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Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2009


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The Wind of Heaven (a song from the Lord Jesus)

Ken Nix

Monday, 11/23/2009

(Song from the Lord Jesus)

“The wind blows across the earth; it is the wind of light and love,

It blows across time; it is the voice, the voice within the wind.

It is as the wind, yet it comes upon your face as a gentle caress,

A gentle touch of love, the wind you feel is my breath, my breath of love.


Feel the wind my people, feel our breath upon you, feel our breath of love,

The wind comes across the darkness and the darkness must flee.

It is the wind of love, the wind of the breath; it is the light of hope,

Blow mighty wind, blow upon the people who are of light.


Change is coming, change is coming, it is the wind of change,

The wind brings the rain, the rain comes, the rain comes.

It is the heavenly wind and it brings unto you the latter rain,

Blow wind of the Great I AM, come mighty breath, come, oh come.


The wind blows across the ocean of time, it blows, it is the breath,

The breath of all who have lived has been gathered, the breath waits.

The valley of bones shall be, the dead shall rise and wait the breath,

The wind blows across time, the wind of love comes to you.


Time is passing, events set forth before time are coming to pass,

The wind comes; it is the wind of my Father, a wind of love.

Stand in the meadow, lift hands unto heaven and feel the gentle wind,

The wind blows, it shall gather as a mighty cloud, it gathers.


The wind blew upon Moses face upon the mountain of light,

It caressed the checks of David and blew upon Daniel my son.

It was upon Elijah and then the cloud came and unto Elisha it blew.

It is the wind of power, the wind of the very breath of God.

                 The wind has come, feel the breath upon thy face, feel it within,

The breath of my Father has grown within you my people.

Let the breath and the light within change you and complete you,

Come wind of love, blow upon the faces of those who serve me.


The wind blew upon my robes as I walked the earth; it was God’s love,

The breath of the Great I AM has come, feel his breath upon you.

Lift hands and praise, for you walk the paths of the prophets of old,

Prophet of light, the wind blows, and blows upon the cheeks of my beloved.


 Blow mighty wind, blow upon hearts of stone, be gone forever,

Be vessels of love, be vessels of kindness, be the wind of power.

The breath blows unto our people, the wind of God blows,

The wind has come, you are our breath, feel the wind of heaven.”



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