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Volume 2, Issue 10, October 2009


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Let The Light Of Kindness Never Be Dimmed

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 10/27/2009

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most kind and tender shepherd. These are words to be declared upon the Feast of Kindness. Declare these words unto my people and let these words help you to understand the power in all acts of kindness. This is the Feast of Kindness; and it is a day of great power for today our people are allowed once more to go behind the veil and are given entrance into the cloud of glory. Most still do not see with the eyes of the spirit but you must have the faith to believe that your prayers this day have great power. Acts of kindness bring the blessings of heaven, for you are given light and there are absolute laws that will be set into motion. Learn the great power of kindness. This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant shall receive words and shall see the images of the glimpse given of the life of a good man. His name is Antonio and he came to America with his family in the year 1898. He was four years old. He lived a life where he sought to show kindness unto others. You do not have to be wealthy or well-known to make an impact upon the lives of others; you just have to have hearts of love rooted in goodness and simply be kind. Acts of kindness give power to your light and unto the light of others. Learn from the words given this day; learn the power of being kind. Every word and every action matters, and your every thought, word and action is to be rooted in love, and you are to be people who show kindness unto others. Let the life of this wonderful man teach you the power of kindness.


‘Antonio my son, look and see. It is the Statue of Liberty and it beckons us unto this country of great hope and promise. Here we shall live and here we build a future. How wonderful our God is to allow us this blessing.’


‘Papa, I see the lady that stands. What joy fills me. I am happy Papa, and Mama is so happy. Such excitement.’


Antonio’s father was a skilled tailor and had done well in his own country, so they found a small shop that he opened and they lived in a small apartment above his store. Antonio made many friends and lived a life of joy. Even as a boy he had a heart of goodness and did many acts of kindness.


‘Mama, do we have enough food to feed my new friend? His father has not found work and they are hungry.’


‘Antonio, you bring someone to supper almost every day. You must go out and find those in need. God has blessed us; the meal is simple but there is always enough to help another.’


Antonio had a heart of goodness. He worked hard and learned the job of his father and was a skilled tailor. He sought someone to help every day. He carried groceries for the older women; he swept floors, shoveled snow and visited the sick, and did all that he could to help others in need. He also smiled often and had a light that was never dim. His heart of love and his light of goodness drew people unto him, so his business prospered and he was able to help many in need. When he was twenty he married a lovely young girl named Rosetta and they had a life of great joy. They rented a small apartment and lived a life of kindness.


‘Rosetta, do we have enough supper to feed my new friends? They were cold and hungry so I have brought them home with me.’


‘How many friends did you bring Antonio?’


‘Only seven, my dear Rosetta. I will go without if there is not enough food for I had a large meal at lunch.’


‘There is enough, my husband. I prepare food for more than us for I know that most days there will be more crowded into this place to eat. Also, hungry people seem to enjoy whatever you give them and my cooking is still not as good as Mama’s.’


‘You are lovely and all you do is lovely. I love you Rosetta and I praise the Lord that you are mine.’


The United States entered the war when Antonio was twenty-three. He left Rosetta with their infant son and went to war. He was a light of kindness unto all and even the horrors of that war did not dim the light that radiated from his smile, his words and his actions. We protected him and he came home. His father was ill so Antonio took over the business and he prospered. He and Rosetta had three more children and their life was filled with joy. They purchased a small home with a yard and brought light unto the neighborhood. We blessed Antonio and he was able to help many others. He hired as many people as he could afford. He was a good husband and provided for his family but he spent a lot of what he earned upon others. He took food to the hungry and served diligently to help those in need. Rosetta did not worry, for she loved Antonio and she knew that the love of heaven lived within the man she had married. Antonio was not a large man but he had a heart that made him a giant among men. All was going well; but in the spring of 1927 Antonio was injured in an accident and was unable to work. He was in the hospital and had not awakened in several days. Rosetta was by his side.



‘Dear God in heaven and my Lord Jesus, I bow before you and I seek your mercy. My husband has been injured and his body is broken. He also struck his head and he sleeps and has not awakened. I love him so very much and I know that you love him too. He has the heart of kindness, my God, and he has always tried to help all in need. This night he needs you; so with tears I ask for you to help him to wake up and I ask that you heal his broken body. Business has been slow so there are not as many employees as before. They are concerned about their bills now that Antonio is injured. I went to the bank today to see what funds we have. My Antonio has made enough for us to have a lot saved but the amount we have is very small. He gives away almost as much as he earns. I do not complain for   heavenly blessings have always been upon us. We have four wonderful children and we share a love that shall last forever. Please wake him, my Lord, let him be well again.’


‘Rosetta, wake up dear. I am awake now and I am hungry. What is for supper my dear Rosetta?’


‘Antonio, it is good to have you home once more. The doctor said that in a few more weeks you can walk a little and within a few more months you will be strong enough to return to work. I praise the Lord for his mercy and for sparing your life. I love you my dear Antonio.’


