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Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2009


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Faith Rooted In A Heart Of Gratefulness

Ken Nix

Wednesday, 12/30/2009

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd and King. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and these are words to help my people see the power of prayers of light and the power of faith rooted in a heart of gratefulness. I gave my servant words earlier this day that are for the people of the light and these words are also primarily for the people who walk in the light. You have so very much to be thankful for and gratefulness should fill all of your hearts. The blessings of heaven have fallen down upon you and our hand has been often in your lives. Much that we do and have done is unseen but you know within your spirit that we have been with you and that we have helped you and blessed you in your lives. Over time people who have been blessed abundantly can look to themselves and fail to express gratefulness for all that they have been given. Your nation has been abundantly blessed but within the hearts of many there is pride and arrogance and many feel that it is by the power of their own hands that they have acquired so much. It is my desire that the people of the light have hearts of gratefulness and that you acknowledge us in all things. A spirit of gratefulness is needed for you to grow in faith and to grow in the power of heavenly light, and gratefulness will also give you eyes to see the ones around you that are lost and hurting. It is the rich and arrogant man who looks to self but it is the man with a grateful heart that gives thanks for all things and knows that all blessings find their origin in the Great I AM for he is the origin of all things. This day my servant of the latter days is before me in spirit and he feels my presence within. He shall see the images of my words spoken and he shall know that he is beloved in heaven. David, always be grateful for all that has been given and never cease to express your love for me and my Father. You are blessed above most men. You shall see images of the days ahead and then I shall bless you by giving you images of my kingdom that shall be.


Let gratefulness fill your hearts my people for all that has been given and for all that shall be given. I am with you and my blessings are upon you. By learning to be grateful for all things you shall learn the power of faith, for once you see our hand in your lives you will know the fullness of our love and mercy and you shall rejoice before us. Hear my words this day and let my words melt ungrateful hearts of stone that still remain deep within you, and by the power of the light of heaven you shall be beacons of light unto a world lost in darkness. Not all people are ungrateful, for there are many who have known hunger and cold and realize the value of food and warmth. There are also people who have hearts rooted in goodness that know these things even though they have never known poverty or great suffering. You do not always have to experience suffering to have a heart that sees. Let each one who reads these words fall upon their knees and express thanksgiving for all the blessings of your life. We have given you words about the simple blessings of life and this is very important for you my people. If you see our hand in the little things you shall have a heart that sees our mercy in all areas of your lives. As you read these words it is my desire that you reflect upon the blessings you have been given. Do you have a warm home that comforts you? Is there food and clean water to drink? Do you have clothes to wear and do you live in safety and peace? As you sit in a comfortable chair with these words do you understand that all that you have is a blessing? Were you dry and warm last night as you slept and did you awaken to a nation at peace? There are many upon the earth that were cold last night and there were many who felt hunger. Some awoke this morning on sidewalks and under bridges and many awoke in huts without heat or conveniences that many of you take for granted. As you eat your food do you think about all who are hungry and do you fall to your knees and ask for mercy to come upon them and does your heart express true gratefulness for all that has been given? People who live in nations destroyed by war do not know the calmness of peace as you do. Death and destruction are clearly seen and death becomes common and there is an emptiness that grows within them.


Within your nation of great blessings most are rich compared to many upon the earth but even in your land of plenty there are those who are cold and hungry and there is so much suffering that your eyes do not see. There are poor who suffer and go through their days without joy. Also within your nation of plenty there are those who are warm and filled yet their hearts ache for there is pain and suffering. Cancer takes the life of the young and the old and suffering does not follow the path of social status. Death comes unto the rich and unto the poor. In hospitals the rich sit next to the poor and they feel the anguish of having one they love staying within those walls. In waiting rooms across the earth there are those who dance and shed tears of joy for a new child that has just been born and there are those who cry tears of sorrow over the death of one dear unto them. Life begins and life ends all over the earth and there is constant change as the cycle of life continues. Life begins at conception and for many women this brings great joy unto their lives, yet for many there is anguish and a new life is taken by the darkness that is known as abortion. Cry my people and seek mercy for the inhabitants of the earth.


