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Volume 2, Issue 10, October 2009


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The Love of Hope

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 10/27/2009

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These words are to be declared at our Feast of Booths. It is our desire that our people grow in the power of a heart of love deeply rooted in goodness. The fruits of life must grow strong within. We are with our people who gather across the earth to worship us in the obedience of love but there is only one place where messages from heaven shall be declared. Let these words be declared and let these words melt your hearts of stone and become people with a heart like mine. You must put away all darkness and seek the purity of light, for in purity there is boldness and in purity you are the clean vessel that can be filled with the light of holiness. The condition of your heart affects your prayers and it affects the depth of light that will be within. One with a hard heart shall not understand a love that sacrifices and gives with no thought of return or gain. You were given words about Richard and about the little girl he named Hope. My servant of the latter days is within the cloud of glory and he shall see Hope as an adult and he shall see the images of the events that she speaks of. She had a heart of goodness deeply set in a foundation of light and purity. Her heart of love was a heart of goodness and she was a most gentle and kind woman. She did not allow the sorrow of her early life to make her hard or bitter. She was a light of love and she was a beacon of tenderness. You shall now learn more about this dear child who grew into a most wonderful woman.


‘Good evening. It is with great joy that I come before you this night. My husband and I just returned from the mission fields in Africa and our time there was most rewarding. As most of you know, my name is Hope, and this night I desire to talk to you about the power of love. There is great power in love, for it is more than an emotion, it is the light of God, and love is the fullness of God for God is love and his beloved Son, Jesus, is love. The Almighty God did not learn about love and he did not acquire love over the span of time; he is love and he shall forever be love. To understand how strongly I feel about the power of love you need to know more about my own journey of love. I was born in a mental hospital in Britain and there were no government guidelines to govern how patients were housed or treated. I praise God that the seeds of change are beginning to grow, for there were many horrible things allowed in the place of darkness. I do not remember my mother, as she died when I was born. A nurse there fed me and cared for me each day until I was three. When I was three she gave me this rag doll that I hold in my hands. I have kept it all these years for it is a symbol to me of the power of the simple actions of love. The nurse who cared for me gave it to me on what must have been the day of my birth. She died the day this was given. There was another nurse there who was very cruel and she had no patience for a three year old who was very active, so she locked me in a small room within the ward for those considered to be violently insane. There I remained for over two years. I was brought food each day and a fresh chamber pot, but I was not allowed to leave my room and no words were spoken unto me. I had only learned a few basic words but the word “love” was one I remembered, for the nurse named Helen had once stroked my hair and kissed my cheeks and spoke unto me that she loved me. Each day I would hold this doll and I would repeat this word “love” and I would kiss these worn cheeks and hold her close.


My room had one window, so I would dance in the rays of light each day the sun would shine. The nights were long for it was very dark and I could hear the screams of the ones locked away in rooms near to me. I was not touched for over two years but I know love requires touch. I heard people in other rooms say the name of Jesus and they seemed to say it often. In my limited and broken language I would speak to Jesus each day and tell him that I loved him and tell him that I desired to kiss his cheeks. Oh how I long to feel his embrace and to kiss the face of my Savior. When I was five approaching six, a doctor came to the hospital and he saved me. His name was Richard, and he was a man of great love and mercy. I was sitting on the bed when he had my door unlocked and he looked at me. I had my bed sitting in the ray of light, so he saw me. A voice within told me that this man was love, so I ran to meet love. I hugged love and love hugged me and love held me in his arms and love wept as I wept. And then love did a most wonderful thing; love took me and had me bathed and clothed and then love took me home to a woman who was also love. In the house of love I grew and I was taught to read and was taught about Jesus and about the Great and Mighty God. I was a little girl and I could barely speak but love was a word I understood, and I knew that love was a word that was spoken when kisses and hugs were also given, so the day I was set free I gave love to as many people as I could. It was a day of joy that I will never forget.


The night I went to this dear man’s house I met his wife. Her name was Rose, and she is my mother and she sits in this room tonight. My Father, Richard, has passed, so Rose now travels with me and my husband. She is a joy to me and I love her with all that I am. That night Rose held me and kissed me and took me to a place near the fire and poured water into a large tub. There she bathed me and washed my hair. She had to cut much of my hair for it had never been brushed. After cutting my hair she brushed it and then rocked me by the fire and stroked my hair and wept. I held my baby and caressed her and I wept within the arms of love. My sorrow was over but I have never forgotten the days of sorrow. My mother taught me well, for both she and my father were well educated. I loved to go to the hospital each day as a child, for the patients all needed love and they all needed hope. My adoptive parents named me Hope, and it is a name I cherish for I pray that I do bring hope unto others. The patients there would greet me with hugs and kisses, and it was there that I learned the power of love and the power of love’s touch. I was unafraid to touch them, for all I saw were people of sadness who needed love, and to be love always involved hugs and kisses. I have not forgotten what love is. In our journeys we have visited many hospitals and I have tried to give as much love as I can. I am often asked why I will touch the leper and those with open sores and cancerous growths. My reply is always the same, “The power of love is in touch, not in looking.” To see one in need of love and do nothing is not the way of heaven.


