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Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2009


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Marcia's Musings and Peace In Their Presence

Ken Nix

Monday, 11/23/2009

Marcia's Musings

Seasonal Benefits

 By Marcia Smeenk

 The seasons of the year provide ample opportunities for a myriad of recreational activities.  Recreation is good for us as it refreshes and strengthens body, mind and soul.   Idle pursuits (leisure) on the other hand, may provide rest for the weary physical body and mind, but there is little additional edification.  Walking in idleness is akin to walking in muted light.  We need to be working and playing in the light. But all work and no play will tax your body even to the point of becoming ill.  Recreation and leisure activities must be pure and wholesome to be beneficial to you and must be chosen wisely.


God gave us our senses to help us function and for our enjoyment.  For example, golfers experience the visual beauty and serenity of the open spaces as they play.  Soothing songs of birds may be the only sounds heard.  Fresh air is breathed and the occasional scent of fragrant flowers is carried on gentle breezes flowing over the hills.  Sunshine produces warmth and a sense of joy and contentment.  And I am even told that golfing is good exercise.


In winter, walking through the snow brings back many childhood memories to me.  Gently falling snow brings a sense of peace and solitude.  The quietness of a snowy day soothes the soul and leads to a display of brilliance the next day after the snow has stopped and blue skies emerge.  The sun shining on freshly fallen snow with clear blue skies cannot be matched.  Skiers experience the most breathtaking views unseen by most.  Snow laden branches and limbs, a lake in the distance surrounded by mountains, clean white snow against a blue sky  is a most magnificent sight.  Add to that the wonderful smell of pine trees, the cold fresh breeze upon your face, and you know you are truly experiencing Godís magnificent handiwork.


Most people are not golfers or skiers, but other recreational activities can be just as beneficial.    A simple walk in the fall through the wooded areas with multi-colored leaves is a wonderful experience.

You will see the squirrels scurrying through the leaves in search of nuts, see the birds fly overhead and you may even see a graceful deer as it crosses your path Ė a gift from your Father.  Bicyclists, hikers, walkers, and even those who can only participate by peering through windows of cars, or their homes, can experience Godís wonderland.   Look for the beauty of what he has created.  Look at the intricacy of each leaf he has designed, look at the night sky, look everywhere, see the beauty and thank him.

God wants to bless us and he has certainly done so by creating such a beautiful planet on which we live, and the seasons that affect it.  Enjoy the spring, the summer, the fall, and the winter for each brings its own special attributes.  When traveling, stop at the scenic overlooks.  Thank him for the beauty you see, the sounds you hear, and the touch of the gentle breeze.  God wants us to have a full and abundant life (John 10:10).  He wants us to appreciate the beautiful, bountiful earth he has given us and he wants us to enjoy it.  Take him with you on your walks, and on all of your activities.  Take him with you on your tour of the seasons of the year and most importantly on your journey through the seasons of life.

Peace In Their Presence

 By Kenneth Nix

The mercies that I have received from the Mighty Ones of heaven cannot be measured or known. Though I express thanks to Them daily, I know that there is still much I fail to see in regards to their blessings and tender mercies. I am blessed in so many ways and one of those ways is in this article. Our Lord Jesus instructed me to write an article about the peace of their presence. To do this I must reflect on the lack of peace I use to have in my life. True peace can only be known in their presence, so I lacked to true peace for I did not walk in the pure light of heaven. I walked daily in muted light and lacked peace.

There are so many worries in life if you lack the peace from heaven. Think of all the things you face each day. I use to worry over my job. I would take it home with me and even have it haunt me in my sleep. It would sap the joy from me. I use to worry about my children. I would worry about something happening to them. I would worry over their wrong decisions and choices. Julie and I, though blessed with much didn't have complete peace in our marriage and lives and didn't know why, and though she would tell me that she loved me, she would on occasion become depressed or sad and it would drive me crazy. It was unintentional on her part but as a man, I felt helpless. I need to know what the cause to the problem is so that as a man, I can fix it! But, also at times I would  feel sad or depressed and would be unable to voice why.  In my home my children use to fuss (accepted as normal)  and at times I felt that I was losing control of the situation. So I lacked peace and it would come out in my grumpiness. Looking back on it all, I thank my God and praise Them for where I am now. I have a wife that is precious and beautiful, and is a true pearl from heaven. I have most of my children walking in the light and all of my children are in the hand of God. So I praise and I have peace.

