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Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2009


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Surrender Unto Our Presence

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 10/13/2009

I am the Almighty God in heaven and I have words of instruction that are to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. These are words about the power of surrender, for to reach the place where you are broken you must yield and surrender your life upon my heavenly altar. We have given many words about obedience and surrender for these things are required of you. Without obedience you will never know the fullness of heavenly light. You must yield and you must surrender and you must obey. Partial obedience will not set into motion the laws of light that govern. I am the Great I AM and I have established absolute laws that govern the universe. There are laws which govern the physical, natural and spiritual realms. If man completes the actions of obedience, the motion established for that law will manifest. Obedience to the law brings the motion established for obedience to the law. Partial obedience does not set into motion the action attached to the law. Obedience is not difficult if you learn the ways of surrender. You obey what is asked of you and the action of obedience will set into motion the action associated with a particular law. Man does not have to know every aspect of the action and motion, you simply obey and the established law will manifest.


Surrender requires trust and faith. Faith is to be rooted in trust and surrender. Why do you not surrender your life upon my altar? Why do you hold back and seek to control your own life and your own destiny? The answer is found in pride, for it is pride that prevents surrender. You must choose obedience and your choice is to be rooted in love. The obedience of love will lead you to give me your all and will lead you to seek our presence and you will desire to please me. There is power in our presence for our presence is key to your reaching a place of surrender. I am the Eternal Light and I am within all living. Those who have entered into a covenant with me and my Son through baptism also have his spirit within and my spirit within. You have a spirit of life within that comes at conception and you also have my spirit and the spirit of my Son. There is great power when our spirit has dominion over your flesh and your spirit. Our spirit is not influenced by the ways of the flesh or by the ways of darkness, so when you surrender your spirit and flesh unto our spirit within, you can have victory over the ways of the flesh. Your flesh is to be in submission unto the spirit, for the flesh by itself does not do evil. All emotions are of the spirit, so your spirit controls the actions of the flesh. The flesh by itself does not sin or do anything of darkness. You are the light within and you have the power to subdue the actions of the flesh, but it can only be accomplished by surrendering your all and giving dominion unto my Son. You are to surrender unto him and accept his dominion in your life. You must surrender your all and allow our presence of light to fill you. When your spirit is at one with our spirit within, you shall have the power of light. In surrender unto our presence you shall reach the place to be filled.


All darkness must be removed for darkness prevents the fullness of our presence. Once you surrender you must trust and have faith. Faith will grow from trust and surrender, and surrender requires trust and faith. The power of light is connected to light and light gives power to light. The power of our presence comes with surrender, for once we fill you with heavenly light you shall have the power within to overcome your flesh and the power of darkness. The evil ones attack you in the physical realm for they know that most men do not understand that they are the light within temples of clay. In surrender you shall find the power of our presence.



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