Days of war are before you and days of suffering shall come upon all the earth. How will you walk when those days become your reality? The United States of America is a nation most greatly blessed. Much of this is due to promises made unto faithful servants of long ago, but much is due to hearts of compassion. Look my servant and see Europe as it was at the end of the Second World War. There were millions of people homeless and food was scarce and many were cold and hungry. Many of the American soldiers were men of great love and compassion. They fought bravely against their enemy but once peace was declared they reached out the hand of love. See the soldier who gave all the food he had unto a family without. See soldiers who gave up meals so that the poor could come and be fed. See soldiers who gave aid unto the ones that they previously sought to kill in battle. War and destruction causes some hearts to reach out the hand of mercy and love, but war also causes many to become selfish and do wickedly. Some killed others for their food and stole from the ones already suffering. Greed and pride often know no boundaries and justice and decency are foreign unto them. This has not changed and shall be again. Who will you be when the days of destruction come upon you? Will you share your food with those who are hungry or will you kill to protect what you say is yours?  Will you give comfort unto those who sought to kill you or will you seek their destruction?  I ask these things for you must see with the eyes of the spirit. How you will react in the dark days ahead shall be based on how you live today. Gratefulness is the key to faith and is a key to compassion and mercy. Your nation has grown weak by the abundance of wealth that you have. When your stores no longer have food upon the shelves you shall see the root of your people. By their actions you shall know who has hearts of love and who has hearts of stone rooted in pride and selfishness.  Men shall kill one another for food. In days past there has been great suffering and those days shall come unto you once more. If you have faith that is rooted in a heart of gratefulness you shall stand and you shall be a beacon of light.  You know there are hungry and cold people in your land and you know that many suffer. It is not possible for you to give food unto all nor is it possible to clothe them and give them shelter. You are to help all that you can and you are not to pass by those in need. I do not ask you to give what you do not have in regards to your wealth and food, but I do ask you to give of your heart. Love is a resource without end and is something the world needs. By your love people shall know you are mine. Your love unto one another is not limited to those of the light but is to be extended to all men. Do prayers of love flow from you and do you cry out for our mercy to be upon your fellow man? You can not feed all the hungry but you can pray for them. Your prayers are your greatest power and prayers which flow from hearts of love and hearts of gratefulness have great power. You are of my light and my ears are open unto your prayers but your prayers must flow from hearts of love and goodness. Pray for your nation and for the people of the earth, and do not fail to extend the hands of love unto all who cross your path each day. How you live today shall affect how you live in the days of sorrow. You can not go through life filled with pride, envy, jealousy and greed and expect to be a shining light in days of darkness. Your thoughts, words and actions reveal the heart that is within.


I now show my servant images of a time that shall come unto the earth. My Kingdom of Light shall fill the earth and there shall be peace and there shall be joy everlasting. The nations of the earth will make war no more and all weapons of warfare will be destroyed. Homes shall be open unto all and all shall sleep in peace. Look, my servant, and you shall see the world as it shall be for it shall be as was intended. Men shall build homes, and shall plant gardens, and vineyards and orchards, and there be flocks and herds. The water upon the earth shall be made clean and all shall be able to dip their cup to have drink. No more shall men pollute and destroy what our hand has made. There will be technology above your imagination but life shall be lived without greed and turmoil. All shall be filled and none shall be hungry, and none shall thirst and none shall be cold. Life will be lived as it was lived in our garden and there shall be abundance of food and everlasting joy. This is the destiny of man, but between that time and now there shall be days of sorrow and darkness.


You are the people of the light and it is time to lose all pride and all greed. You are to have homes of hospitality, and you are to be the light of brotherly love. Do not pass by those who are hurting. You can not feed them all but feed all you can, and never fail to lift them up in prayer. Your prayers for mercy shall help you to grow in gratefulness. Be truly thankful for all that has been given unto you. When death comes nigh unto the rich man he realizes that his wealth will not save him. As men face death they shall have fear if their life was not lived in the ways of goodness. Men may boast that they need no one, and some may say there is no God, but when death approaches the mind turns toward the hope that there is something everlasting. You are the light of the world and you are of the leaves that shall be gathered. You are the leaves for the healing of the nations. One cup of water can rescue one who perishes so do not negate the day of small things. See our hands in all the simple blessings given unto you.


Tonight when you lie in your bed and your world is safe and warm, I desire you to think about those who are cold and hungry, and I desire you to think about those lost in the sorrow of darkness, and I desire your heart to ache, and for a heart of gratefulness to rise up within you and for you to become one who is merciful and kind. I desire you to pray for the people of the earth, for all upon  the earth are mine. The ones you pass by are my children and I see their sorrow and my heart aches. Gratefulness is the path unto a faith that will not waver and if the path unto your becoming an endless resource of love. Let love and mercy be seen and let love and mercy be sought.


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