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Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2009


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Obedience And Righteousness

Ken Nix

Monday, 11/23/2009

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and these words will help you to grow in the power of obedience and righteousness. Without obedience you will not grow in the fullness and power of heavenly light. Let these words lead you unto the paths of righteousness and help you to walk in purity and holiness. These words are given unto my servant by the power of the cloud of glory; they are from a servant who knew the power of heavenly light and one who walked in complete obedience unto our will.


I have words to give you about obedience and about partial obedience. You must obey every command and their desire must become your greatest need. You must seek to live each day for their glory and honor. I shall give you three lessons about obedience and also words about righteousness shall be given. Read them often and apply them into your life.


1) Partial obedience does not bring the motion of light as established by the Almighty. Light gives power to light and light can not be divided. If you obey in part and also disobey in part there will be no fullness. If you obey certain principles with complete obedience you shall know some blessings but power is not the same as blessings. To know the power of miracles and mighty deeds you must obey in completeness. You must do all that is asked of you all the time. This will lead you to the place of knowing and shall bring the fullness of their light. When you sin you must repent quickly and you must do all that is given unto you. Any disobedience brings darkness and the darkness is a barrier to light.

 2) Partial obedience is the foolishness of rebellion. There are laws of light that govern obedience but there are also laws of light which are attached to disobedience. When you disobey you do not just lose the motion of light established for obedience, your disobedience causes motion of light that is punishment. Sin does not just cause loss of blessings, it also brings established motion. There are laws of light set into motion by actions of obedience and there are laws of light set into motion by actions of disobedience. You do not sin in a void, all sin brings motion established.


3) Partial obedience is rooted in pride which is darkness. There are times when men fail to trust and believe for they fear what men will say if they fail. The power of light will not manifest within your life without absolute trust, surrender and obedience. Every sin causes you to lose light and power. You must believe and you must obey. There is no obedience without action; you must do all that is asked of you.


4) Righteousness is the path of holiness and goodness. Without a heart rooted in goodness you will not achieve the condition of righteousness. Righteousness is of the light and not the flesh. Righteousness must manifest in thoughts, words and actions. You must become holy and this is done through the acceptance of the Lords dominion. Hearts of stone will not seek the ways of righteousness. You must seek hearts of love and learn the power of goodness.


5) Righteousness means to walk upright and to have every thought, word and action in the power of heavenly light. This can not be done without surrender and submission. There is no righteousness in the flesh. Righteousness is of the spirit and of the light. Lay each day upon their altar. Seek to think only pure thoughts, and speak no corrupt words and do no deeds not rooted in the power of light and goodness. The power of thought flows from the submissive spirit. When the Lord Jesus has dominion his thoughts will become your thoughts. Make captive your thoughts. See the laws of light found in these words.


6) Righteousness requires the obedience of sacrifice. Without sacrifice you can not walk the paths of the righteous. You must surrender all, you must submit and accept their dominion, and you must sacrifice the comforts and ways of flesh. Spiritual action brings spiritual motion and the actions of the spirit require diligence and sacrifice. Do not be captive to the flesh; overcome the power of the flesh by the obedience of sacrifice.


7) Righteousness requires the power of continual worship, praise and gratefulness. Much has been given unto you about these things. Worship brings their presence, praise brings their presence and gratefulness brings their presence. There is no righteousness outside of their presence. Do the actions of light that bring the motion of their presence. Worship, praise and gratefulness have laws of light attached that bring the motion of their presence and other motions of power. To walk righteously you must remain in the power of their presence.


My people, learn the power of complete obedience. Give me dominion and I shall lead you upon the path of righteousness. Learn the power found in the presence of the heavenly light. In obedience and surrender you shall become people who walk righteously.



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