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Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2009


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A Cup Of Water

Ken Nix

Monday, 11/23/2009

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. These words are to help you to seek a heart of goodness and to show you the power of all acts of kindness. Simple acts of kindness which flow from a heart of goodness shall not go unnoticed by the eyes of heaven. A simple cup of cold water given unto another shall bring blessings. Do not think that your acts of kindness are to be grand in scale, walk through life seeking to show kindness unto all men. This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall receive words from one who gave me a cup of cold water. He shall see her when she was very old and all shall read her beautiful words of love and wisdom. Her name is Layla and she was the woman at the well in Parable 19. She was blessed and had a life of joy and a life of peace. She had a heart rooted in goodness and showed kindness unto many. She lived to be full of days, and this day you shall hear the love of her heart, but also shall also hear words of longing for she desired to have done more once her life was near unto the end. David, you are blessed to see the images of these words and you shall once more see me as I appeared in the flesh. Praise me and my Father for such heavenly blessings of love.


‘Come children; gather around me this night for I have words within my heart that must be spoken. The fire is pleasant and all are warm and filled so I shall tell you a story about a man I once met and how that meeting changed my life. Come close so that I can feel your tender hands and faces of love. I am very old but once I was a child as you. When I was a young girl I was blessed to live in a home of love and I had much joy in my life. Once I danced and smiled and walked this world with eyes that could see. Now I am old and blind and these old bones no longer allow me to dance. I live in this house because your father is my grandson and he has a tender heart of love and took me in when I became too blind to see. I love him and I love each of you. You never knew my husband but he was a good man and we had a life of peace and happiness.


The man I shall tell you about this night was not my husband. I met him when I still lived in the house of my father. I would go each day to the well to draw water, and one day I met a man there. You know his name for each of you believes in his great love. His name is Jesus and I was blessed to meet him when he walked this earth as a man. He was talking to a woman near the well so I went to draw water to place within the clay vessels to carry back to our home. I was lifting the bucket for the second time when he helped me. I spoke unto him and told him that I was Layla and he told me that he was Jesus of Nazareth. He smiled and his eyes seemed to sparkle with love but there was also sadness in his eyes, and there was a sense of peace in his presence. He knew that I was of the tribe of Benjamin without my telling him. I asked him if he was the Messiah, the chosen one sent from the Almighty God. He looked into my eyes and touched my hand and spoke only two words unto me. All he said was, “Thou knowest.” Those two words changed my life. I only saw him that one time, but in my life I have grown to love him with a love that fills me. I met his servant named Peter many years later when I was married with children. He came to our city and I asked him if Jesus was the Messiah, the very Son of God. As Jesus, he looked into my eyes and said the same two words, “thou knowest.”


It was then that I began to follow the ways of Jesus. The man Peter baptized me and I received the power of the very spirit of the Almighty. My husband was baptized and our five sons all became followers of the light of heaven. I heard many stories about Jesus. It seems that his life touched so many people. He was light and he was love and he did many acts of kindness unto others. He healed many who were sick and the dead became alive again, which all heard about, but there was more. He was a man who had the touch of love and would weep with the sorrowful and would hold those who were hurting. His light was great and his light has forever changed the life of all men. He shall someday return unto the earth to establish his everlasting kingdom of love and light. One year I went to the Great Feast in the fall and there I met Mary who was his mother on earth. She told me about how he suffered for the sins of all men. She spoke of his pain and how he was thirsty and the evil ones gave him vinegar to drink. He desired only a cup of cold water. In my mind I saw him once more at the well and I saw his smile and his eyes of sadness and love. I saw the drops of water that were upon his beard after he drank of the cup I gave him that day and I wept when I heard that he was given vinegar. I wish I would have followed him that day. Oh how I wish I could have learned more from him. I am blessed for I gave a cup of water unto the very Son of the Great I AM but I wish I could have done more.


Mary told me, after I shared my meeting with her, that Jesus spoke unto the people and said that if you gave a cup of cold water unto one of his servants or people that you would receive your reward. I praised the Almighty for the cup of water I was blessed to give unto his very Son. After that day I realized that I had failed and I repented. I had been living a life in the past and wishing that I could have served Jesus and I realized that I would be serving him by helping his servants and his chosen ones. I have given many cups of water to the thirsty in my lifetime. My children, simple actions of love and kindness shall bring the blessings of heaven unto you. The Lord God and the Lord Jesus see every action and hear every word. You do not have to feed thousands as our Lord did, you can simply feed one who is hungry and give a cup of water unto one who is thirsty. Never forget the power of a single cup of cold water given unto one of his people.


I have lived many years and I have been blessed. My precious Savior knew my heart and he gave me mercy and allowed me to receive the desire of my heart. Before I became blind I was in the great city and there were three men who were followers of Jesus. The evil ones had taken them from where they preached Jesus and carried them to the edge of the city to stone them. Each had been wounded by the stones that were cast but I stepped forward and placed myself between these men and their accusers. I had a clay pitcher of water and a cup and I knelt and gave each one a cold drink of water and I wept for I knew it was my Lord that allowed me the opportunity to comfort his servants. I then tore the hem off my skirt and I bathed their wounds and my tears fell upon each man. I then stood and turned and all had left. My friends came and we took the men to my Uncle’s home and there I cared for them. They healed quickly and the day came that they were to depart. Each came to me and with tears thanked me for my sacrifice of love and for the cup of water that had saved their life. They praised the Lord for they knew it was he and not I that did this mighty thing. As the three men departed the oldest one among them turned, and he smiled at me and said, “Thou knowest.” It was the servant of the Lord, Peter, the Apostle who spoke those words unto me that day. Blessings shall come unto all who give a cup of water unto those who are thirsty.’


My people, have hearts of love rooted in goodness. Be kind unto all men and let your words and actions shine forth the light of heaven. Be as Layla and learn the power of a cup of water given unto those who serve me and learn the power of a love that will not pass by the lost and hurting. Become the light that shall heal my people, become the people that reach out unto a world that is thirsty.”



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