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Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2009


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Go In Peace and Become A Mighty River

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 10/13/2009

(A song from the Lord Jesus)

“Oh my children, light of my light, be at peace for I am with you,

Joy fills my heart, and my joy overflows and fills my dear ones.

Let the light of love complete you, let it fill and let it overflow,

Go in peace, go in peace for my angels gather and they surround you.


They have come unto this place of light; they have come to be near unto you,

Let your light draw power from their light and let your light give power.

Feel the light as it soars, as a mighty wind my spirit shall go forth,

Children of the light go forth with power and go forth in peace.


Go in peace for I am with you, my heart lifts and my heart sings,

Sing unto me from thy heart, let your love for me swell up and overflow.

Give light unto all you meet, lift them my people, do not pass by,

Go in peace and go in the joy of knowing that I love you dearly.


You are the people of the light, leave with joy and go in my peace,

Go in peace, go unto the world, bring the light of joy and love, go.

Go in peace, for my joy gives power to your joy, my light to your light,

Be jubilant, dance the dance of the children, and let your smiles glow.


Go in peace, the heavenly angels rejoice for they feel my power within you,

Like the tide the spirit rises, ever higher until it truly overflows.

Go in peace, go with joy, shed tears of joy, feel my tender love,

Go in peace my children, go with my blessings, go with my love.


Go in peace, a world in darkness waits upon you to come unto them,

Their heart of sadness needs your tender hugs and your words of love.

Shine forth my people; let the light of tender love fill and overflow,

Go in peace, go in peace, blessed children of my light, go in peace.”

(a song from the Lord Jesus)


“The light of love has come unto you; it shines brightly into your lives,

Does the light given remain or is my heavenly light blocked by darkness?

Does the light given flow from you unto all that are in need of you?

Are you allowing the river of love to grow and to flow unto others my people?


The rain falls and it gently has come unto you but the river must flow forth,

Become a mighty river that flows unto the desert places of the earth.

The deserts shall bloom and the light of my glory shall fill all the earth,

You have the light of glory within, does it flow as a mighty river?


You must surrender, you must give me your all, be broken to be filled,

Flow unto a world in need, be the mighty river of love my people.

Love begins within and love must be shown unto family and brethren,

Let your love flow, let the light shine forth, become a mighty river.


Become a mighty river of love, flow forth unto the broken and alone,

Be the voice of hope, be the voice of victory, flow as a river of light.

The river of blessing shall someday flow forth from the City of Great Light,

Does the river flow from you my chosen ones, does it flow forth to all?


Become a mighty river, take all my blessings and give them unto others,

Share the peace you feel, let the victory won overflow to the weak and alone.

Flow forth my people, flow forth, become a pure and mighty river,

Go from this place, flow forth my love, become a mighty river.”




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