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Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2009


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Unto My People

Ken Nix

Wednesday, 12/30/2009

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender Shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain, and these are words unto a people that have been called and chosen, and words unto a world that must open their heart to see the perils that are before you in the days ahead. This day I give words of love and words of hope unto our chosen servant of the latter days. These are words to help my people to see the power of the light within and words to help you to cry out for those lost and in need. The darkness moves upon the earth and all is ready. Your nation and the nations of the earth are growing more evil with each passing day as your leaders seek the paths of darkness. The darkness is like fog and it moves across the earth. You see abominations that are accepted and that are embraced as being good. The days of woe are coming and the people of the earth sleep. I shall speak more unto the people of the earth, but first I have words for the people of the light. You have been given so much yet many of you still fail to walk the path of goodness and love. Some still look for signs and do not see that you hold the sign in your hands. I and my Father, the Great I AM, are speaking once more directly to man. These are not the words of my servant for no man could write the hundreds of messages that have been given. You have seen miracles and most of you have felt the power of our presence. Yet some still doubt and do not walk in the ways of belief. I speak unto the people of the light for I love you and you are called and chosen. You often fail for you still see with the eyes of the flesh and not with the eyes of the spirit. You look to the number of people that gather together but do not realize the power that has been placed within your hands.


We made a promise unto our servant David and it is a promise that he too doubted in the early days of our words. Jeremiah 33:3 was placed within his mind repeatedly until he read it and he believed and we have done as the word given promised, “Call unto me and I will answer you and will reveal unto you mighty things which you knowest not.” We answer our servant when he calls unto us and through him we have given many messages and songs unto the people of the light. In the early days our servant would doubt for he felt people were testing him to see if he was writing the words; but with each message given he realized that these words do not come from within his thoughts but are words of heavenly light given unto you by my Father and myself. The evil one knows the mind of man and he knows the destiny of man so he has manipulated your laws and your history. He has greatly influenced the recorded word and has established counterfeits wherever he could. Some see Jeremiah 33:3 as a sign of evil for man has been led to see the number 333 as being half of 666 so you say it means to be half evil. It was man that organized our words into chapter and verse so did Satan influence this? The number three is the number for holiness and purity and the number six is the number for power and represents the fullness of heavenly power. Man has created his own logic on the meaning of numbers and some of what is believed and taught is true. The numbers of light are the numbers of the rainbow and there are seven. These do not always correspond to the numbers within our word. Three is a number of light and is the number for holiness and purity. Six is a number of light and is the number for power and represents the fullness of heavenly power. Do you not see the counterfeit of evil? If six is the power of heavenly light would it not be the way of Satan to make the number six also represent evil? Do not be deceived by the ways of darkness my people. The promise given has been fulfilled and continues to be fulfilled. We answer when you call and we have revealed unto the people of the light mighty things. Why do you still seek signs to prove that we are with you and with our servant? David has been attacked by words of evil and shall be attacked more in the days ahead. He has sinned and has not always walked in the light of heaven but that is all past and has been forgiven. Which of you can accuse and cast the first stone? He is now broken before me and he is beloved. If he had a heart of evil we would not have chosen him so do not be quick to speak against him or to listen to whispered words. Do you not see how the enemy seeks to destroy?


