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Volume 2, Issue 10, October 2009


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The Goodness of Hope

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 10/27/2009

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be declared at our Feast of Booths. As was given unto our servant, each day of this Feast words shall be declared from messages given by the power of the cloud of glory. Let these words lead you to seek a heart of love rooted in goodness. Our love is upon you and we are with this small remnant that gathers before us to praise and worship. Let these days spent in love and fellowship change you my people. Leave this place full of light and leave here with hearts rooted in love and goodness. This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall receive words of great love and great power. David, I bless you by letting you see the images of the people whose lives were forever changed by the power of a heart rooted in goodness. The man in this message was a doctor and he was a man most tender and kind. His heart of love overflowed unto all that he met each day. You are the light of love and your light must be seen and felt each day. The kind man that you see, David, was named Richard. See his actions of love and hear his words which flowed from a tender heart deeply rooted in goodness.

 "Day One – Today was my first day at the hospital. It is criminal the way that the patients here have been treated. I met with my new staff and then took a tour of the facility. It is dark and it smells of urine and human waste. One of the first tasks will be to clean each room to make it fit to be occupied by the patients. The patients are divided into three areas. There are the ones who are deformed and mentally slow, there are those who are unaware of who they are and they just mumble or not speak, and then there are those who have been deemed to be violently insane. Such sadness is in the eyes of those who are allowed to leave their rooms. Most just walk around as if they are lost. I must bring light into this place. We will start by opening windows and removing paint from other windows, and I will have Bibles placed in the rooms. The word of God is light and there is power when their word can be seen and    touched. Tomorrow I shall visit every ward and every room for I need to see everyone. This day was spent reviewing records and evaluating the task before me.


Day Two – Such sorrow fills my heart. Today the doors were opened and what I saw tore my heart in two. There were people existing in rooms where they have been fed as animals. Some have not been out of their rooms in years and some have been forced to live in complete darkness. I terminated half my staff this day and placed an advertisement in the paper for more help. Oh what sorrow is within. I saw so much misery this day. I will write more later but now I must bow and pray unto my God and my Savior.


Great and merciful God and the Lord Jesus, I bow before you this day with a heart of sorrow. What I saw this day should never be. I saw your innocent children living as animals. Have mercy on the doctors, nurses and staff who have allowed such suffering. I weep before you my Lord for all that I saw this day. I have not received so many hugs in all my years. People half naked and starving came up to me to let me hold them. It has been a day of tears. There were also many who were afraid and would not leave the darkness of their rooms. I am tired for I have been up many hours but how could I leave your children in such a sad state my King? Oh my God, such sadness and such sorrow is within those walls. The infirmary is full due to so many being sick, and many are covered in sores and have infections that may take their lives. Have mercy my Savior and heal them. Oh how my heart breaks, my God. In one of the rooms where the violent patients were being held, I saw men and women who were not violent; they were simply treated as animals. I have not seen any beyond hope if they are given love and light. Oh dear Father, have mercy. In the one room I found ten people covered in leprosy. No one even knew, for they have not been out of their room in three years. The stench was horrible as their flesh rots and there is no exchange of the buckets for waste and urine. Such horrors upon those made in your image and likeness. I took each one by the hand and led them out. The nurses and other doctors all fled but I am unafraid for you protect the hands that only desire to give the touch of love. I placed them in several rooms where they will have light from the sun and clean beds to sleep upon. They are all near unto death. When their room was cleaned, five bodies were found. Such horror has been allowed. Have mercy upon them Father, and let their wounds of flesh and spirit be healed.’

Richard was a man of compassion and mercy. His heart of love helped him to bring light and love and hope unto many. On his third day he met a little girl who would forever change his life and the lives of many. I give you his words about his first encounter with this great light of goodness and love.


‘Day Three – Today was another day of sadness as more patients died. I also saw a miracle today. It came in the form of a child, a little girl who appears to be around five years old. She must have been born here in this place but there is no record of her birth. She was locked in a small room in the ward for those considered violently insane. She is not insane, she is whole, except I fear she may have poor eyesight. I found her in a room with one small window. She sat upon her bed holding a small rag doll. When the door opened she smiled at me and ran to me and wrapped her arms around me. It is as if she knew I was there to save her. She allowed me to pick her up and we both wept for a long time. She was in rags and needed a bath and her tangled hair has never seen a brush or comb. I held her hand as we left the room. Then the most amazing thing occurred. As we would come to other patients she would run to them and smile and embrace each one and she kissed the cheeks of all who would allow her touch of love. She was like a ray of hope and light unto all. I had the nurse bathe her and give her clean clothes. Then while I was with a patient she ran away and we could not find her. Oh my Savior, she is a gift of love sent from heaven. I found her in a room of the lepers. She sat upon a woman’s lap and was stroking her hair and kissing her cheeks. She was not afraid, for her heart is love and she does not see the disfigured flesh. I pray she is safe from the disease she so lovingly touched. I have decided that I shall take her home and keep her as my daughter, for I know my wife will desire this as well.’


