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Volume 2, Issue 10, October 2009


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A Soldier's Prayer

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 10/27/2009

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be declared at our Feast of Booths, and these words will help our people to appreciate the abundance of blessings you have received. Mercy and love fall down upon you and there are blessings all around you that go unnoticed and unappreciated. A spirit of gratefulness will increase with spiritual sight, and spiritual sight will help you to know the power of our presence. The more you see, the more you shall know. You have been given words about the simple blessings of life and how you are to be ever grateful for our blessings upon you. This day I share with you a glimpse of a man’s life. His name was Fred and he is known unto you, for his story was given unto you in Parable 34. As was given, Fred was captured during the Second World War and spent time in a German prison camp. He suffered many hardships but his love for his wife Becky and his son gave him strength, and while a prisoner, he learned the power of prayer and came to love my Father and I with all of his heart. The story given unto you in Parable 34 has touched your hearts of love, and it is my desire that the words given this day shall also touch your heart of love within. By the power of the cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall see Fred and shall hear his words. This message is given as a blessing unto you. These are words that were written by Fred when he was on a short leave in Europe. He had already seen the horrors of war, and when his letter was written he was soon to go back to the front lines. His letter to Becky was never mailed for he was captured by the Germans and his letter was destroyed. I give you the insight of a soldier who was young and in love and one who appreciated the simple blessings of his life. Let his words help you to see the abundance of blessings that have been poured out upon you.


‘My dearest Becky:

I finally have time to write to you and I want you to know how very much I love you. I can not tell you exactly where I am or where I will be going, but I can tell you that I am safe and doing well. My unit has seen a lot of action and there have been many casualties. Of the men that I came over with, only twelve remain. It is hard to see friends die in war and I have seen horrors that shall never leave me. It is very difficult to see how much destruction has taken place here. Cities are in ruin and the people are lost and hungry. I see the children that wander aimlessly and my heart aches. All the guys do what we can for the kids but there are more hungry children than there is food. I see babies that are dirty and hungry and I can hear their cries in my sleep. I pray that you and the baby are safe and warm and that you are never hungry. What blessings we have as a nation that war has not come upon our shores in our lifetime. War is a terrible thing, and I will rejoice when this one is finally over and we are victorious. We will win this war for I believe in right winning over wrong, and in this war we are on the side of right. Each day when we are out, we patrol and we watch out for the enemy. There have been many battles, but I am never quite prepared for the gunfire when it comes. The days are long and the nights are longer. At night we are in foxholes and it is very dark and there is always fear that there will be an attack. The artillery shells are the worst, for all we can do is duck our heads and pray that the incoming rounds do not hit home. I pray more than I used to. I think that most soldiers pray. I think about the enemy and what goes on in their minds. I wonder if they pray to God a lot at night as we do. How does God know who to hear and who to save? I believe that God is always on the side of right for he is a God who changes not. I remember hearing that spoken of once. We have a chaplain and he comes around to talk. We usually know that action is coming by the increased presence of the chaplains. You know that I believe in God and Jesus but I just have not always been one to go to church a lot. We will go more when I return, for I know that his hand has protected me and our children need church to help them become good men and women. I say children for I do desire us to have a houseful. Getting back to the soldiers, I listen to the men pray at night and I ask God to hear their prayers. There are common elements in the prayers I hear so I have written what I call “A Soldier’s Prayer,” and I pray it at times. All the prayers are spoken from longing hearts but they all seem to have certain things in common. I thought you might like to read what I wrote so I am including it with this letter. I will always love you Becky. I can not wait to see your black hair and emerald eyes. I love how your eyes shine when you tell me that you love me. I long to hold you once more and to kiss you. Say the Soldier’s Prayer for me Becky and tell our baby how much his Daddy loves him. I will write again when I am able, All my love, Fred.



A Soldier’s Prayer


I think of home and I remember the sights and the smells of home,

Bacon frying early in the morning, and the smell of biscuits as they bake.

These are the little things that soldiers think about when they are at war,

Dear God in heaven, protect my Mama, my Daddy and my dear sweet wife.


The stars are so bright and clear; when I see the sky at night I shed tears,

Tears of sadness, but they are silent tears for the others must not know.

I must be strong and my fears must remain hidden way deep down inside,

War has torn this beautiful land; have mercy on the children of these streets.


Make me brave, dear God, for I am afraid; I can speak these words unto you,

For you know my heart and my every thought is before you; protect me God.

Tomorrow if the battle comes, I ask you to protect me and my dear friends,

We are far from home; please do not allow us to die in this foreign land.


It is quiet, I hear the sounds of the night and it almost feels like home,

Sitting by the river with pole in hand and feeling the warm summer sun.

Help me get back home dear God, please hear this soldier’s prayer,

Home where I am safe, home where no one will die upon the battlefield.

A Soldier’s Prayer is offered by hearts that seek your divine hand and mercy,

I know that in war men die, but I pray that this war will soon end.

Let right be victorious so the soldiers behind both lines can go back home,

The enemy also says their prayers dear God, hear them but help them not.


Be on our side tomorrow, deliver us from the hand of evil, help me my God,

Forgive me for my sins, you know what I have done, forgive and be with me.

Deliver me oh God; hear this soldier’s prayer and help me in battle my God,

Be with my wife for I know the nights are long and hard for her too.

Our loved ones wait and they pray waiting for word and hoping it is good,

Tears of sadness fall when a dear one has fallen in this foreign land.

Wives cry and mothers weep for husbands and sons now passed on,

The women mourn on both sides of war; hear the soldier’s widow’s prayer.


Comfort the families of the fallen, let the memories of past joy fill them,

Give them hope and send them angels from heaven to guide them my God.

Hear the Soldier’s Prayer and help us all to just get home alive,

Let the soldiers learn the way of peace; I pray for peace, I pray my God.’


My people, learn from these words. You are warriors and the war will be upon you. The enemy sends scouts to test the lines of defense and they watch and they wait. The evil ones seek to destroy the light that grows. Learn the power of gratefulness and be thankful for the blessings of home. Sit on your porch and hear the sounds of freedom, smell the coffee as it brews and hear your children laugh as they play. See the beauty of each moment and see the blessings all around you. Someday if you are far from the home you love, you shall understand the longing that is deep within the Soldier’s Prayer. Peace is coming, but before peace there shall be war, and once more our ears shall be open unto the Soldier’s Prayer.”



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