You have been given words of light which contain power that you still fail to see. Do not look to the number who gathers, look to the power within and without. The prayer of a righteous man availeth much for our ears are open unto the prayers of the righteous. We hear and we answer. You have been given many words about the power of light and about your position in the light. Your prayers have great power but your prayers are affected by your position in the light. You must remove all doubt for doubt affects your position in the light. Can prayers of doubt bring forth the power of heaven within you? Remove all doubts and step upon the water in faith. Believe in our perfect love and in our perfect will for your life. You are beloved and we are with you. Do you look to man or do you look to me and my Father? I realize your desire for all to know the joy and peace that has come unto you but you must not look to numbers within your gatherings as the sign. I changed the world with twelve men chosen. I shall change the world once more by the power of heavenly light. You are not alone, I am moving in the hearts of people all over the earth and in my time I shall gather together the people of my light. Do you see the evil that surrounds you and do you feel the darkness as it grows and spreads within your nation and communities? The darkness seeks to devour but you are my warriors of light. Do you use your shield of light and is your sword of light within your hand? Do you fall upon bended knee and pray for the people of your town and the people of your state and nation? Are prayers of light sent forth for the lost that scatter the earth? You have the power of heavenly light within you but fail to use the power given. You are of the light and breath of the Great I AM and his spirit and my spirit live within temples of clay. Open your eyes to see, for your eyes look unto your own portion and not unto the world. You are to pray for family and loved ones but do not seek to only help those known unto you. By a word spoken in belief earthquakes can be held back and the winds can be made gentle. See the power that is within a heart that believes. Many of you have calluses upon your knees from hours spent in prayer. Have those hours been spent seeking our will and our perfect love in the lives of others? There is power in prayer and there is power in crying out for mercy to fall down upon the earth. Who will seek mercy upon man? Do you not see that only those who truly believe will seek heavenly mercy without wavering? Cry out for the lost and hurting and seek the light of heaven to shine forth unto a world in darkness. We have prepared a remnant and it is time for our remnant to believe and cry aloud for mercy and power to fall down as the latter rain. You love the words given and they are words of love and great power. Some of the stories told move you to tears and stir the spirit within. Why do we seek to move you? Is it not to make you seek to be pure and holy so that your light will shine brightly and your prayers shall rescue and save? The words given shall soon be read by many so you must seek to understand why they were given unto you in advance. Go forth my remnant people and use the power of light given unto you.


I now have words for those who walk in the darkness or in the muted light. I am the Lord Jesus, Son of the Great and all powerful God and I am going to return. Before the days of my kingdom there shall be a gathering of the light and there shall be a great revival. Men and women shall seek our ways once more and knees shall bow and hands shall be lifted in worship and praise. The light shall gather and shall be a shield against the darkness. I call unto you to repent and to seek my mercy to come upon you. Without repentance there is no forgiveness of sin. Your sins are darkness upon you and you must remove every dark spot by the power of my name and the power of my blood. I love all men but the wrath of heaven will fall down upon the earth. There will be a sealing of the people of the light and they shall be held within my loving arms. Many shall perish but their deaths shall be within light and their death shall seal their victory and they shall be given everlasting life when the day of resurrection comes.


Do not seek me according to your ways for I am the Lord Jesus and you must come unto me broken and repentant. I do require the obedience of love and man is to obey our righteous commands. The dark ones whisper unto you to convince you that it matters not how you live. The power of light is found in purity and holiness, it will never be found in the ways of darkness. Come unto me and I shall give you rest and you shall know peace and joy as never before. There is no true peace and true joy outside of our presence and our presence in only found in the light of heaven and in the obedience of love. These are words given unto a man chosen and he is mine. You read these words and they must move you to the place of repentance. Is it by chance that you are now reading my words? Did I lead you to this place and are these words given for you? There are no coincidences in the life of the man who is broken and surrendered for we guide and we lead. Come unto me for I call unto you. Repent thou people of the earth. Put away the abominations done before me and seek the redemptive power of my blood. I am the Lord Jesus and I call unto you to repent and to seek the ways of heavenly light.


People of the light, hear my call unto you this day. You read these words and they were given for you. I have great love for you but you must put away your petty pride and you must rise above the ways of the flesh. Do not allow envy or jealousy to come within. Let the light of love be seen and let the warmth of hospitality fill your homes and your places of gathering. Seek me in repentance and seek eyes which see and ears which hear. I call unto you in love but there is warning in my words. Much has been given and unto those who have been given much shall have much required of them. I desire more of you. I desire complete trust and surrender and I desire you to believe and to cry out for a world lost in the darkness. Feel my love and let my words lead you unto the path of holiness.”



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