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Volume 1, Issue 1, May 2008


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David Nix

 “The cluttered room of boxes represents knowledge and wisdom, and the accumulation of a life through seeking man’s wisdom. My people have minds as a cluttered warehouse, as boxes full of information and their wisdom. The goat in the dream is me, for I am the Atonement goat. Both goats represent me as seen in the scriptures, but in the dream, I am the goat.  She finds me and is walking with me, but feels a need to hide me to keep me safe. She hides me in wisdom. Harriett is as the fit man and she seeks to protect me. Her dream is not reflective of her alone, but describes many of my people. They hide the light of truth, and the Lamb of God, and the atoning goat in their wisdom. Their wisdom hides the truth that I am the Lamb of God and by my blood you are atoned, and my blood is greater than all the wisdom you have collected in a lifetime.

She hides me and then goes into a room where she sees a man dressed in white upon a bed. The man is Lucifer, and he appears as an angel of light and truth. She thought he might represent me, for that is the desire of Satan, to deceive and appear as light and truth. She, as my people, did not feel threatened by him for he is outside the room of their wisdom, and is safely away from their wisdom and truth. She leaves and enters a kitchen where she begins to work. My people have their wisdom, and then they seek to do works, but she did her work without the presence of the Son of God. I am safely hidden in your superior wisdom, but many of my people do not take me with you. If I walk with you, do not leave my presence to go through your daily tasks. She thinks of me, as you all do, and looks for me and I am gone. The angel of darkness has hidden me behind more boxes of wisdom and knowledge. I am there, but by your works you accumulate more wisdom, and your wisdom has often been a barrier, and has caused my people to not be able to see me. She leaves to seek me, but I was not lost. Lay down all, and surrender pride and your wisdom, and you shall see my ways, for I am the light of heaven, and I am seen with the eyes of faith and love, not by your knowledge. She leaves to go outside and realizes she was not in a home but a warehouse and depot. She sees the tracks. They represent the path that most follow, for it is for the many, and is easy. The old train represents the way many of you have walked. You collect your knowledge and wisdom and then take the train that you feel will best lead to my kingdom. But, the path you took was based on your wisdom, and you did not seek me to lead. The two women in the dream are representative of the two loaves. One is truth and one is love. Satan desires man to seek truth so he can puff them up with pride and hide the truth of my atoning blood in your cluttered minds. The woman hurt is the woman of love. Satan wants love to be gone, and for man to focus upon wisdom and truth. Seeking to save the unborn child is man’s desperate need to have love and know love. I am the Lamb of God, seek me through the power of love, and by the power of the fruits of the tree of life, and once you are with me, never let me go, and carry the Lamb of God with you always. The goat of atonement has freed you, and you are to surrender all unto me. Harriett, you were chosen for this dream for you are the newest member of the children of light, and you have a heart of love. Seek love over wisdom, and never hide me or go about any task without me by your side. David, as you see the old train also represents tradition and what is established and known. Many have left you, for they fear to travel over the hill, but I call unto you my people, take my hand and follow me.”

We discussed this dream as a group and ideas were shared about other meanings of the symbols involved. Before the interpretation Jesus spoke and told me that some of the images in the dream are hers and some are reactions in her mind to what she saw.



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