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Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2009


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The Leaves Of Life (Song from the Lord Jesus)

Ken Nix

Monday, 11/23/2009

(A song from the Lord Jesus)


The mist falls upon the valley and soaks deeply upon the mat of leaves,

The ground is covered with the leaves, they have fallen and winter comes.

The mist falls and the fog arises from the mist and the fog moves,

The fog is growing as it stems outward with the hand of evil and death.



Winter comes and the land shall be barren and there shall be cries in the night,

The leaves have fallen and the fog moves across the cold and barren land.

Days of woe and days of sorrow come as the shadow of evil grows,

The leaves have fallen and the tree stands bare as the mist of rain falls.



The clouds part and the sun shines upon the earth and a voice is now heard,

Declare these words unto my people says the voice, prepare ye the way.

The light of mercy has fallen and hearts are prepared, hearts are ready,

From the fallen leaves a tree begins to grow, it is a tree of light.



Grow forth mighty tree, yield much fruit and send out thy limbs of love,

It is the tree of life and its leaves are for the healing of the barren lands.

The fog moves in the dark of night and it seeks to destroy the tree,

The words will not die for I have spoken, declare my words, declare.



 The wind blows the leaves across the forest and unto the meadows they go,

The wind circles and blows and the wind it gathers the fallen leaves.

Light shines forth and the brown leaves take on brilliant color once more,

The leaves are alive for they are light and they are leaves from the tree.



The tree of life has shed forth its leaves and the wind shall gather them,

See the wind as the leaves are carried forth and are placed upon the water.

The leaves flow down the river of light, they flow unto their destiny of light,

The fog seeks to prevent the flow of this mighty river but has not the power.



The river with the leaves of life shall flow forth for the leaves have been sent,

They are the leaves of the tree of life and the leaves shall bring mercy and light.

Go forth and declare my words, speak the words of love and light, speak,

The tree grows and the leaves are being gathered, they shall heal the nations.



Blow mighty wind, blow across the land and gather the fallen leaves,

Come unto my light, let me take you upon the great river of light.

The leaves have fallen but from the barren ground they shall rise,

Oh they shall rise and be light once more and the leaves of life shall go forth.




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