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Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2009


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Words Of The Messenger Of The Lord

Ken Nix

Monday, 11/23/2009

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and soon returning King. Hear my words this day for these are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain, and these are words of warning unto a world that sleeps, and these are words of hope unto those who shall hear and seek my forgiveness and my presence. These words are given unto a man chosen by the will of the Great I AM and he is our servant and he is beloved and we are with him. David, you are blessed among men to receive these words this day and to see the images that are given. Blessings shall come unto all who hear my voice and the voice of my messenger and repent and seek the mercy of heaven to fall down upon a world lost in the fog of evil. This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant shall receive words from a heavenly messenger and these are words that cry out unto the earth to turn from the paths of darkness and walk the paths of light and purity. Days of darkness and days of sorrow are before you and in me you shall find peace for there is no peace outside the light of heaven. Nations shall fall and the misery of the inhabitants of the earth shall be multiplied, but in the darkness a light shall shine and it shall go forth and the light of the west shall shine and it shall join with the light of the pleasant land and the lights shall join and the voice of heavenly hope shall be declared. Hear my messenger and let his words lead you to seek the light that saves.


I am Zaomniaca and I am a messenger of the Lord. I am a warrior angel of light and I serve the Great I AM and I serve the King of kings, Jesus, Son of the Eternal Light. He shall return unto the earth as your King and his rule shall be never ending and he shall bring peace unto all the earth. These words are for all who breathe the breath of life for all living shall know that the Lord is God and that his Son will reign. Hear my words all you who walk in the light for the Lord Jesus is with you and he shall lead you by the power of his love and mercy. For those who walk in darkness my words call unto you to repent and to seek mercy to fall down upon you. David, come with me in the cloud for we shall go unto the four corners so that you shall see the events of the days before you. What you see shall not be shared until you are so commanded, but you shall know that the hand of the Lord is upon you. Come thou servant of the latter days and see the earth and all its glory. The earth is a planet that is blessed for upon the earth those made in the image and likeness of the Great I AM dwell and unto the earth the Son of Man shall return and there he shall reign.


Days of war are before you for the evil ones have planned and all is ready and the Lord shall remove his hand and the fog shall go forth. See the little horn that shall rise and see the alliance that shall be formed to ensure his victory. Then see as the horn rises up and invades three nations that shall bring him resources and wealth. The world shall protest but the alliance of darkness is too powerful for the other nations to attack, so in fear nations of the earth shall eat and sleep and hearts shall be troubled for fear of the power that shall grow. See the fog that moves as fingers of a hand and the fog shall spread and subdue nations and kingdoms. There is no power upon earth that shall prevent the fog of darkness. The cities shall crumble and the desolation shall be great. The dead shall lie in the streets and sickness shall spread and misery shall be increased. The children shall cry and mothers shall lament. Darkness such as was not shall be and the earth shall mourn and the mountains shall tremble. Faith shall waver and the strong shall be weak as the straw and the earth shall mourn and accept the power that comes. People and nations shall bow down and they shall worship the prince of darkness for he shall have the dark one as his guide and his minions as his soldiers. The fog shall spread across the nations of promise and darkness shall fill the earth. Woe, woe, woe unto all who live in these days, for death shall come unto every door and sorrow shall touch every heart. Repent thou people of the earth for the Day of the Lord doth approach. The day of his wrath shall come and his wrath shall shake the heavens and the earth. He is the Eternal Light and his light shall destroy all darkness by the power of his most precious Son. Days of darkness shall give way unto days of everlasting light.


Come and see thou servant of the Most High God, look and see the pages turn backward and you see events that shall come to pass before the Day of the Lord doth come. See how the leaves of life shall be gathered and shall go forth unto the barren lands and the leaves shall be for the healing of the nations. See as the Lord Jesus shall stand and his words shall be declared unto the earth. The days of his declaration are close, they are at the door. Praise the Great Yakahalahiym for the days of light and power stand at the door. The light shall shine forth and the leaves shall come together by the power of his mighty breath and they shall flow as a mighty river of light unto all the earth. The message shall be declared, their word shall be spoken, repent, repent, repent for the Kingdom of the Lord doth come. The sick shall be made well, the blind shall see, the lame shall walk and the dead shall live again. Power shall fall as the rain of heaven. The light shall rise up and shall join and shall shine unto all the earth. In the days of darkness his remnant shall go forth and shall bring the words of peace and salvation unto a world that walks in deep sorrow and their words shall bring light and joy unto a world lost and troubled. Look thou servant of the light and see the people of the light as they go forth unto the lost and alone that cover the earth.


Seek forgiveness; seek the mercy of heaven for the Lord God shall send his wrath unto the earth. Prepare for days of darkness and days of battle. Fall down you nations and adorn thyself with sackcloth and let ashes be thy crown and humble thyself before the Lord, for the Lord is merciful and his ears are open unto the man who is broken before him. Nations shall fall as the fog moves across the earth, but the light of the Lord Jesus shall shine and shall come and fill all who seek him in repentance and humility. David, blessings unto you, bow before the presence of the Lord and I shall say a prayer for you and for all who walk upon the earth.


Great I AM and precious Lord Jesus, I have declared thy words as I was commanded, for your voice I hear and unto you I give my life and my service for I am yours. I bow before you and seek the fullness of light to come upon your servant and upon your people. Have mercy and give them the strength to stand for the light in the dark days ahead. I pray that all who walk the earth will hear the words declared and that they will seek you. Let kingdoms and nations fall down before you oh God. Have mercy upon your creation and send your Son quickly. Come quickly Lord Jesus for the fog shall seek to destroy all that thy hands have made. Mercy unto the people of the earth is my plea oh Great I AM.


Hear my words of hope and love my people, do not follow the muted light and do not walk the paths of evil. Come out my people and be you separate. Walk in the light each day and be beacons unto a world that shall soon know the woes of heavenly promise. Go forth as the leaves of life and bring light and healing unto the nations.



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