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Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2009


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A Tender Heart

Ken Nix

Wednesday, 12/30/2009

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain, and these are words to help my people to grow in the understanding of mercy, love and tenderness. It is my desire that you reach out the hand of love unto all people. You are to be tender and kind and the heart of mercy and love must be deeply rooted within you. Never be too busy to help someone in need and never pass by someone that needs your love and mercy. You are vessels of light and the light of heaven must flow through you unto a world lost and in darkness. This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall come unto the heavenly throne. He is in spirit and he hears my voice and feels my presence. Then by the power of the cloud of glory he shall travel across time and shall see images of a servant greatly beloved. David, you are my servant and this day you shall receive words spoken by our chosen king, David. He shall not see you but you shall see him in his bedchamber as he kneels and prays before us. He was a man of war and he fought many battles. Due to his warrior’s heart he often failed to show tenderness yet he could be most tender unto those helpless. It is difficult to understand mercy when you kill others in battle but he knew our mercy and he was a king of great love and mercy. Let his words help you my people for they are words of love and great power. The prayer you shall be given was spoken by David when he was growing older and his life was drawing near unto the end. He made mistakes in his life but he knew the power of love and he was a man of great faith. The people of the latter days have been given many words about David and words spoken by him, for he was a man who knew the power of our presence and he was a man that loved from a heart deeply rooted in goodness. He was not always the best husband or the best father but he was always a servant who desired to obey our commands and he loved us and was loyal unto his death. We do not look to the stature of man, we look to the heart and David had the heart of love and had a heart like unto the heart of my Father. Do not judge him by his failures for his sin was washed away by my sacrifice. Look to his heart that so desired our presence. Let his words give you hope and strength.


‘Great I AM, Great Eternal One above all things, I bow before you and I worship. I worship your Son for he is my King. I have sadness in my heart this night for I have the memories of my life which trouble me at times. I grieve over my son and I grieve over trouble that has been within my gates. I have known the love of women and I have felt their scorn. Peace in many areas of my life has been illusive unto me but I have great peace with you my God. In your presence there is joy that knows no measure for you are a God of great love and mercy. I ache this night from the many wounds that have come unto my body in battle but it is my heart within that aches most of all. I have a heavy heart oh God, for I have not been tender and kind unto all men as you have desired. I fought the enemies of your people as commanded but in all the lives that have ended by the sword of my hand I find sorrow. In battle there is no mercy until the enemy surrenders and then we are to show mercy. I see the faces of many that I have slain over the years my Lord. I do not live in past days but as a man draws close unto death there is reflection upon the choices of life. I have made wrong choices and I have sinned before you. I know that you have restored me unto your holy presence but at times my heart grieves from the failures of my youth. Have mercy upon me and grant me peace oh Lord. Did all the blood shed cause my heart to grow unkind? I have not always shown kindness when it was in my power to do so and of that I am deeply troubled. I pray that I have been a pleasing servant unto you Lord and that my kingdom brought glory and honor unto you. These calloused hands have not always been tender and that is the sorrow of my heart this night for you have always been tender and merciful unto me. I love being in your presence for here there is peace and joy. My heart feels better for I am near unto you my God. So much mercy you have shown me and you have blessed me bountifully. I thank you for your mercy and love and I praise you for your goodness shown unto me. This day I spoke unto my son Solomon about having a heart of goodness and about being tender and kind. He is not a warrior as I so it is my prayer that his heart will remain tender and that his dreams will not be of battles fought. I shall never disobey you my God and I shall fight the enemies of your people, but I pray for peace for I do not desire to see any more men perish. We have lost so many young men and so many tears have been shed in the night. I cry tears of repentance and tears of gratefulness before thee for you are a God of love and mercy. This day after I spoke with my son I wrote a song for you my Lord and it is my desire to speak the words before your throne of mercy and love. These are words from the heart of a warrior and the words of a shepherd boy whom thou made king. I pray these words shall be pleasing unto you Lord.



A Tender Heart


Give me a heart like yours oh God, give me a tender heart of goodness,

Remove the sorrow from my heart, give me the peace of thy presence.

You are my God and your mercy and love have ever been upon me,

In my sin you corrected me but your hands are always hands of love.


Mercy came unto me in my mother’s womb, mercy has never departed,

Mercy and love from you oh God have given me much comfort in the night.

In my days of sorrow your tender hands wiped away my tears that fell,

In distress I called unto you and your tender mercy was always sent.


 You have never forsaken me, for you are a loving God of a tender


You are a warrior and your righteousness can not be known by man.

Your ways are above us and even when you punish the evil ones there is love,

For you are love, and you are the God of all living, a tenderhearted warrior.


You have never desired death and destruction to come upon all men,

You desire obedience and you desire to send blessings down upon all.

But you are God and your word must be obeyed and all must worship,

Let your tender mercy be upon your people and upon our enemies also.


 Give us peace where there will be no war, and give us hearts of tenderness,

Let us worship you in the beauty of holiness, let all men bow before you.

Forgive this old warrior for not always being tender unto all who suffer,

Give me a tender heart like yours my God, let your love fill and overflow.


Mercy has been with me always, and goodness and love have been given,

I praise you and thank you my God, I worship for you are my God.

I worship and I praise you for your love and mercy have no end,

Great and tender God, give me your tender heart and make me clean.’


My people, become as David and have a heart of gratefulness and a heart of worship. See all with my eyes and be kind and tender unto all men. Seek a tender heart and seek a heart of love deeply rooted in goodness. Peace is found in our presence. Learn from your life but seek to walk in the newness of life and seek to walk in the light of our tender presence.”



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