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Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2009


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Hospitality, Kindness and Brotherly Love

Ken Nix

Wednesday, 12/30/2009

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be declared unto the women who gather before me and are also to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. It is my desire that all of my people grow in the power of tenderness and love. I desire there to be kindness in the lives of all who claim to be mine. You are to have hearts of love rooted in goodness and you are to be kind and considerate unto others. Your homes are to be places of light and are to be places where all are welcome, and you are to be beacons of hope unto a world in need of hope. It is my desire that the women who gather before us learn the power of these words and the power of all that will be given unto you. There is power in the words that have been given unto you, but these are words of action and if my people do not practice the teachings given then they are no more than words upon the page. You must let the fruits of light be evident in your lives, for every thought, word and deed is to reveal the power of our light within you. Learn the ways of goodness and be the people of my desire. By the power of the cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall receive words from two who were beloved of me. Let the words of John and Mary help you to learn the power of kindness and hospitality.


‘Mary, it is good to see you once more. I am thankful that you could join us here this night. Everyone is excited to hear you share your stories of the Lord and to hear you speak about the early days of the saints of the Lord. I love you and I have missed you.’


‘John, beloved servant of the Most High God and friend and servant unto the Lord Jesus, I have missed you my son and it is so wonderful to be here with you. This house is filled and some even stand in the door. This reminds me of the days when the Son of Man would teach and so many would gather. The crowds are smaller these days for with the persecutions many fear to follow the teachings of Jesus. I shall be happy to speak words of love and hope unto all who gather.’


‘Good friends, welcome unto all of you. I thank our friend Thaddeus for the use of his home and I praise the Almighty for his faithfulness. He is a good friend and brother in the Lord. This night I asked Mary to come and talk to you about the early days of the church, and after that I am sure she could be persuaded to tell you about our most precious Savior. We must all have homes of love and our doors must be open unto one another and unto all who might have need. We must all understand the power of fellowship and the power of brotherly love. I am not going to speak many words for I too desire to listen to Mary. She and I have shared many a night before the fire and we have seen many marvelous things. Please listen to her heart of love this night.’


‘Thank you John and thank you Thaddeus for opening your home unto us and thank you friends for coming. I know that  many of you have suffered hardships for the faith within you, but I know that our Savior is with you. I too have suffered but nothing we endure in this life can be compared to the glory that we shall someday experience. I am blessed among women for the Great I AM and the Lord Jesus chose me to be his mother on earth. My heart shall forever be grateful for the honor given unto me. The word of light has spread and people all across the land now worship the Lord God and the Lord Jesus. But many have been slain so fear prevents many from accepting the ways of heaven. In these days of trial it is important that we help one another. I was in Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost when the power of the spirit of God was given. I saw how the church grew and how people sold their belongings so that all could rejoice as one. The church there was persecuted greatly and the people were dispersed. The lessons we learned are ones still needed this day. I share with you some principles I have learned about hospitality, kindness and brotherly love.


1) The spirit of God is the spirit of light, love and goodness and we who have entered a covenant relationship with the Great I AM and his beloved Son must walk in the ways of kindness and love, and we must be hospitable one to another. We are brothers and sisters in the light and we must love and help one another. Love is not selfish and love is kind. We must place the needs of our brethren above our own and we must reach out and help one another. The spirit of the Lord God should lead us to be a reflection of their kindness, love, goodness and glory.


2) Hospitality requires love and kindness and requires a heart of service and a heart that cares for the needs of others. You have all heard the story of my dear daughter Mary and how she washed the feet of the Lord with her tears and dried them with her hair. Hers was an act of repentance and love, but was also an act of hospitality. It was a breach of hospitality that the master of the house did not provide the Son of God with water to wash his feet. Simple acts of kindness and hospitality should always be seen in our lives. All who come unto our homes should feel the warmth of love and should feel the light of their holy presence. Be considerate and kind.


3) Lay up provision so that you can help those in need. I know that we live in days of poverty and hardship but the Lord God provides for the needs of those who love him and for those who love others. Have fresh water at your homes and wash the feet of those who come unto you for the roads of travel are dusty. Have warm blankets and a fire burning on a cold night and have food and wine for the hungry man who comes. Have food for sisters and children. We are the servants of the Lord and we are to serve. Take food and water with you to help those you meet that are in need. A piece of bread and a cup of water can be a greater blessing than you know.

4) The Great I AM is good and his beloved Son is good. Goodness and kindness flow from them for they are light and in them there is no darkness. We must be kind unto all men but especially unto our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Many have lost work and have been cast from the synagogues and forsaken by family. We must be one another’s family and we must be kind and tender one to another. The Lord told John to care for me and to help me and he has been faithful. I love him as I love my own children. He is a wonderful example of love. We are to love one another even if that requires great sacrifice.


5) Invite one another to your homes and break bread together. Laugh and sing together and enjoy the fellowship that is to be evident in those of the light of heaven. Learn the power of hospitality and love. The second great commandment is not just for those lost it applies to our brethren. At times we are so zealous to preach the gospel that we overlook the needs of the widow and orphan in our midst. Reach out the hand of love and kindness unto all but do not fail to help a brother in the Lord, and do not fail to give aid unto those who preach the gospel for beautiful are their feet.


6) To show kindness and love we must have hearts without pride and all selfishness must be gone. I was in Jerusalem and saw those who were wealthy give of their wealth to feed and clothe the brethren. It was a beautiful thing and they were all wonderfully blessed. Lay up treasures of kindness by the kindness we daily show. Pray for opportunity to help one in need and the Lord shall provide. Seek brokenness and seek a heart of love that always gives unto others.


7) Pray for one another and care for one another. Visit the sick and help the weak. Give ear unto their sorrows and be a friend unto all in need. It requires effort and sacrifice to be a light of love but it is worth all required for it is the joy of the Lord for us to love one another and to be good to one another. Do not forsake the gathering of yourselves together for there is great strength in being united in fellowship and praise. We need one another. I have spoken enough, let us all now fellowship and break bread and let us share in the love that lives within us.’


My people, see the power that is found in hospitality, kindness and brotherly love. You are the people of the light and the light and love of heaven must shine forth from you. Never be too busy to be kind and never fail to help a brother in need.”



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