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Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2009


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River Of Light

Ken Nix

Monday, 11/23/2009

(A song from the Lord Jesus)

“The power of light is the power of heaven and the light is within you,

Feel the power of our presence, let the light and breath join within.

Like a river of power the light flows unto you, be of the river,

Rivers of love and rivers of light shall flow from our heavenly throne.


Go and dip yourself in the river of light, be clean and become renewed,

Like a river of forgiveness the light of mercy flows unto my people.

Hearts are being prepared; voices are joining together in worship and praise,

Glory and honor shall come unto those humble and broken, light will come.


The river of light flows from heaven and the water shall fall upon you,

Wash yourself in the river of light; let all sin and darkness be gone.

Come unto me and call my name and I shall send rivers unto you,

Rivers of love, rivers of light shall flow across the barren lands.


Deserts shall bloom, and barren hearts shall be lifted and shall shine,

Hearts of stone shall be gentle, and the barren soil shall be rich and fertile.

Light shall grow from hearts of stone; water shall flow from rock,

The river of light comes, be of the mighty river, wash all thy sins away.


Lay your life upon the water, wash and be cleansed, come unto the river,

Hearts of stone shall be broken, barren lives shall bloom with love.

It is the river of light and unto you the heavenly river shall flow,

Wash yourself in the river of light, let the water purify you.


The river of light shall fall down as the rain from heaven, let it fall,

It is the promised rain, the rain of power, drops of heavenly light.

River of light come unto my beloved let them feel the cleansing water,

The river of love, the river of light, flows unto you from heavenly light.”



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