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Volume 2, Issue 10, October 2009


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Attributes of Light

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 10/27/2009

ďI am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These words are to be declared at our Feast of Booths, and will be first presented unto the men of my flock. As my servant was led, these words can be read to my daughters when all gather at the beginning of our Feast of Kindness. It is my desire that the men of my flock grow stronger in the power of heavenly light. Men of your society have lost righteousness; for the ways of darkness invade your land and all of you have been influenced by the muted light. The evil ones are crafty in their attacks against you and they know the power of man and the weakness of man. They keep men in confusion in order to prevent the fullness of power from manifesting in your lives. This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant shall hear a message delivered to a gathering of men. He shall see once more our servant John and shall hear John give words that still have power today. Satanís ways have not changed and the attacks upon the early church are still the same as those of your day. Darkness is darkness and muted light is darkness. They will seek you to be of the darkness whether it be deep within or in the shadows of muted light. Let the words of John given unto a gathering of men who struggled as you have struggled help you to know that you are of my light; and you can overcome any weakness or barrier by the power of the light and by the power of my name and shed blood.


ĎMy friends, it is good to see you all this day. I am John and I am an apostle of the Lord Jesus, our Messiah and King. I asked you here this day so that I can give you guidance in the ways that men of the light must walk. Many of you once walked in the darkness of idolatry and were far from the ways of heaven. Sometimes the old man will rise up in defiance and you must not give in unto the ways of sin. You are buried in the waters of life and you have been cleansed and renewed by the power of the name and blood of Jesus. This day I shall share with you four stories to help you to learn more of the ways of light. There are many lessons to be found in my words, so listen with ears of the spirit. I shall give you words to help you to grow in purity, kindness, tenderness and surrender. These are attributes that are lacking in many who are to be strong in the light of heaven. Learn from the events of the lives of others. It is a wise man that learns from the victories and defeats of others.


The first story I share with you is about a righteous man who lived in Jerusalem. He was a priest of the Lord and he was most respected and a man whose counsel was sought. He was married and had five lovely daughters. When his oldest daughter married there was a great celebration and the wine made many hearts merry. The priest was foolish and drank too much and was drunken. In error he went to the wrong bed chamber and was intimate with the wife of another. He was full of sorrow and deeply grieved by his sin. It was not intentional on his part but it was due to his drinking excessively. The woman he slept with was pleased and used his folly to gain favors from him. She told him how wonderful he was and told him that she desired him again. She was a woman of beauty and he found himself thinking about her touch and her charms. Soon he was involved in a pattern of sin and his life became one of darkness. He was caught by the womanís husband and in order to spare his life he paid large sums to the man. His wife publically shamed him and in sadness he took his own life. I do not tell you this story to make you think that the lack of purity is always of a sexual desire. Impurity can be seen in worship of idols, in drunkenness, in excessive pride and vanity. Anything that poisons the wellspring of life within you is the barrier of darkness. The evil ones know that men can be deceived by women who know how to use their charms. You must not place yourself in a position to fail. You must avoid even the appearance of evil. Do not give place to darkness and cast all that is impure from you. The demons watch and they hear and they will strike swiftly when they see any impurity in your life. Purity is the path of light and righteousness. Impurity is not always the result of deliberate sin but can be the subtle result of an error made in judgment. Walk in holiness and be pure for there is boldness in purity.


Men of the light are to be kind, and kindness must begin within your own gates. I see and I hear and the men of the light must be kind unto all men. You are to be kind to the stranger, to your brothers in the faith; and you are to be kind unto your wife and unto your children and all family members. Kindness is the way of heaven and the Lord Jesus was tender and kind. If his acts of love and kindness were all written it would take a lifetime to read all the marvelous acts he performed. He was kind and we are to be kind. We are to be kind unto all we meet each day and we are to place others before ourselves. Kindness is to become the natural way for men of the light. You must seek ways to be kind. Pray and seek the Lord Jesus to open doors unto you so your light of kindness can be seen. Kindness requires action but kindness also seeks no reward. If you are kind for gain then your actions are not rooted in purity and holiness. Be kind for it is the way of heaven. I share a story of kindness with you. This story is about a man of Israel who was very wealthy. When he was a child he had a dear friend and they were closer than many brothers. His friend was not of a wealthy family so the man helped him to have a business where he could provide for his family. In a raid from the Philistines his friendís mother was taken captive and she was a slave in another land. His friend grieved at the loss of his mother. Many years later the wealthy man was on a journey and went unto the cities of our old enemy. There he saw the mother of his friend. She was no longer a slave but was in a place of lepers. The man wept when he saw her. Would kindness be seen in his rescuing his friendís mother and returning her to his friend or would the greater kindness be in never telling his friend of her fate? Think upon this question before you speak. Kindness is an action of the heart and is not to be weighed by the mind. Your heart guides you in the ways of kindness. The rich man went to his friendís mother and took her home. His friend was not afraid and embraced her and washed her cheeks with his tears. It was not a light thing that he did. He thanked his friend for his kindness of bringing his mother home. By Godís will I was in the town of the man who loved his mother and he brought her unto me, and by the power of Jesusí name she was healed. Sometimes an act of kindness shall bring unimaginable joy.


