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Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2009


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The Peace That Fills

Ken Nix

Monday, 11/23/2009

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and these are words to help my people to know the peace found in surrender and the peace that shall fill you when you remain in my presence. This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall receive words from Peter who was my chosen servant and my friend. Peter had a ministry of power for he learned the power of obedience and purity but he also had great joy and peace for he knew the power of remaining in our presence. Light gives power to light and in our presence there is great light for we are the pure light of heaven and being within our presence gives you peace and great power. Let the words of his prayer and the words of his heart help you to learn the power found in our presence.


‘I bow before the Great I AM and my precious Savior. It is with joy that I come before you this night. The house is quiet and all is still and peaceful. I love the quiet of the night in a home filled with love and the sounds of children as they breathe and sleep the sleep of peace. My loved ones are around me and I am content to be in their presence and I feel peace being in your presence my God and my King. I am always with you for you are always with me. You both live within this temple of clay and your light and breath are within and I feel you always. I have such joy in my heart and I am so very grateful for your continual love and mercy. I have known hardships but I have learned to be thankful for all that is given. The days of joy far out number the days of sorrow. You have been good to me Lord and I praise you. I know my ministry and life will soon end but I need you both to know how much I love you and how very thankful I am that you chose me to be one of your disciples. Blessings and honor have been given unto me and I have done nothing to deserve the kindnesses so bountifully given. Peace is within my heart this night, for I have the double blessing of being surrounded by my dear ones and also being close unto you. I feel your presence very strongly this night. All sleep peacefully but I am content to bow before you with praises in my heart.


In my younger days I had no true peace for I sought to do all things by the strength of my own hand and by the force of my own will. Thank you Lord Jesus for teaching me the way of surrender. In you we have the perfect example of love, surrender and obedience. You came to do your Father’s will and nothing could remove your eyes from the path set before you. Thank you Lord Jesus for calling me to be yours. I have so many memories of our days together. It is often the way of man not to recognize the special blessings given unto us each day. I knew you were a special gift but I did not see the fullness of your life until it was over. After you rose from the grave I understood. I wish I would have cherished every moment with you more. In my mind I relive our times together, I see your face and your smile. I remember how you looked with the wind blowing your hair the night I walked to you upon the water. What blessings I have to have been one who walked beside you. I remember your laugh and I even remember your smell, and I remember the power of your touch. I cry tears my Lord, they are not tears of sadness, mine are tears of longing, for I miss you Jesus and I long to see you once more. I so desire to sit across from you and to see your eyes sparkle as you speak about the love of the Father. Your face glowed like the light of heaven every time you spoke of his wonderful love and goodness. I miss you my Lord, I miss you.


I thank you for the joy we had and for the peace I have found. What a wonderful life I have had. I have seen the dead raised and the blind see and the lame walk. I have been given power by your spirit Great I AM and I have walked the path of the chosen ones. There is great peace when we walk the path of your choosing. I have such peace my Lord and it comes from within for you are with me and your spirit guides me each day. Bless my family and help them when I am gone. I know it is soon for I feel your sadness within me. Some men fail to understand that you and your Father are in us. You feel our pain and sorrow and our joy and gladness, but if a man walks in your presence he will also feel your presence. I feel your sadness my Lord for you know that I shall suffer and die in like manner as you. I feel your sadness, but most of all I feel peace for I feel your love and I feel your strength. There is such peace in the presence of the light of heaven. I know you will see me through whatever trials are before me for you are always with me.


I am very grateful for these days I have had at home to be with my family. They are beloved and so very dear unto me. I held my new grandson this day and I wept as he touched my cheeks with tiny hands of love, for I know I shall not see him grow to be a man. I place them all in your loving hands my King and my tender shepherd. Peace fills my heart for I know that you shall watch over them and shall care for my descendants down through the years. Let them be people who walk in the light of heaven. I love you Lord God and Lord Jesus and I want to thank you for the love and peace that brings my heart such joy. Bless this home and all that are in it. I will speak unto you when I rise and pray that you will fill my sleep with thoughts of you.’


Peter was a most special man. He was my servant and my friend and I long to embrace him once more and to tell him about the love of my Father. Know the peace that will only come unto the man who surrenders all unto me. Know the joy and happiness that fills the one who remains in our presence always. Walk the path of the righteous and walk in the joy of our presence.”



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