I want to share with you seven ways in which the words from the Lord Jesus and the Almighty God has changed my life. My father use to tell us children of how his life was changed one night when driving in a car, with my mother beside him. My brothers and I were in the back seat. I actually remember hearing the man speaking on the radio. His name was Garner Ted Armstrong and he began telling my father of a Jesus Christ that my father could relate to. From that point my father continued to learn and started keeping the Sabbath, etc...that night changed all of our lives.

One day my brother, Dave, called me and shared with me his first experience of speaking in the heavenly language. From that point messages started being received from the Mighty Ones of heaven. My life was changed for ever from the moment of that first phone call.

There are many ways my life has now changed but I want to share seven that helps relate the light of peace now in my life.

1.  In surrender - We have received a lot of instruction about surrender. For some reason it has been difficult to simply let go, though it should be one of the simplest things in the world. Early on in the messages we were told of the concept of being a leaf upon the river. The leaf has no ability to control the flow of the river. The leaf has no ability to steer, slow down or slow up. The leaf is at the mercy of the river. All of us are that leaf, but surrender comes from the realization of it. Man fools themselves in thinking that they are in control. We are allowed to make choices and those choices can effect us and can effect others. But it will not change the will of God, it will not change the river. When we deny our destiny, when we attempt to against the pattern of life, we rob ourselves of peace and joy. We rob ourselves of all the good fruits of life and we only have ourselves to blame. I heard someone describe Washington as being as a log covered with ants floating down the river with each ant thinking it was steering the log. So often we foolishly act as one of those ants on the log. Surrender is the acceptance of the perfect love and the perfect will of the Mighty Ones of heaven. With it comes great peace and great joy. They are in control which means you don't have to try to be. You can let them guide and accept with gratefulness all that comes your way whether it comes in the form of sunshine or storm.

2. Trust may seem to be the same as surrender but it is different. It is needed for true surrender to occur. When you trust someone then you release worry and have peace. For all you parents, if you trust your children to behave in a Christian manner then you have greater peace. If you trust in a God that knows the beginning from the end. If you trust in a God that loves you with a perfect love and only wants the very best for you, if you trust in a God that is totally in control of every facet of your life, a God that knows your very heartbeat and breath, then you have peace. This trust I have come to learn from these messages. God has blessed us all with greater spiritual sight and we have come to know to a greater extent of what a wonderful, loving Almighty Father we have. We have come to know a Savior that we love with all of our hearts. A Savior that runs to us when we make a step toward him. A Savior that guides, protects and loves us with a love that is immeasurable. How I praise the Mighty Ones of heaven for what they have shown and for the great peace I now know.

3. Faith brings great peace. In the messages I have learned the great faithfulness of the Mighty Ones and I praise them for it. I know I am in their loving arms. I know they hold my every tear in their hands. I know they feel my joy and they feel my sorrow. I have faith that they will bring me to their throne, to the Crystal Sea, to everlasting life. I have been blessed with a faith that will not waver and in it there is great peace.

4. Obedience brings peace for in obedience you follow the pattern of life set forth. You don't fight against the will of God. Those who walk within a spirit of rebellion will only know the fleeting peace of this world which is a weak illusion of the true peace of God.  When you obey and walk within the will of God then you have peace for you know you are pleasing unto the Almighty God and his loving Son, our Lord Jesus. The law of God is viewed as something horrible by too many in this world. These messages show that the laws of God is the pathway to peace.

5. I have peace in their promises. If you believe in the promises then your faith, trust and surrender will grow. Great promises have been given in the messages received from the Mighty Ones of heaven. I hold them close to my heart and I believe. I don't have to fret or worry over my destiny. I know that I will praise Them all the days of my life. I know I will walk in the power of heaven. I know I will stand upon the Crystal Sea. I know their promises are sure and I act upon them. I claim them as my own and I have peace.

6. In spiritual sight I have peace. For I see the evidence of my God all around me. I see Their power, Their beauty, Their presence and Their love.  In spiritual sight I know my need for Them. Paul in scripture once described himself as the chief of sinners. It wasn't because he was continually sinning, but he remembered his roots, his beginnings without God in his life. He saw his need for a Savior. Spiritual sight shows us God and our need of Them. It allows you to fight against pride and have peace.

7. As the title says there is peace in their presence. It can't be found anywhere else. All of the other ways I listed all help bring you to that presence. It is a place of knowing. It is a wonderful place. It is a place without worry, without fear, it is a place of surrender, faith, obedience and love. It is a place   that  God wants us to be, for it puts us in Their Presence of peace.



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