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Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2009


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My Meadow Of Peace

Ken Nix

Monday, 11/23/2009

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be declared at our Feast of Booths, and these are words to help my people learn the power of our presence. We are seen in creation and we are seen daily in your lives. As was given in the Soldier’s Prayer, you must develop eyes that see. This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant shall receive a message that his father shall present unto our people. This message is for all who gather and for all who shall read it in the days to come, but it is a gift unto our servant Henry. When Henry was a boy he loved to be with his father and he would mimic and pattern himself after his father. His father was a hero in his eyes and remains his hero until this day. Henry loved to go to see the movies and he especially loved the westerns. He identified with justice and a sense of right versus wrong. The lessons of duty and work have not left you my servant. The man whose life I give you a glimpse of this day was a cowboy who traveled to the western lands of America and built a life upon the land much untouched by human hands. He was a professor of theology in New York and lived a peaceful life. When his wife died of the fever he decided to go west to seek a life away from so many people. His name was William but his mother called him Billy. This day my servant shall see the images of his life and shall write the words given by the power of the cloud of glory. I give you prayers that were spoken, for he used his time in prayer to journal his day and express his thoughts. These words will help my people to understand that we are everywhere if you only have eyes to see.


‘Great God in heaven and the Lord Jesus, I bow before you with a sense of excitement but also with a heavy heart. I am leaving my home tomorrow to travel west. I have sold all that I own and have transferred my funds to a western bank. I am sad to leave this place for this is where my sweet Iris sleeps, but it is time to leave. I no longer desire to teach in a room; I desire to once more be the student and place myself in the hands of the Master Teacher. I miss the fields and the woods that I knew as a boy in Virginia. I desire to smell the rain before it falls and to see the wind across the long grass of the field. In a way I am coming home to you my God. I pray for a safe journey and ask that you will guide me to a good place to begin anew.’


‘Great God and my Lord Jesus, it has been weeks since I have seen a town. I travel with two men who I hired to help me to herd these cattle and to help me build a home upon the land that I shall claim as my own. Today I saw some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen. Majestic mountains touch the sky and the sky is so blue and all is amazing in its beauty. We camp by this stream and I love the sound of the water over the rocks. The air is clean and everything is alive with sound. Today we saw several elk and moose. I saw a bear with her cubs. Spring is here and we must get crops planted in a garden and a shelter built before the winter comes. At this elevation the winter snow shall last long upon the ground. I feel your presence my God; I see your hand in all this beauty. None of this just happened. It was painted by a gifted hand. The colors are vibrant and so alive. The eagle flies and the squirrels race in the trees and you, my God, see. If the bird falls you know for you are the God of the living. I feel born again. Thank you for the earth you have given unto us.’


‘Great God and my Lord Jesus, the cabin is built and we have cut tons of hay for the winter. The cellar is stocked with vegetables and the game is plenteous so I am ready for winter. Today I saw a band of Indians. They rode close to the cabin to gaze upon us but they saw our rifles so they did not attack. It appears that they will allow us to live here in peace. What a wonderful spring and summer I have had. Fall is here and the leaves are amazing, so many beautiful colors my God. You truly are quite the artist. I will winter here and return to town for more supplies before the snow melts. I have enough coffee, sugar, salt and flour to last these cold months. I enjoy the hot coffee on these crisp mornings. The wounds in my heart are being healed. I feel your presence so much each day. I see your love in every flower and every animal that crosses my meadow. And the mountains are majestic and already covered in snow. What beauty surrounds me, what love completes me as I see your loving hand upon me. Thank you for your blessings.’


‘Help me my God and King. I was very wrong about the Indians. Sam and Bud are dead and I am wounded. I ask for mercy and that you let this wound heal. We killed at least eight of the Indians so I pray they will now leave us. Help me to survive until my wound heals. If they attack again I am not sure I will be able to repel their charge. Help me. I am not sorry that I came here. It has been a time of peace and renewal but I desire to live, for as your servant David knew, there is no praise in the grave. I praise you for your love and I ask your blessing to be upon me.’

 ‘Great God in heaven and my Savior, I praise you this day. Spring has come and I was able to travel to the settlement for supplies. My leg shall always be somewhat stiff but my wounds have all healed and I am strong. I sent word unto the families of Sam and Bud and sent their wages earned. I pray that you will give comfort to their families when news of their death reaches them. It is so grand here. I love this place but I know I will leave in the fall. I desire to be with people once more and I also seek a wife. I am an educated man so I will seek a job in a town and will return here someday. I hope to bring others with me so we can build a town with a church and a school. Thank you for healing my heart by the power of your presence.’


‘Great God and my Lord Jesus, I praise you and I worship. Today I had to kill two men who tried to rob the bank. As sheriff it was my duty, but I am filled with sadness for one of the bandits was very young. I have been sheriff too long and there have been too many times that I have had to fire my guns. Thank you for my Jeny. Tomorrow we shall leave to go home to my cabin in the hills. They are now calling this the Montana territory and more will come. The war back East is over, so many will come. Jeny and the baby shall travel with me in the wagon and we shall go back to my meadow of peace. There are ten other families that will join us, so my dream of a town along the peaceful river shall soon be. Thank you for protecting me this day. I thank you for my wife and son, and I praise you for giving me life again. I miss my Iris at times when I hear her voice in the wind, but my heart is full and my cup overflows. I thank you Lord.’


‘Great God and my Lord, tomorrow we will be home. I hired a man to work my small ranch so I pray all is well there. I am full of excitement for a future in my meadow of peace. This day I wrote a poem that I would like to read unto you both. It speaks the words of a grateful heart.’


My Meadow of Peace


‘When life is full of trials and the sorrows of the heart overwhelm me,

You take me to your green pastures and there you tell me to lie down.

You guide and you comfort me, the waters flow quietly in the meadow,

Your meadow of peace has become my new dwelling place, my new home.


You comfort me when I am troubled; you help me when trials come to me,

When the enemy attacks you fight off their arrows, you rescue me.

You took me to my meadow of peace and there you spoke unto me,

Peace, be still; see the beauty of my hand, live here in my meadow of peace.


By your hand I overcame adversity; you made my crops produce bountifully,

My herds multiply by thy hand, your blessings fall in my meadow of peace.

In the midst of men I could not hear your voice, the noise of progress I heard,

But in my meadow of peace I hear your voice and your hand is around me.


In the beauty of this earth I see your hand of love, the stroke of thy brush,

Painted upon the sky, painted upon the majestic mountains I do see.

I see the hand of love; I feel the power of thy glorious and holy presence,

I go home tomorrow, home to you my God, home to my meadow of peace.’


My people, let these words help you to see us in all that is around you. Go and sit in a meadow or stand upon mountain top and see our hand of love. Find your quiet place to worship. Let my peace be ever with you. My servant Henry, you too have known the joy of field and stream. Go back in your mind, my servant, for you are still the child within. Simpler times when right was easy to see and men stood for goodness and truth. Stand Henry, and stand my people. Come to my meadow of peace for I am thy tender shepherd and I call your name.”



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