My father desired me to study to be a doctor, although there are very few women doctors in our time, but I know that this will someday change. I knew the path I would walk so I studied theology and became a missionary. I met my husband in a leper’s camp in Africa where he too was doing missionary work. We have had a wonderful life together and we have been blessed to have seen miracles of healing and evidences of the great love of the Father God and his precious Son. There is great power in love, but love must be expressed and love must be felt. I desire to share with you seven lessons about love that I have learned over my lifetime. I pray my words this night will help each of you to grow in the power of love. Once I am finished I will be glad to answer any questions and then I will desire my hugs from all of you.


1) Love can not be silent. Love must be spoken. To love someone in your heart will help you inside but love must be spoken. Speak gentle words and words of kindness and love. Use the name of love and say the name above all names. I have seen people under the violent control of demons be at peace by telling them the name of Jesus and telling them of his great love. Once they are calm you are to touch them and speak unto them words of love. Children blind, and children hungry and cold and sick will respond to words of love that come with a gentle caress, which brings us to the second lesson.


2) Love must be felt and expressed with touch. When you feel love toward others you must speak and you must touch them. Do not be afraid to touch the leper and the outcast of our world. I do not fear the leper’s touch. Jesus has shielded me, but I do not fear becoming a leper. If I were to become sick with this dreaded disease I would go find more lepers to love. Do not be afraid to touch others. There is power in caressing the cheek of one hurting and in stroking their hair. Touch the children of the Lord, be his hands of gentle love.


3) Love is never cruel or unkind. It is not love to lock away those deformed or mentally ill. I have seen the horrors of mental hospitals around the world and it brings tears to my eyes to think of how men can treat other men. I have seen children living in filth and rags, locked away with the mentally ill when they themselves were normal. Love seeks to be gentle, love is not cruel. Do not speak words of harshness or cruelty. Never strike a child in anger. We are to correct those children we are blessed with but correction is to be rooted in love, not cruelty. In the hospital where I lived, the nurse who locked me in the room after Helen died was very cruel. She would often strike me or kick me and spit upon me when she came to check on me. She was cold and cruel to many people there.


4) Love is not selfish, for love gives. From Richard and Rose I have learned that love is not selfish. When they took me to their home they already had eight children of which only three were their natural children. By the time I was twelve there were three more living in the house of love. My dear mother would wash our clothes and feed us and she taught us the ways of a mother’s love. She was never harsh or impatient. She sacrificed to see that our needs were met. Love places others before self and love gives.


5) Love must be rooted in hearts of goodness. My parents taught me the ways of goodness and I have learned that love will not flow from a hard heart. God is love so we must love. We must become love and love must be seen in our every word and action. Love will melt your heart if it is of stone. All you have to do is begin showing and expressing love, for love is the power of God and love changes us. I have seen cruel, hard men weep like children when they first feel the love of Jesus. We are the love of Jesus and his love must shine forth from us. Goodness is the root from which love will grow, so be kind and complete acts rooted in love and goodness each day.


6) Love must be given but love must also be received. I have seen many who strive to do acts of kindness and love but only want to serve and never be served. To give love we must receive love. I received love from Helen as a small child which taught me to give love. I received love from Richard and Rose each day and my mother still gives me love each day. Allow others to show you kindness and love. We desire to give the touch of love but we also have a need to be loved and to receive love. Never be too busy to allow others to love you. I receive as many hugs as I give and I have been shown many acts of love. Accept gifts of love and accept the service of love. Jesus loves you and he wants you to accept his love and he also wants you to show him love, for love is not a one-way street but must flow back and forth between us.

7) Love forgives and love seeks to restore. Love is never unkind and love must forgive others, for love must be filled with compassion and mercy. I have spoken of the nurse who locked me away as a child and she would beat me and kick me and spit upon me. There is more to tell you about her. I will never forget her face for it was a face of anger. Ten years ago I was visiting a mental hospital in London and the conditions were terrible and the patients were treated cruelly. There in a room locked up all alone was the nurse who once beat me. She sat in her own waste and urine, and had a look of such deep sorrow. She cowered as I came near unto her for she feared I would strike her. I lifted her up and I held her and I stroked her hair. I told her who I was and I told her I forgave her. She held me and wept. I took her home with me and she lived with us until her death three years ago. Her name was Mary, and she was greatly mistreated as a child. In her last years she learned the ways of love. My friends, love forgives and love seeks to restore.


Thank you for allowing me to share this time with you. I could sit here all night and talk of the love of Jesus and the power of love, but I desire to hear your stories of love and to answer any questions you might have of me. May God bless each of you with love, and may love come unto your door and take you home some day.’


My children, hear my words of love unto you this day. It is my desire that you learn the ways of love. You must lose all bitterness and reach out hands of love unto all men, for all men need your love and the love of heaven. During your days here I desire you to express love unto each other. Let there be many hugs and let tears of love freely fall. Learn the power of love and learn the love of Hope.”





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