‘Rosetta, I am sorry that I have not saved more money to help us in this time of need. I will walk sooner than what I am told and will be back at work very soon.’


‘Antonio, my dear husband, all is well. News of your injury was spread and many have come to see us. People from the old neighborhood have come and our neighbors here and many of your customers have come. Most all gave us money and would not allow me to not accept it. We have been given enough food to feed your army of friends and the business is good. I spoke to Benito and he said customers have poured in and ordered suits and coats and all insisted in paying in advance. There is more than enough money to pay the employees and pay all bills. Such acts of kindness have been given.’


‘Thank you, my God. Your goodness overwhelms me and I do not have the words to speak. Thank you so very much, my Lord.’


The economy worsened and the United States entered into the years known by you as the Great Depression. Antonio was well and he worked hard. There was not a great demand for fine suits and coats but he got by. He took other jobs and he had also opened a small bakery which did well. Even in those lean years he and Rosetta fed an army of friends and the light of kindness never dimmed. His heart of goodness and his acts of kindness was a beacon of light unto many. In 1941 America entered into the Second World War. Antonio had three sons and one daughter. Two of his sons enlisted in the Marines and one enlisted in the Navy. All saw action and endured the hardships of war. I share with you Antonio’s words before his sons went to war.

‘My sons, each of you shall be going to fight for this country that we love so very much. We have been attacked and we must fight. I have words of guidance for each of you. I have taught you that we are to always be kind unto others. Each of you has learned well and each of you has a heart of goodness and the light of kindness radiates from your hearts of love. Each of you knows the value of a smile that never dims and the power of a gentle touch of love. In war there is much sorrow and the hardships are great. Be brave and fight well. When you face your enemy on the field of battle you are to have no mercy for they seek your death. Once the battle is over you are to comfort all in need whether friend or foe. Never lower your defense in battle but once all have been rendered harmless you are to be merciful. Do simple things to bring kindness unto others. Help those who fight beside you. I desire to share with you three lessons that I have learned about kindness. You all do many good things but in war these things will make a difference in the lives of others.


1) Pray for the men you serve with. Pray for your leaders and pray for all who serve in this Great War. Pray for their families and for their friends. Listen to these men talk. Learn about their needs and about their fears. Soldiers in battle will pray and they will open up their hearts. Listening to them is a great service and by listening you shall know how to pray. I have taught each of you the power of prayer. You shall be tired often, and there is great stress in war, but you must never fail to pray. There is strength in prayer. Share your food with others. Be the one to cook, be the one to fill canteens or carry supplies. Acts of kindness do not cease in the days of sorrow; they are to be increased. Hard times are the perfect times to be kind. A kind word or a smile can lift those in need.


2) Ask God for opportunities to be kind unto others. If we have eyes to see we will see that many are in need. Each of you knows how to help our neighbors and friends. Help the stranger and help the widow in need. Look for the children. In war there are many who suffer and the towns will be filled with widows and orphans. Give what food you can and help in any way that you are able. The world is full of people who are hurting if you will only see. God knows the needs of all people, so if you ask he will lead you where you are needed. Serve your country well but do not forsake the needs of the stranger.


3) Write letters as often as you can. Each of you has people who love you that stay behind. Letters to those you love is a great act of kindness. Do not tell them how you suffer; speak of home and of the wonderful memories. Thank them for the kindnesses given. There is power in kindness. When you are grateful for kindness given unto you it creates light within you and in others. By acknowledging the kindness of others you create a spirit within them that will help them to show more kindness. I do not understand how or why, but kindness appreciated leads to more kindness, and kindness given leads to more kindness. What I am trying to say is that kindness gives power to kindness. Speak tender words and be kind. My sons, even in war you are to never let your light of kindness grow dim. I love you all and my prayers will be spoken often. Come home to us my sons.’


Antonio and Rosetta sent three sons off to war but only two returned. Their youngest son died upon the field of battle. Sadness filled their hearts but the light of kindness never dimmed. On the day that he was married to Rosetta, Antonio was two hours late because he stopped to help put out a fire in a warehouse. He was wet and his clothes were dirty. Rosetta saw him and lifted her hands and smiled. She hugged him and the soot was all over her dress. Such was her life with Antonio. On the day of their son’s memorial service Antonio was once again late. On the way to the service he saw a military vehicle in front of a neighbor’s house. The telegram told his friend that his only son was dead, killed in action in a place called Iwo Jima. For two hours Antonio cried with his friend and gave him the shoulder of mercy, the shoulder of love, and the shoulder of kindness to cry upon. Antonio began to visit others who had lost loved ones in the war. He invited families to dinner and he was a great light unto many who knew great sorrow. On the day he died the streets were lined with those who came to say goodbye.


My people, you must never allow the light of kindness to become dim. There are broken and alone in every town and in every community. Be the light of love, be the light of mercy, and be the light of kindness and never let your light be dimmed.”



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