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Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2009


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Poems By Patricia

Ken Nix

Wednesday, 12/30/2009

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. Hear my words unto you for I desire these words to help my people. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and they are words of love and power. We previously told you the story of Patricia and shared with you two of her poems in the message entitled, “A Heart That Sees.” (August 2009 Issue) This day I shall give my servant three more poems written by Patricia for I told you that more of her beautiful words would be shared. Though she was blind physically she truly had a heart that saw the beauty of love, and she loved me and my Father with all of her heart. Let her words written help you to learn the power of love and the power of gratefulness and the power of a heart rooted in goodness. I shall share with you more of her beautiful words in the days ahead. These are not my words but are words which flowed from a tender heart of love.


Make Me White as Snow


‘The snow falls gently upon the ground, I feel the coldness of the wind,

Though I can not see I feel the beauty of each flake as it gently falls.

Snow from heaven, pure and clean, falls down upon this earth,

Wash us oh Lord, make us pure and make us white as the snow.


Goodness and mercy have ever been upon me, for you are good my Lord,

Mercy falls as the snow; mercy falls upon my face and my cheeks.

I feel the refreshing as the snow of white gently falls down upon me,

Make me white as the snow oh Lord; cleanse me from all my sin.


The Alpha and the Omega shall come in victory to claim his great crown,

Let me be one who stands in a robe of white, make me clean and pure.

Make me white as snow, purify my heart and cleanse my hands oh Lord,

Redeemed, I am redeemed for the crimson blood has been shed for me.


The cold wind blows upon my face but all I feel is the love in the snow,

Purest white, heavenly sent, it falls down to declare thy love and majesty.

Cold winter nights shimmer as diamonds of light, your beauty is seen,

Make me white as the snow oh Lord; cleanse me from all my sin.’



The Heavenly Band


‘This day I heard street musicians as they played for the appreciative crowd,

Their music lifted me for it had a sweet melody of clearest sound.

I was lost in the music as the instruments were played, lost is sweet sound,

Play a gospel melody was my request, play of the glory of heavenly ones.


All were silent as the violin slowly began to sing, its melody sweet and clear,

Music that filled my heart with joy, a beautiful sweet song to my ear.

Then a voice began to sing and his sound was so clear and called unto me,

I heard the angels join in, and I thought I could hear the heavenly band.


There must be a band in heaven for the angels can not help but sing,

Sing heavenly choir and play heavenly band, declare the goodness of the Lord.

Sing of the Father of love and sing a melody of love unto his beloved Son,

I began to sway on the street today when I heard the heavenly band.


The melody touched my very soul, and my heart beat with greater joy,

Alleluia, Alleluia, sing unto thy King, oh sing of his glory.

Sweetest music can not be found than music that is of the heavenly sound,

Someday I desire to be on streets of gold and listen to thy heavenly band.’


 Your Book of Love


‘Once a man found a book and it was a book unlike any other,

It was a book that told the story of a God of love, a God of hope.

This God made the first man and placed him within a garden of love,

These are the stories that filled the man’s heart when he read your book of love.


He read of Noah and the mighty ark that was built and softly he wept,

Why would no one listen, for the God of love desired many to live.

He read of Moses and the miracles that fell upon a sinful nation,

He read of the love of a God who parted a mighty sea to rescue his own.


He read this book of love for many weeks and it brought him joy,

He loved the stories of King David and of the faithful prophets of old.

He read of a people beloved who continually left the light of love,

He wept over their sorrows and prayed that he would never do the same.


Then one day he read of a child that was born, a child unlike any other,

A child born in a stable, a child sent from the very throne of God.

He wept as he read of this child of love and his words which flowed,

 He read of the love of a God who would send his only Son to die.


He wept and he praised the beloved Son who willingly gave his life,

The Lord Jesus, Son of God and Son of Man, his Mighty King.

He read how he was sinless, yet he was beaten and crucified,

Tears fell upon the pages of what is the greatest chapter in the book of love.






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