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Volume 1, Issue 1, May 2008


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The Power of the Heavenly Light

David Nix


“A light shines across space and the light grows and reaches out across the darkness,

The light makes the darkness flee and the light brings heavenly glory and love.

The voice of power speaks and by the power of heavenly light the universe begins,

Stars rise and moons are set in place and the light of heaven spreads, Oh Glory.


The light of heaven stepped upon the earth and bowed in prayer upon the dirt,

With tears the power of heavenly light formed the dust into a small piece of clay.

The clay spins and the light grows bright, a word is spoken and man is formed,

Lifeless as the rock, the man is earth and nothing more, a form to fill.


Let there be light within, speak my Son for you have the power of heavenly light,

The lights power stretches from toe to head and fingers form and all begins.

Organs grow, and veins and arteries form, every detail comes to form by light,

The power of heavenly light has come unto the dirt and the man is now flesh.


But flesh is not the essence; flesh is but the sanctuary for heavenly light,

Speak my Son; declare thy love for the man about to come into the heavenly light.

The wind blows as a gentle breeze and the breath of spirit, the breath of light,

Blows into the man and he becomes a living part of the heavenly light.


Men of flesh and blood, bone and breath, stand up and dance, praise thy God,

Praise thy King, lift hands and worship for you live by the power of heavenly light.

Heavenly light shall fill the heart that is of the spirit, come unto the power,

The power of heavenly light fills the temples of clay when they lift hands unto me.


Praise the Father, for man has fallen and darkness now fills the sanctuary of light,

Man is lost and the light fades, and my Son weeps for the life that was made.

Have mercy Great I AM for there is one light which still remains,

Praise the Great I AM Enoch my son, lift up his Holy name.


The power of heavenly light filled Enoch and was passed on to Noah my servant,

The light will not go out for the light of heaven shall forever be.

The years pass and darkness spreads, man needs the power of heavenly light,

Heavenly light once more is sent unto the world and a little child is placed within.


The power of heavenly light walked the earth; heavens light came and died for thee,

Tears fall upon glassy sea for the darkness spreads and the light grows dim.

Lift up thy hands thou people of light, be as Enoch and lift up thy hands

The power of heavenly light is within and praise gives power to the heavenly light.



I AM the Great I AM. Light gives power to light. The power of heavenly light is within you and shall lead you to everlasting light. Praise and dance, worship my Son, worship my lamb and thy King.”




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