories to his children for he knew the power of words which teach great lessons. He told them wonderful stories from our word and about his nation, but he also shared many stories from his life and the lives of his ancestors. Let his words given unto you by the power of the cloud of glory help you to see the great power found in prayer. You never know when your prayer may rescue and save one who is lost and in great need. My servant shall see Roben as he speaks and shall see the images of the story told.


‘Gather around my children, for this night I have a story to share with you that shall help you to understand the power of a word spoken in prayer. Each of you prays, as do your mother and I, for it is right for men and children to worship the Lord God and the Lord Jesus and to bow before them in prayer. The God of Israel is a mighty and merciful God, and he hears the prayers of those who seek him with pure hearts. This night I shall tell you of an event that occurred in the life of my grandfather who was your great-grandfather. He, too, was a shepherd, and a man of great faith. He lived in the house of his father and loved to hear the stories of the children of our father Israel. He especially loved all the stories about how the Great and Mighty God heard the prayers of men and how he would rescue and save. His father told him of Abraham, and how he prayed for a son in his old age, and how the merciful God above heard his prayer, and his son Isaac was born in his advanced years. He loved stories of answered prayer spoken about your forefathers of Israel. Men like Joseph, who prayed while in prison and was crowned with glory by the power of our God. Wonderful stories of men such as Daniel, who prayed upon his knees three times each day as he had aforetime even though a decree was put forth that anyone who prayed to anyone but the King and gods of Babylon would be put to death. He prayed unto his God in heaven, and for his faith he was cast into a den of hungry lions. There he prayed for deliverance and an angel from heaven came and shut the mouths of the hungry lions and his servant Daniel was spared.


Our history is filled with the power of our God and how he hears the prayers of those who come before him in sincerity and humility. It matters not if you are a man, or a woman, or a child for he hears the prayers of all who live. Hannah was a woman of faith who prayed for a son and she promised the Lord that she would give him unto the Lord. Her son was Samuel, and as a youth he spoke unto the Almighty God and the Lord answered him. I tell you these things so that you will know that these men and women were ordinary men, but were people who believed in the power of the Almighty God. My grandfather heard these stories and he believed and he prayed every day as was taught unto him. He knew the Lord was with him for he was blessed with a good wife and seven strong sons and three lovely daughters. He prospered in his flocks and herds and was faithful to pay tithes unto the Lord. Years passed, and each day he prayed, but in his heart he desired to experience something mighty as the people of the stories he had heard and passed down. His faith never wavered but he desired to see the hand of  God in a miraculous way. He would be in the field and would look to the sky in hopes of seeing an angel and looked at the bushes around his campfire at night and thought of Moses at the burning bush.


His sons and daughters grew and had families of their own. When my grandfather was seventy-five years old he desired to travel to Jerusalem to see the heritage of his people. He was still swift of foot and strong so he took his journey alone. He had been unto the great city many times to worship as commanded, but this trip was to be spent walking the paths of old and reflecting upon the people of his nation. He walked with his staff and led a donkey with supplies for his journey. He was a man of wealth so he also carried gold for gifts for his grandchildren and children. One day as he walked he heard a soft cry for help and stopped. He found a man of Samaria who had been beaten and was near unto death. My grandfather told this story so I give to you what was spoken to me.


The Samaritans are a people that many of the Israelites would not speak unto for they are considered heathens and not fit. My grandfather did not share such feelings and gladly helped a fellow man in need. The man knew death was nigh and spoke of his wife and three small children that were in Jerusalem waiting on his return. He had carried all the money they had and it had all been stolen by the bandits. They beat him and left him to die. He spoke of how many had passed but none had stopped to help him. He cried and asked my grandfather if he would deliver a message unto his dear wife and children. My grandfather learned of where they were and said he would do this thing. The man told him to tell them that he loved them and that he was sorry that he had failed them and for them to go unto the house of his brother and there they would be cared for. The man thanked my grandfather and then he died.


Tears fell from the eyes of a man with ten children and many grandchildren and he thought of this man’s wife and little children. He lifted his eyes unto heaven and spoke a prayer unto the Great and Mighty God in heaven above. He asked for the one miracle to be seen in his life be now, and he prayed that the dead man be given life. He held the Samaritan man to his chest and wept and cried out unto the Almighty God for mercy. That day my grandfather had the moment he had dreamed of. The man coughed and was alive once more. My grandfather praised the Lord and wept. He told the man that he had died but that the God of Israel had given him life once more. They both wept and praised the Great God in heaven. My grandfather took the man to an Inn and cared for his wounds. He gave money to the owner to cover the cost of the wounded man’s care. He also took the money he had set aside for gifts and gave it all unto the Samaritan man. My grandfather visited Jerusalem and had a heart filled with praise. On his way home he was leaving the great city and he saw the Samaritan man with his wife and three children. They all embraced and had a meal together. My grandfather left the next day with a heart filled with joy. He knew how one prayer can forever change the lives of many.’


Hear my words of love my people. By the power of my love and mercy I shall give you the words spoken in prayer that day. Roben’s grandfather was named Ishael, and he was a man of great faith, and he learned the power of a prayer from a heart of love. Your life is not one of a single prayer, for all prayers form a thread that is woven into the fabric of your life. All prayer gives power unto prayer. We hear your words, and we are moved by the words of a righteous man. Pray often, and grow in the power of love and mercy, for one prayer truly can save a man, a family, a nation and a world. Let Ishael’s prayer show you the power of a prayer spoken for mercy.


‘Great and Mighty God of Israel, you are God above all and you are the God of all men. My brother lies dead in this ditch as a result of the evil of other men. Not only was he beaten and left to die but he was passed by as he lay here bleeding. Those who passed by and had no mercy are guilty oh Lord. This man has done no harm and wants to reach his wife and children. I have always sought to see a miracle, and this day I ask it to come unto this man. I am not a prophet or a man of spiritual power, I am a shepherd, but I love you and I believe in your great mercy. Have mercy my God and let the breath of life come once more unto my brother. Have mercy my God, please have mercy.’


My people, one prayer can save the lost. Live a life of prayer, for you never know when the moment of your prayer shall come, for we hear and we still perform miracles based upon a single prayer spoken.”



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