David, look and see as Richard takes the child home. His wife is a woman of goodness and they take her in. They already have eight children to care for, but one more will not be a burden upon their tender hearts of love. Look my servant and see as the child grows and spends much time at the hospital with Richard, who is the father she adores. See as she touches and kisses all who suffer. Richard brought light and love into a place of despair and darkness. His life was spent in giving unto others. He was a man with a heart rooted in love and goodness. I shall give you the words of his prayer spoken on the night when the little girl came to live in his home, and then I shall give you the words to his prayer spoken two years later. Let his words teach you the power of goodness and love.


‘Great God in heaven and Jesus, my Savior and King, I bow and I worship before you. Today I brought a little girl to our home to live. She is an amazing child. Even though it appears that she has lived most of her life with very little human contact, she is one of the most affectionate children I have ever seen. She is not afraid to touch the other patients and it matters not if they smell or if their flesh rots or is disfigured. I watched her today and I was in awe of the love which flowed from one so young. Instead of allowing her suffering to cripple her, she has turned her sorrow into a mighty light of hope and love. I saw her kissing and caressing lepers this day. Have mercy upon one with such a tender heart of love. I shall adopt her, my Lord, and she shall be named Hope.’


‘Mighty God and Lord Jesus, joy fills my heart and my life. Today is the second anniversary of the day when I found Hope. She is a light of joy unto us all. My wife has taught her to speak and she is now reading. She is very smart and learns quickly. Each day she comes to the hospital, for I feel all would revolt if she were kept away. The patients look at the clock each day waiting on Hope to arrive. They line up to have her hug and kiss them. She has a heart unlike anyone I have ever seen. Her love is freely given and she does not see as one of flesh. I first thought she might be of impaired vision due to her touching and kissing lepers, but her eyes see more than most of us. Her eyesight is acute physically and spiritually. Thank you for having mercy upon her and thank you for bringing her into our lives. I have learned much from her, and today I wrote down seven ways that she brings light and love, for she has taught me much about the ways of goodness. I shall read what I have written and I pray that these things will also grow in my heart, dear Lord.


1) Love must spring forth from a heart of goodness. Love must be expressed through words and action, but there are times when actions of love are far more powerful than words. The heart of goodness makes us blind unto the flesh, for the eyes of goodness will only see the child of light within. The eyes of goodness see the lost and hurting, and the heart of goodness reaches out to embrace all who suffer. Give me the eyes of Hope, dear God.


2) Goodness is seen in loving others even when love is not given. Hope was locked away without love, but she had a ragdoll and she held it and kissed it and learned love. Goodness is within but it must have expression. The heart of goodness will be kind and loving to all men, for our God in heaven is good and we are to be good. Be good to others even if they are not good to you. Give me a heart of goodness Father; give me the heart of Hope.


3) Love does not hold a grudge and only seeks to give unto others. Hope could have been bitter over the sadness of her life but she loves without measure. She is forgiving and kind. The heart of goodness seeks to forgive and does not envy or seek to hurt others. Goodness is the way of heaven for thou, Great God, are good. Goodness seeks ways to show kindness, tenderness and mercy. Let goodness fill my heart dear Lord, give me the forgiving spirit of Hope.


4) The heart rooted in goodness is based upon love and gives without thought of return. Goodness knows no limit, for goodness is a fruit without end. It is the wellspring of the light of heaven and the more goodness we show the more we receive. Let my life be pure as the life of Hope. Goodness must spring forth from hearts of purity. Oh God, give me the purity of Hope.


5) The heart of goodness reveals itself in the touch of love. Hope shows love unto all and she does it through her smile and through her small hands of love. I have seen love’s touch bring calm unto those violent and in rage, I have seen love’s touch make the lost ones speak, and I have seen love’s touch melt hearts of stone. A heart of goodness is a heart that will seek to touch others. Great Father, this gift I need; give me the touch of Hope.


6) The heart of goodness overcomes great sorrow. Goodness sees the light in all and goodness seeks to give love in spite of sorrow within. Our trials and sorrow should not be a barrier to acts of tenderness, kindness and mercy. Our suffering is to make us more tender, our sorrow is to lead us to help lessen the sorrow of others. Tears must fall and all must know days of sorrow but we must let sorrow shape us into vessels of great love. Dear Lord, give me the power of Hope that overcomes all sorrow.


7) Goodness springs forth from hearts rooted in the light of heaven. My God in heaven knows that his light is within all men. Even without receiving their words, Hope reveals the light of heaven. She shows love and mercy and has a heart like Jesus yet she had not heard the name above all names. Therefore, I must conclude that there is a light in all men that, if we walk in purity, will spring forth unto others. Goodness is the natural way of man. Dear God in heaven, give me the light of Hope.’


My people, you must become soft-hearted and you must not allow past hurt and sorrow to lead you to withhold love and mercy. Have hearts of goodness and hearts of love. See the power of love found in little hands and the power of love in eyes that are blind unto the flesh. Become as one greatly beloved and seek the goodness of Hope.”





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