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Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2010


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One Word

Ken Nix

Monday, 1/25/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall receive images and words of long ago. There is power in words, and there is power in prayers that seek mercy and in the tender touch of love. This day my servant shall receive three messages that shall be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. They shall all be given unto him by a man named Roben who lived in the days of my Apostles. He shall speak words about the power of a word, a prayer and a touch. My servant had many dreams last night and my Father gave him words and dreams that revealed unto him the power that is found in words, prayer and touch. He understands that there are no coincidences in the surrendered life. Your words matter and how you live each moment matters. Your life is measured in moments and words, and how you spend your moments and the words that you speak are very important. David, my servant, you shall see the images of Roben as he speaks to his children and you see the images described by him. Rejoice and praise us for this blessing given unto you my servant. Words matter, and knowing when to speak and when to listen is a thing of great wisdom.  A word spoken in love can lift the down hearted and a word spoken in anger can shatter a tender heart. Consider your words and learn the power found in words of love and mercy.”


“Come near unto me my children for I have words to speak unto you this fine evening. Your mother fed us a wonderful meal and it is now time to sit and share stories of family. Sit my wife and listen as I tell you all a story about my father when he was a young man. It is important that each of you knows of our past, for our heritage needs to be shared throughout our generations. I tell you these stories to teach you lessons and to also help you to better know your roots. When you have children of your own, you will share the stories of my life and your mother’s life, and  stories of loved ones past, and you shall speak of all the blessings and adventures of your life. Words teach us and words help us to know our past and our future. This day I share with you a story that teaches you the power of a single word. One word spoken can lift a troubled heart or one word spoken can destroy a tender spirit. All words matter and you must always choose your words wisely.


We are of the nation of Israel and we are born into the tribe of Benjamin. Ours is a history of much honor and also dishonor, for we as a people have not always walked with the Lord as he has commanded. I walk with the Lord and my father walked with the Lord as did my mother. They have passed but their lives are still a beacon of light unto all who knew them. When my father was a young man he was in the field with the sheep of his father and he was taken captive by a band of evil men and was sold into slavery in a distant land. He was beaten to break his spirit, but his spirit was rooted in the ways of God so he would not be broken. He worked hard for his master but escape was always upon his mind. At the household where he served there was a young maiden named Leasha and she was most fair. My father loved her from the moment he saw her working in the fields. She, too, was an Israelite taken captive. She was of the tribe of Gad. He longed to speak unto her but her beauty made him fear that she would not look upon his face with favor. In time he approached her to speak. He asked her her name and she was silent, but she smiled at him. He told her that his name was Lacona and that he desired to get to know her. She smiled and touched his hand and walked away. He was hurt for he so desired her to speak unto him but she said not a single word. He found her a few days later in the field and he spoke once more and smiled. She took his hand and touched her ears and made a guttural sound from within. He then understood, she was mute and deaf. He smiled and kissed her hand. They fell in love and desired to be free. He planned, and one night they fled and traveled safely to his father’s home. He took her to the home of her father and asked for her hand. They married and had a life of love and joy. She could not sing but as she worked she loved to hum and there was a song always in her heart, and her smile was like the sun. Such love sparkled in her eyes as she held her husband and later her first born son. I am that son and I loved her from my first breath. I loved to hear her hum her melodies of love but I know she desired to speak.


One day my father came home excited about a word he had received. In Jerusalem there was a great prophet named Jesus, and it was told that he could heal all manner of sickness and that the blind were given sight and the mute were given a voice. Three months later I was taken to my Uncle’s home, and my parents left to journey unto Jerusalem. It would be a two week journey. They took our donkey and departed. On the third day they were robbed by a band of evil men and my father was beaten and left for dead and my mother was taken captive. My father awoke in the ditch beside the road and simply said the word, “mercy.” He then prayed unto the Great God in heaven to help him and to have mercy. A miracle was given, and my father rose up in strength and power and followed the trail of the evil men. He found them when they camped for the night. They were drinking and arguing about who would be the first to defile my beautiful mother. My father found the head of an ox and took the bones and used it as a club. As the story is told in the word about mighty Samson, so was my father that day. He called on the name of the Lord to give him strength and attacked the three men who had his wife. He killed each one and went to his wife who shed tears of joy that he was alive. They walked for days to reach the great city. Both had bloody feet and my father’s wounds had not yet healed. They went as led and came unto the place where Jesus spoke unto the people. The crowd was large and my father could not get through for he was very weak from his journey and wounds.


He again lifted his hands unto heaven and asked the Lord to have mercy upon them. Suddenly the crowd parted and a pathway was made clear. My father and mother walked silently toward the man called Jesus. He saw them and stopped speaking unto the crowd and beckoned them to come forward. My father took my mother in his arms and carried her to Jesus who took her into his arms of love and kissed her cheek that was wet with her tears. He then whispered into her ear and touched her throat. He hugged her and placed her upon the ground. My mother bowed before him to worship and from her lips came a song of great beauty. She sang the song that had been in her heart for so many years. My father bowed down and wept. When her song was finished the Son of God walked over and touched my father upon his head and all his wounds were healed and the Lord Jesus walked away. My father just held my mother close and they both shed tears of joy.

I shall never forget the day when my parents returned to my Uncle’s home to take me back to our home. My mother picked me up into her arms and leaned to my ear and spoke words for the first time unto me. She simply said, “I love you my son,” and tears flowed from my eyes. There is a God in heaven and his mercy and love are without end. When we arrived home my parents told me the story of their journey and how my father rescued my mother. They told me of Jesus and how he came from the Almighty Father in heaven. We sat by the fire and we laughed and cried and my mother sang a beautiful song unto me as she held me close. She kissed my cheeks and smiled and her face glowed with love. I asked her what Jesus spoke unto her when she was healed, and told her that it was a blessing to have the first words you ever heard be the words of God’s Son. She smiled and agreed with me but did not answer. Again I asked what Jesus spoke unto her. She smiled and told me that he only spoke one word unto her ear as he touched her throat. “What was the one word,” I again asked?  She smiled and told me that the one word spoken unto her was, “sing,” so she sang praises unto the Lord God and his Son all the days of her life.”



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