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Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2009


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Be The Eyes Of My Love (A song from the Lord Jesus)

Ken Nix

Wednesday, 12/30/2009

"The eyes of love looked down upon you and the voice of love called your name,

Come and be mine, follow me and let the light of my love be in you.

See all with the eyes of love, be tender, be merciful and be kind,

Be the eyes of my love, be my hands of tenderness, be mine my people.


Be the eyes of my love, see all that are broken, reach out tender hands,

Reach out and touch the untouchable, take them into your arms of love.

Be the hands of my love, stroke the hair of the lost one, give gentle comfort,

Open your heart and open your home, let hospitality be ever seen.


Are you beacons of love and mercy, do the words you speak echo my love?

Be the words of love and speak soothing words and speak of your heart.

Hearts of love, tears of tender mercy fall down upon those in sorrow,

Hearts of love, warm fires of comfort, homes of light and great joy.


Let hospitality be seen among you, help a brother or sister in great need,

Lose all pride and let selfishness no more remain, be the light of love.

Let the warmth of hospitality be ever present, let mercy lead your heart,

Do the things to prepare, build homes of light and live a life of kindness.


Wash the clothes and prepare the food, clean the rooms and set all in order,

Prepare for the honored guest and do the same for the lost and alone.

Bend your knees and pray for homes of light and the warmth of hospitality,

Beacons of light, hands of mercy, open your home and open your heart.


The eyes of love always see and the hands of love are always reaching,

Reaching out unto the broken, giving comfort unto all who are in need.

Let the warmth of your love flow forth and give solace and give comfort,

Servants of love, daughters of mercy, let tenderness and love be ever seen."




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