I shall now speak unto you about the ways of tenderness. The Lord was most tender and he desires that we be tender. Often we as men think that tenderness is to be seen only in the lives and actions of women for often they seem to be more gifted in the ways of tenderness. Tenderness is the way of heaven and we are all to be men of great tenderness. Our hands are to be gentle hands unto those who are hurting. Our world is full of sorrow and the light of tenderness is to be seen flowing from us. We here are men who have known the rigors of work so our hands are hard and calloused, but there is to be the tenderness of love within these hands. Our Savior was a strong and powerfully built man and his hands were hard from many hours of labor, but in his touch there was great tenderness. There is to be the tenderness of love in our touch and in our words and actions. Tenderness must flow from hearts of love rooted in goodness. The tenderness of Jesus was seen in many actions of love. He would touch the leper and raise the dead. His heart was a heart of tenderness here on earth and his tenderness remains as he sits upon his throne in heaven. I share a story with you of his great tenderness. We were in Jerusalem at the time of the great Feast and the city was full of joy. The Feast of Booths is a most joyful time, but can also be a time of sadness for those who have lost loved ones during the time since the previous Feast. We were at a banquet and the widow of a man who had died a few weeks before the Feast was there. She was in deep sorrow and had no joy within her. Jesus saw her sitting alone so he went unto her and sat by her side. He sat and listened as she told him story after story about her husband. They sat together and both of them laughed and cried. There were many there that desired his time and attention but he just sat with her through the meal and beyond. When he left her they both stood and he embraced her and told her that her husband was beloved in heaven and that he would be with him when he returns. He told her that he would give up his seat at the heavenly banquet and that she would once more sit by her husbandís side. She wept tears of joy and he departed. Listening to one with a heart that aches may seem a small thing but giving of your time to another can be a great act of tenderness. Those who are lonely, those who grieve, those lost and confused need the tender touch of one who cares about them. Be men of tenderness. Listen to your wife and your children and open your heart to see the needs of those around you. Learn the power of listening and the power of the tender touch of love. We are to be as Jesus and let our words and actions be those of one who places the needs of others before our own. Learn the ways of tenderness.


To walk in the light of purity and to learn the power of kindness and tenderness we must become like Jesus. We must allow him to lead us and guide us by the power of light within. This can only be done through trust and surrender. We must surrender unto his will and give him dominion of our lives. It is difficult for many men to trust and surrender, for we are the head of the home and leaders within the body of believers, but we can not lead with love if we do not surrender. The Great I AM and the Lord Jesus must be the head and we must be the servant. They are Master and we must walk in absolute obedience. The obedience of love requires us to surrender. Obedience without surrender will not bring the fullness of light and the fullness of joy. We must realize that the best way to lead our families and the people of God is to follow Jesus. We lead by learning to follow. There is great power when the light of heaven fills our hearts, but to be filled we must become broken. We must surrender all and release control of everything and trust that their love is perfect and that their will for our life is perfect. You will never lead until you learn the power of following Jesus. There are laws of light and there are laws which surround actions of obedience. In obedience unto all their commands we shall learn the power of love and the power of surrender. I share a story about the power of surrender. Pride is the root deep within that will send forth the fruits of darkness. Pride is our enemy and one that must be defeated. Pride opposes the power of surrender. There was a woman who was of great beauty and she was vain and loved to hear others speak of her great beauty. She heard that Jesus was coming to her town so she desired to meet him. She adorned herself in her best apparel and she had others secure her a place above the crowd so that he would be sure to see her. We entered their town and the street was lined with those sick and maimed for they had the faith to be healed. The shadow of Jesus would make the sick whole. Many were healed that day and all rejoiced. As we approached the place where the young woman waited, a woman who was a leper was coming through the crowd and declaring her presence. Jesus was in her path and she called unto him to move but he did not. Instead he opened his arms of love and told her to come. He met her in front of the young woman of rare beauty, and Jesus held the leprous woman and she was healed. The crowd moved forward and the people rejoiced. The young woman was angry and had evil in her heart toward the leprous woman who came between her and Jesus. Due to her pride she failed to see the power of love and the fullness of the mercy bestowed. She would speak of how this woman prevented her from meeting Jesus. As she told the story her beauty began to fade, for the heart of pride grew into fruits of bitterness.


One morning she awoke and she too had become a leper. Her beauty was gone and she was cast from her home. No men came for no one now desired her favor. In the place of lepers she dwelt and in her brokenness she repented. When all beauty was gone she began to see the inner beauty. She saw how the lepers would be kind to each other and she knew their sorrow. She surrendered all upon the altar of heaven and repented of her foolish pride and gave her heart and life to Jesus. In surrender she came to the place of acceptance and gave dominion to the Almighty God. She would follow Jesus from a distance so she could hear his words. She never came forward to be healed for she felt her sickness was just, and in her twisted face she found the path of love. She rejoiced that God had loved her enough to heal her heart and show her the path of surrender. One night Jesus came to the place of lepers and he embraced and kissed each one. That night she met her Savior and shed tears of joy. When she awoke in the morning she was clean as were all that were gathered there. She found the power of surrender and the power of love. She is now married and has three sons and she is a faithful follower of the Lord. There are times when what we cherish the most must be taken so that we can see what truly matters. Learn to surrender, willingly give up all that prevents the fullness of heavenly light. I pray that my words this day have helped you my brothers.í


See the power in the words of our servant John. He was a man of great love and also a man of wisdom. Grow in the power of heavenly light and learn the power of purity, kindness, tenderness and surrender. Come unto me and give me dominion, and by the power of my light within I shall lead you upon the paths of righteousness.Ē



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